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A Fresh Start, part 4
Posted By: Simon James<simonjames290@hotmail.com>
Date: 7 February 2003, 2:19 am

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May 19 2552.
Conflict Resolution.

      The Pelicans of John's squad disengaged the troop carrier Warthogs from their bellies. The squad inbarked and they moved towards the cities. In a mere hour and a half they were on the outskirts and moving in. They divided into sub-squads and cleared each building in their assigned sector. As support they had Warthogs with the standard LAAGs mounted. After another 2 hours, they had cleared their sector with little combat. "Alright Spartans," Called John." rest up. We need to wait for the other squads to check in. Then we can move out." The Spartans did as they were told. Some opened up their M.R.E rations.
      Soon Majors Robin and Peter had joined Major John's squad. " We must move to the spaceport at once." Said Major Peter." If the Covies get there first, Earth will be discouvered!" The Majors agreed the spaceport was objective one. Major Robin spread out a map of the area. " Alright, we are here right now," He said, indicating a point on the map with his finger." The spaceport will be here. It will most likely be deserted ,if we get there first, and in bad shape." Major John commented," We should give our men five more minutes." "Agreed." Said Peter.


      Gatern too was looking for the spaceport. He had sent out numerous patrols that had not yet returned. Finally one did. All that remained of it was a Grunt, injured at that. " What did you find, comrade?" Asked Gatern. "Death!" Screamed the terrified Grunt."We found only death, comrade commander. Death and destruction at the hands of ...of ... Spartans!" At these last words, the Grunt succumed to his wounds. Gatern recoiled in hate. He had seen a Spartan once, on Halo. It had killed is friends and nearly killed him. " They too will head for the spaceport," He announced." We will double our efforts to find it. When we do, they will need to fight us. And they will die."


      The Spartans were approching the spaceport fast. In less then an hour they were there. One clone muttered," This is too easy. Where are the Covenant?" " You think they're waiting for us?" Asked another. Yet another said," Nah, they don't move that fast. I don't think they even know where it is."
      But only 3 hours after the Spartans had established themselves at the 'port, the Covnant discouvered it. Gatern was in the first wave to attack. He and his troops maneged to get inside the front foyer.417 But the Spartans put up a wall of fire that seemed to be solid lead. Although the Covenant were behind cover, they went down one by one. In minutes they were down to a fraction of their original stragnth. But renforcements were on the way. Wave after wave of grunts poured into the foyer. Soon the Spartans would be overwhelmed.
      Major John also realized this. He needed to get out now. The Covenant masses were building and he had men going down. He found the other Majors and had a hurried conference. " We need to destroy this port." Said John. " If we manage to detonate the Havoc warhead, it should set off a chain reaction to destroy the whole coloney. They are only small. We can get out on one of the old ships hanging around." Peter said," I'll take a squad to find one large enough. Vincenti! Cellini! Joe!" He called," Get some men and we'll find ourselves a way out of here!" "Sir, yes sir!" The Spartans said in unison.
      Gatern saw the men move to the hangers. He screamed," Charge! Kill then all!" The Grunts swarmed over their cover. Many were cut down right away. Grunt blood splattered all over, but the wall of alian flesh kept moving. The Spartans brgan to pull back, steadily firing bursts into the enemy, then deftly changing magizenes.They went into the hanger where Major Peter's squad had gone. "Major!" Called Robin, " Any luck with ships?" " Yeah," He replied, " I think that we can get this one going in no time." "DO IT!" Called John.
      Some of the clones went to try to close the huge blast doors. They were cut down by Gatern coming through." Go!" Yelled John," Get on the ship now!" The remaining Spartans ran for the small craft with John covering them. Gatern charge him from the side. John turned just in time to avoid the full force of Gatern's blow. It glanced off his shield. The Elite was momentarily at a disadvantage and John made a return attack. He lashed out with his rifle and hit Gatern squairly in the head. Gatern's sheilds collapsed and John struck again, this time in the neck. Gatern felt his neck snap, then died. John recouvered quickly and loosing a shot off at a Grunt taking aim on him, ran past the team setting up the Havoc and towards the ship. Then the team ran to the ship as well. They reached it well before him. The ship began to hover, and John leapt onto the tailgate. It closed as he scrambled on board.
      Once the ship was in space, John took a device from a pouch in his armor. He pressed a butten on it a watched as Hahn's only city disapeared in a nuclear firestorm. He thought of all the people who might have been there. He thought that they would understand, if only they knew why.

Afternote: John later reached the Druckpatrone with all survivors. After this mission he decided t retire from the U.N.S.C. The athorities understood and gave him a generous pension, on the condition he would still do what he could for the human race. So he sometimes went to the new Spartan officer training school to give lessions to the recruits.