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Capture of the Bounty
Posted By: SkyRyan1<SkyRyan1@aol.com>
Date: 26 April 2002, 11:48 am

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The Bounty was my home
My domain, my ship
She is gone forever
Torn apart at the hand
Of those who seek
Our destruction
The Cole Protocol was
Ten years too late

In 2542, the Human-Covenant War raged on at its greatest intensity to the date. Many human colonies had already fallen, but Reach was just beyond the Covenant's cold, hard grasp. While the Pillar of Autumn was making the rounds among the Outer Colonies, the Bounty was en route to the Beta Fermi II colony world. With Captain Lindsay Stavall in command, many considered the Bounty the greatest symbol of human ingenuity in the entire Beta Fermi sector.

"E.T.A to Spartan Training Facility Omega VI, William?" asked Lindsay.
"Two hours, twelve minutes, Captain," replied William.
"Good. Maybe we should give John and Luke a party? What do you think?"
"Well, Captain, it would certainly be in order. We haven't seen them for eight months, and they did say our asses back on Tango Gamma IX." As the Bounty continued on its course, a small blue light flashed in the distance.

"This is it!? Beta Fermi II was supposed to be a huge Human weapons cache! There is nothing here!" boomed the gold Elite commander.
"But, but, but..." stuttered a small Grunt standing next to him, "I was almost certain the information we got from the Human ship was correct! I even had Hebna go over that data!" The gold Elite commander turned towards the Grunt, and then towards the Elite bridge guards.
"Kill the Grunt," commanded the gold Elite, "and kill his wife and his children. Then, kill Hebna and his wife and children. I will no longer tolerate this!" With that, the Elite bridge guards dragged the Grunt off the bridge. Once the door were closed, all that could be heard was a high pitched voice screaming,
"By the Gods, don't, please!" The Grunt began to cry, and the sound of a Plasma Rifle firing resonated through the bridge.
"Now, are their any functioning vessels in the area? Maybe we can get some real information."
"Sir," said a red Elite as he stood up, "there is one ship, about thirty-eight light-years away. It is a ... what is the word, um ... oh, Aldrin Class. Fully functional."
"Good. Today will be our day." Closer and closer the Covenant ship came to the Bounty, until the inevitable happened.

"Shield and down to twenty percent!" yelled out William. The Bounty lurched forward, and several bridge crew members flew several meters into the air. One fell down so hard that he snapped his neck and died instantly.
"Jesus Christ!" yelled out Lindsay, "Fire back, now!"
"Aye aye," said the Weapons Officer. Another hit rumbled the ship.
"Captain, our shields are gone, and all offensive weapons are offline," said William, as his hologram began to flicker. Lindsay, just noticing this, asked,
"God, what's happening to you, William?"
"Oh my. This is not good," William then disappeared. Lindsay stood in disbelief for a few seconds, and then turned to a young Lieutenant at a computer console.
"Wipe all date about the location of Earth and any other Human colony!" commanded Lindsay.
"Way ahead of you, Captain," replied the Lieutenant. Just as the captain turned back, a marine ran into the bridge. He stood there for several seconds, with his hands on his knees, and breathing heavily. He finally stood up straight.
"Captain," he said, with a sense of extreme fatigue in his voice, "Covenant boarding craft. Over one hundred Covenant, a real fight. My men are," the marine stopped to catch his breath, "my men are screwed. We need help."
"I'm sorry, but any other ship is hours away," said Lindsay.
"Captain, those bugs are getting close to the bridge. I think we should close the blast doors to the bridge right now," suggested an Ensign in the back of the room.
"Do it!" yelled Lindsay.
"What now, Captain?" asked the marine. As soon as the words left his lips, something started banging at the door. The last thing Captain Lindsay Stavall heard was the explosion of a dozen plasma grenades.