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A Fresh Start, part 1
Posted By: Simon James<simonjames290@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 December 2002, 6:44 pm

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Feburary 13,2552
Approxametly 2 months after the destruction of Halo.

Spartan John 117, better know to humanity as the Master Chief, the hero of Halo, was sitting in a small, dark room in the UNSC HQ on Earth..After they left Halo, he and Cortana had been found by a trader looking for a shortcut, and they were taken back to Earth. On the way there, the Master Chief was able to put Cortana into contact with Earth through the cargo ship's comm system. From there Cortana made a full report, and uploaded all of John's visual records of what transpired on Halo.
      "So why am I here," asked John to the officer who took him into the room."did I do something wrong?" "No, not at all." Said the officer, who looked strangly familer to John. "All of Earth is grateful to you. The reason you are in this room is because what I am about to tell you is top secret. The simple fact is, we have almost no army left after Reach. And Halo of coarse. That means that we have no defence for Earth. And Covenant recon patrols are comming closer every day. We have had a break through in cloning though. At this moment, we have over 1000 clone soldiers ready to train and more comming in every day. We want you, Master Chief, to train these men and women exactly as you were trained. But the difference is, these new Spartans will have only light armor and no bio-upgrades.
      " Thats impossible!" Exclaimed John." The original Spartans were chosen when they were young! We were trained from the age of 10! We don't have enough time to train 1000 men!" "Ah, but you didn't let me finish." Said the interviewing officer, who was looking more and more familer."When you were about 21, do you remember having a blood test? Of coarse you do. That wasn't a blood test at all. We took your blood just in case the Spartans were wiped out. So these men and woman are cloned from you. They are only half trained though, and since you are the only surviving Spartan, plus you have combat experence, we thought you were perfect to train the clones."
      John was agaist."Are you serous? I thought that there were 2 Spartans away from Reach!" "There were," The officer said."and they will also be training the clones. One is Sarjant Peter 121. You can meet him later. The other is me. Yes, I'm a Sparten too. My name is Major Robin 130." "Thats were I've seen you!" Said John."I knew I regagnised you from somewhere! Um.. Sir."
      "Thats fine soldier. You're dismissed." John turned to go but was stopped by the major again. " That reminds me. You don't need to call me sir." John turned around. The major stood there holding a strip in his hand." For your bravery on Halo, and destroying an entire Covenant armada, you have been promoted to Major John 117. Congradulations." For the secound time in an hour, John was shocked. " Thank you very much."
"Now," said Major Robin."UNSC protocol demands that I grant you one requist and it will be carried out to the best of our abilities." John thought hard before saying,"I'd like to keep Cortana to assist me in training, if I may." "I'm afraid that that requist cannot be fullfilled"Said Major Robin.".I am sorry, but Cortana has been assigned to other important duties. But I can give you another AI. He also has battle experence. He was pretty much the only AI to get off of Reach. Major John, meet Xader." As this was said an AI hologram flouted into view over the room's table. The AI took on a male look, but like all other constructs was sexless. He wore a long trench coat, and old style hat. He looked like hr came straight out of the 1930's. " He will be your new best friend." The major said.