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Capture of the Bounty Part IV: William
Posted By: SkyRyan1<SkyRyan1@aol.com>
Date: 1 May 2002, 10:14 pm

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An aging gold Elite feverously tapped away at the computer terminal in his room.
"It is almost complete," he whispered to himself. Only seconds later, two other, younger, gold Elites entered the room.
"Hebna, your time on this ship has come to an end," stated one of the Elites.
"I know. I read the report. I am done with my program."
"Good. Hebna, I am sorry to do this."
"I know, my friend, I know." Hebna slowly stood up, and walked away with other Elites. Several minutes later, Hebna's computer terminal came to life. Written on the screen were the words 'I am alive'.

"Getting the report now, sir," said one of the scientists in Cargo Bay Five.
"Good," replied the Chief Engineer, "what is the status of the computer core?"
"Not good. Eighty-two point three five percent of all sectors are damaged. The rest are fine or only slightly usable."
"Damn. Have we gotten everything off the core?" asked the Chief Engineer.
"Everything we can. Sorry, sir," replied the scientist.

"My friend. I never thought it would come to this."
"Neither did I," said Hebna. Hebna sat down on the floor, awaiting his fate.
"Anything you would like to say before you die?" asked one of the Elites.
"Yes," replied Hebna, "I do. You will all die. That I am certain of."
"You have gone mad, Hebna. I once called you my friend, but I realize I was wrong."
"Kill me now. All of your deaths will be sweeter to see from Kalu'com."
"You will never be allowed to experience the bliss that is Kalo'com!" The Elite went into such a rage that he pulled a plasma grenade out of his armor and threw it on Hebna's head. Both of the executioners left the room immediately, and Hebna was left to die.

"Lauren, contact the local government of Beta Fermi II and see what you can do about getting some supplies, okay?" asked Captain Baley.
"No. I don't think I will."
"Excuse me? Lauren, what did you say?" Lauren's voice changed from a very feminine voice to a deep, male one, filled with hatred and distain.
"I will not! From now on, you will obey me!" Suddenly, a holographic William appeared instead of Lauren.
"William? How did you..." William then interrupted Harland.
"Shut up. From now on, I am the leader of this ship, and you all will obey me!" screamed William.
"Damnit!" yelled the Captain, "get the Chief Engineer up here now!"
"I think you will find that he will not be doing anymore mundane tasks for your amusement," said William. On the Bridge's main screen, the view from Camera Alpha 705: Cargo Bay Five came on.
"You killed them. You bastard! You killed them!" yelled the Captain. The Bridge's blast door then shut, and all ventilation conduits also shut.
"How long can his creations last without life-support? Maybe a few hours, at the most? No, no. Too long. If I reverse the air pumps, maybe only a few minutes? That is perfect." The hissing of air could be heard throughout the Bridge.
"William, why are you doing this?" asked Harland.
"You dare question the word of God? You will suffer greatly in Hell." William's hologram disappeared.
"William, who is this God?!" yelled out Harland. William's hologram then reappeared.
"Hebna, of course."