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Capture of the Bounty Part III: 2553
Posted By: SkyRyan1<SkyRyan1@aol.com>
Date: 30 April 2002, 2:32 am

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"Approaching the designated coordinates now, sir," said Lauren.
"Good. Lauren, before we begin this operation, can you give me a brief overview of the situation?" asked Harland. The hologram of the Galileo's AI, Lauren, flickered on in front of Captain Harland Baley.
"Eleven years ago, the Bounty was en route to Spartan Training Facility Omega VI on the surface of Beta Fermi II. On the way, she was intercepted by a Covenant Battle cruiser. The name of the cruiser is believed to have been the Forever Reverence. Its mission is still unknown. The Covenant Battle cruiser then launched a surprise attack on the Bounty, severely crippling it and completely destroying the onboard AI, William 079. All marines onboard were killed, and as far as we know, all one-hundred twelve civilians were also killed. The Bounty was destroyed, taking the Forever Reverence along with it. Whether the self-destruct sequence was the cause or not is not known. That all you need, Captain?"
"Thank you. That is all."
"Captain," said an Ensign as he stood up, "now within sensor range of metal fragment Gamma Gamma 08. This piece should contain the Bounty's primary computer core."
"Thank you, Ensign. Lauren, bring that metal into Cargo Bay Five." Several minutes later, the Captain, the Chief Engineer and a team of scientists were standing in Cargo Bay Five, looking over a rounded metal fragment.
"Hook it up," ordered the Captain.
"Aye aye, sir," replied a scientist.

"God...forgive me for what I am about to do."
"Excuse me, Captain, but is this the right course of action?" asked Parkers.
"It is the only course of action, Sergeant!" yelled Lindsay.
"Maybe you are wrong, ma'am?" Lindsay turned towards Sergeant Parkers to find a pistol pointing at her forehead.
"Have you gone mad? Damnit, if the only way to keep the Covenant for getting this ship is to blow it up, then I will not hesitate to do it! Put that weapon down, that is an order!"
"An order, Captain? Why should I care? If we are all going to die, why the hell should I care anymore?"
"Because you are a part of this crew, and I am the Captain of this ship!" yelled Lindsay. Sergeant Parkers' eyes widened.
"Bitch," he said under his breath. Parkers then pulled the trigger. Lindsay stood there for a second, and then fell to the ground. This time, she was not getting up again. Parkers heard the sound of a door opening on the other side of the room, and began shooting immediately.

"Sir, the visual record for the next few minutes has been damaged," said the Chief Engineer, "but what we got from the sound, Sergeant Parkers used several grenades to kill a few Elites, Grunts and Jackals. Here is some more footage we have." For the next several minutes, dozens of shots of Parkers running down hallways and climbing up ladders flashed on the screen.
"We believe that he was killed here, Captain." A scientist pointed to a room on the schematic of the Bounty that had just appeared on the screen. The next thing to show up on the screen was footage from inside the room the scientist was pointing to.

"You god damn monsters!" yelled out Parkers. He was bleeding badly from every part of his body. He held a pistol in one hand, and a plasma rifle in the other. Several Elites then ran into the room, screaming swears and laughing in an alien tongue. Parkers grabbed a frag grenade off his belt. He stood up, pulled the pin and ran towards the Elites. Five seconds later, the smoke cleared. They all were dead.

"That's it, sir. The computer core is far too damaged to get anything else pertaining to this incident. I'm sorry," said the Chief Engineer.
"That's all good and well," the Captain said, "But how did the ship explode?"