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Capture of the Bounty Part II
Posted By: SkyRyan1<SkyRyan1@aol.com>
Date: 28 April 2002, 3:46 am

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"Oh, Jesus," Lindsay was lying on the floor in a cafeteria. There was only one other person in the room with here, the marine she met on the Bridge. She then stood up, and promptly fell to her knees.
"Oh, my head," she said as she rubbed her forehead with both hands. She stood up again, and didn't fall down this time. Lindsay looked about the room, still very disorientated and confused. She looked over at the table to her right and saw the marine, passed out. She walked over and examined him.
'At least he's still breathing,' she thought. She placed two fingers on his neck.
"And he has a pulse," she said out loud. Lindsay looked around the room again.
"Guess we're alone." She walked over to one of the doors, only to find it locked.
"When to we get to shoot them?" said a high pitched voice from outside.
"We? I get to shoot them! Yatoj said so!" said another high pitched voice.
"Hey, how long was I out for?" asked the marine. Just as he said that, Lindsay tensed up, but relaxed after realizing who it was.
"I have no idea," she replied. The marine then got up and looked around. He started to walk towards a door when Lindsay said,
"Won't do you much good. They're all locked."
"Great, just god damn great!" yelled the marine.
"Relax. Yelling won't make things better. Who are you, anyway?"
"The names Sergeant Scott Parkers. We met three weeks ago when me and my men were transferred here."
"Oh, now I remember. Nice to see you again, Sergeant Parkers."
"If only the situation was different," uttered Parkers. The two of them just stood for several minutes, when Parkers decided to say something.
"The way I see it, we have a few options. We could wait here for those damn bugs to come in here and kill us, we could kill ourselves and be done with it, or we could escape." Lindsay turned away from Parkers. She began to get a lump in her throat and tears in her eyes.
"Escape to where? The Bridge? Another cafeteria? Damnit, the Covenant have control of the ship! If they didn't, some of your men would be breaking us free right now!"
"How do you know they aren't trying?!" yelled Parkers, "My men are the best of the best! Where the hell do you get off telling me they aren't trying?!" Lindsay turned back towards Parkers and sat down on a bench.
"Are you alright?" asked Parkers.
"I'm fine, but my ship isn't. Do you really think we can escape?"
"There is a chance. Do you know how to over-ride a door lock?"
"Yes, yes I do," replied Lindsay with a look of hope on her face. She and Parkers walked over to one of the doors leading out of the cafeteria. Lindsay began to type at the door's console, but then she stopped and let out a sigh.
"They completely destroyed this console. The only way to open this door is from the outside." Lindsay and Parkers did the same to every door console, and the outcome was the same.
"Even if we mess with the circuitry, it wouldn't work," Lindsay said. Sergeant Parkers then ran over to one of the computer consoles in the cafeteria.
"Can we access the Bridge's computer from here?" he asked Lindsay.
"You can try. I don't know what those bugs did to the computer systems," she replied. Fifteen minutes later, Parkers stepped away from the computer console.
"I did it. I did it! Captain, anything you need from the Bridge's computer?"
"Are you serious? How did you do it?" asked Lindsay.
"Well, those Covies severed almost every data conduit in the ship, but I linked fifty-eight computer consoles together in one big network The last console in the network still has a direct connection to the Bridge's ccomputer. Its all yours," replied Parkers.
"There is only one thing we can do now." Lindsay walked over to the computer console and then looked up at the ceiling.
"God... forgive me for what I am about to do."