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Posted By: sleepyvirgil14<danieldanielbc@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 May 2007, 12:26 am

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Running as fast as he can,
Plasma flying through the air,
He runs,
For earth,
For humanity,
For life.

Speeding faster than any human,
He runs,
To his only hope,
-His rifle,
His life,

He turns around so fast,
He creates G' force stronger than any human can withstand,
Except him,
For he is a Spartan,
He is the Master Chief,
He runs,

He runs,
Into the face of death,
Stares it in the eye,
And fires,
Fires until his hands go numb,
Numb with pain,
Numb with will,
Numb with strength,
He runs,
For earth,
For humanity,
For life,
And for his own survival,
He is the guardian of Humanity,
And he will never surrender,
Nor will he ever give up
For he is the Master Chief,
Enemy of death.