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A Fresh Start, part 3
Posted By: Simon James<simonjames290@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 January 2003, 1:01 am

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May 19, 2552
The first assignment.

      One afternoon, during a hand-to-hand combat lesson for the Spartans, Major John 117 was called to the office of the nearby commandant. John arrived in his personal Warthog only minutes later. He went into the huge office."Sir!" Called the desk clerk," They're waiting for you! Hurry up! Last office at the end of the hall, sir." John thanked the clerk and double timed it to the office. He burst into the office and came to attention right away. "Sir, reporting as ordered, sir." Said John, slauting smartly.
      "Sit down Major," said the commandant. "we have a very grave situation on our hands. First though, I am Captian Willium Keyes. I believe you served under my brother, aboured the Piller of Autuam? Yes, of course. Anyways, our situation. It turns out that a coloney that was reported glassed soon into the war on the Covies, in fact was passed over as too small for a proper coloney. This is the planet Hahn. And the Covenant have launched an invasion against it."
      " How soon into the war was this reported?" Asked John. " Soon enough that they don't even know of the Covenant." Replied Keyes."It would have been the first planet to be glassed. Hahn was ment to be self-suffencent for 100 years, so there have been no visitors."
      John thought for a moment. Then he saw the gravity of the situation. "They won't know the Cole Protocol!" " Right." Said Keyes."Thats why we need the Spartans there right away. You, Major Robin, Sarjent Peter,Xader and the Spartans will leave tomorrow on the 'Druckpatrone.' The Druck' is one of our new ships, with experamental shields. Now, inform your men and get to the spaceport. Dismissed."
      John came to attention and saluted, then turned and marched out briskly. He had much work to do.


Gatern was also busy. He had given the commander his proposed invasion of Hahn, it was immeditly accepted and Gatern was put in command of the opperation. The Covenant had a habit of leading their men into the field, as Gatern planed to do.
      He was at this moment in orbit on board a troop ship in orbit over Hahn, breifing his troops. They were mainly Jackles, but their were also 5 other Elites. Later the Jackles would inform their squads of Grunts what they needed to know. The invason would start in 2 human days.


      Major John was assembling and briefing his team. He would command a third of the Spartans, while Major Robin and the newly promoted Major Peter (specally promoted for the operation.) would command another third each. They would have their old Spartan II armor back and lead their men and women into battle.
      "Atten-TION!" Barked John. There was a clatter and stomp of boots as the Spartans came to attention. " Alright, Spartans, we have a crisis on our hands. The planet Hahn is in the threat of a Covenant invasion. You may not have heard of this planet, for it was reported a lost planet way back at the begining of this war. Our job is to avert the invaision. " John waved his arms to put his point across. He had learnt to talk to his troops effectivly since promotion. "Now, we are not the only group down there, so no need for heroics. Major Robin and Major Peter will also be there, in Spartan II armor, as I myself will be. And I will tell you, I promise to be the first one down there and the last out!"
      If not for their superb training, the clones would have burst out in appaluse. Indeed, some where close to tears. The Major was a very good motavional speaker.
      "Right! Prepare for departure on the double! Report to the Druckpatrone and head for deck 12. Our bunks and lockers are there. Spartans, dis-MISSED!" The Spartans run for the armories and barracks.


      Gatern also was finished preparing his men. Now he himself would prepare for the grand invaision. He needed to brush up on his combat skills. You see, there were more survivors of the Halo incident. Gatern was at Halo and maneged to escape in a lone Banshee. He was picked up by the fleet that had come to find out what had happened. He too was a hero.


      All the Spartans were abourd the Druckpatrone. The 3 majors were in Spartan armor. The AIs were in the armor as well. Xader, Comsung, and Kopic for the op.
      The voice of the ship's own AI annonced on the intercom,"Prepare to go to Slipstream." John recognised the voice. It was Cortana. He would talk to her later. Now they were on the way.

      The 10 pelicans carring Johns team and supplies flew through the atmosphere of Hahn. On the horizon they could see Covenant drop ships decending towards the planet as well. Were they too late?
      "O.k Alpha team, get ready to roll!" Shouted the pilot on the intercom. "Right, hit the dirt, Spartans!" The tailgate dropped, and the Spartans ran from the ship, assult rifles ready. Major John was first.


      Gatern was also in the first wave. As his ship hit the ground, and the hatches opened, he was also first out. The humans put up a pitiful defence at first. He easly cut them down with his plasma rifle, and their inferior guns, even older then the ones on Halo, were completly ineffictive against his sheilds.

Thats all for now. Some question to give away the next part: Will the paths of Gatern and John 117 ever cross?
Will Hahn be saved?
Will the secreat of Earth be kept?
All this and more in,
A Fresh Start, part 4.