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Perfect Opposition-part 2
Posted By: ~ski200~<alarocca5@comcast.net>
Date: 8 August 2002, 1:24 pm

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As Stinger opens his eyes,the world is zooming by."Wha?"he mutters as he gets up.Stinger notices he's on the Scorpion he brought."You're finally up.I thought you might be dead."a voice says.Stinger turns around and sees a middle-aged man behind him."What happened?"Stinger asked."A Spartan blindsighted you."the man replied"But,we had him outnumbered 6 to 1,so he didn't stand a chance.We brought you here because we were pretty sure you were alive." "ok"Stinger says."We got Warthogs on us!!!"a guy in front says.Stinger looks back and sees 3 Warthogs tailing them."Crap"he says to himself as he fumbles for his Rocket Launcher."What are you doing?"The middle-aged guy asks."Using my Rocket Launcher,its simple.Ya shoot something with this,and it falls down."Stinger replies.BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!"that was too easy."Another scorpion is tailing them."Spoke too soon."he says as he fires 5 shots,the fifth one flipping the Scorpion."We're almost back to the main city."The driver says.In 5 minutes,they're back.Stinger yawns."Damn,that was long." "Hey Stinger!"Jim says."What?"Stinger replies."Come here for a sec." "ok"Stinger walks over to Jim."I got another job for ya.Take one of the hovercars from the garage and drive my main man Dex to the other side of the city.But watch your back,some enemy gangs hang out there."Stinger nods and walks towards the garage."Hmmm... ...which car can I take?"He spots a brand new Cheeta in the back."That one."Stinger gets in the hovercar and picks up Dex."Hey,I'm Dex"He says.Stinger starts to drive there when he and Dex get shot at."Oh no!"Dex says."gimme a sec"Stinger says back.He whips out his Assault Rifle and kills the attackers,then keeps driving.He drops Dex off,and they bolth get shot at again."Again?"Dex remarks.There are at least 15 people shooting at them.""Thanks for your cooperation."Stinger says as he fires a single rocket,wiping them all out."Thanks."Dex says."No prob."Stinger replies."Later,I'll give you some jobs."Dex says."ok"said Stinger.Stinger drove away in the hovercar,back to Jim's place.Some gang members attack him and rip him out of the car.Stinger takes out his pistol and fires,killing at least 10 people.Another guy chains his hands together and brings him to an old subway station."What do I do with him?"He asks another person."Lock him up."Stinger struggles,but he can't get free.The guy throws him into a small room and locks the door.Stinger bashes the chains on his hands against a sharp piece of concrete and they break in half."Yes."He says.He pounds on the door and tries to break the lock,but it doesn't work.He bashes the walls,and virtually anything else he can reach,but,it doesn't work."Crap"he says.A couple hours later,the same guy somes in the room with Stinger."You're an interfeerance.You must be delt with.You will be executed."