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Sit Down
Posted By: Solidus Snake<Chi KoRn x@aol.com>
Date: 11 June 2004, 10:49 PM

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I'll make some more mature lyric poems later.

      Sit Down

Are you ready for a beating? (Sit down)
Pretty soon you will not see me (Gonna beat you down)
I'll see you on the ground bleeding (Bleeding on the ground)
Sit down bitch to the ground (Sit down bitch)

All my hate is multiplying
Is there something wrong with me?
Come on there's no room for crying
'Cause this action is exhilaration
Now pump that 12 gauge (Get down)
Now make that bitch pay

Are you ready for this pain? (Sit down)
I got all this hate in my veins (Gonna beat you down)
Come on and come out and play (Bleeding on the ground)
Make that Covie pay, splatter his brains (Sit down bitch)

Y'all are out of luck
Now blow their asses up
Get on that chain gun
Pull the trigger let her go
All the bodies hit the floor
That was really fun

The bodies everywhere (Make'em go away)
The smell is so pure (Make'em pay!)
What a rush for the cure (Get down)
The walls are splattered with Covie blood
"Sit down bitch!" (Get down on the ground)