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The MotherWorld
Posted By: SkyRyan1<SkyRyan1@aol.com>
Date: 07 March 2002, 1:02 am

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The MotherWorld

In the beginning
There was darkness
And father and son
Circled about each other
Always fighting

Then, the Gods came
And put them to rest
While creating the MotherWorld
And others much different than us

The Gods created us
To protect the MotherWorld
With all our lives
With all our souls
But we have failed the Gods

The non-believers over ran us
The humans killing my troops
The flood consuming my troops
My rage consuming me

Oh why did the retched humans
Have to find the MotherWorld?
It was our to protect
Ours to enjoy
But the humans brought about
The Great Explosion

The humans destroyed my last hope
For happiness
So I know what I must do
I will destroy the humanís last hope
For survival
A glorious day that will be

P.S- Please send me any ideas you have for other poems