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A Marine's Life part 1
Posted By: Shadowfox<gtsoccerkid@suscom.net>
Date: 13 December 2003, 5:03 PM

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"Go go go!" Yelled a Sergent. All the marines jumped out into a hot landing zone. Atomatice and plasma fire flashed every where. "Move! Get to that bunker. We cant let these covies take the west side of this island." the Sergent yelled. A marine named Harrison dove for a dung in bunker. "What's The plan?" he yelled over the roaring gunfire. "We stop these covies or get killed trying." a marine in the pit yelled. Harrison was just about to pop up and blow the head off the first sorry morron who was in front of him when suddenly a screeching noise filled the sky."Banshees! Down! Down!" Sudenly fule-rod explosions slammed all over the bunker field. Bodies where blown apart and blood was every where. Harrison jumpped out and fire his Aussalt Rifle. "AHAHAHA!" he screamed as three grunts and an elite dropped from his barrage. Suddenly a Sarg yelled,"FALL BACK! FALL BACK!" A dropship flew right over their heads and hovered a few feet from their posistion. "Get on board, now!" yelled a Sarg. Harrison got on and watched as his fellow commrads were killed as he flew back to base. "Argg!" he yelled "Why'd we pull back after we just got there?" he asked the sarg. sacasticly. " Because there was no point in continuing the fight. That island is a lost cause you hear me? And watch your touge when you speak to me soldier." "Yes sir" Harrison said.
Harrison fell into his bead and slept for mabey an hour when the alarm sounded. 'Great,' he thought 'getting stuck on a ring and then becoming an ensombiac.' He raced down the hall, already in his uniform. A voice came over the load speaker. "This is Captain Keyes. Our base is being overrun and we are evaccuating. The following fire teams will hold the base until we're gone..." Harrison prayed that his team wasn't called..." fire team Zulu, Gamma, Sage,..." Harrison held his breath as the last on was called. "Alpha." "No..." he swore under his breath he was called to the armory. "Arm up and get to your entrances. Let's move!" Harrison was stationed at entrance three. "Find some cover." His learder yelled. He fell in behind a pillar with his buddy Michleson. "Some rough stuff huh?" he said HArrison did'nt answer. "Okay, here they come!" someone yelled. The room went silent. The moment seemed to last forever. Suddenly a rumbling was heard outside the door. BOOM! The door exploded with plasma fire flying through the smoke. "FIRE!" yelled the leader. Wepons shot back and forth and covies fell. But for each covie that fell three took their place. " Michleson turned to fire and fell with gapping hole in his side. "No!" shouted Harrison and he returned fire at the ass that shot his friend. "Die Die Die!" he screamed. Suddenly his leader yelled, "Fall back to gate 11, we're leaving marines!" Harrison tured and ran to the door and dove through. As he did the door was blown apart and collapsed onto itself, trapping the marines still inside the rooms with the rest of covies being slaughtered. He turned to his commrads who made it through. "Well, we have our orders, we're leaving!" They raced down the hall to find on dropship left. "Get on!" a marine shouted. The ship took off. Harrison saw as the bsae was overtaken and destroyed by the covies."I'm gettin' real mad at these bastards." he said.
"This is echo 115, request permission to land." Roger persion granted. Landing pad 3. Welcome home boys." As soon as they touched down Harrison was approched by Keyes. "What you did back there was smart, getting what suvivors outa there, your being reassinged to command a platton of soldiers attck a covie fortress." "Sir yes, Sir!"
Harrison jumped out of the dropship. "Go Go GO! Take that gun out! Get those 'Hogs up there! MOVE!" Soldiers scrambled and attacked the fortress walls. "Force one move up! Force two with me! We're gona nail their landing pands!" The marines moved up and nailed two evac dropsips right outa the sky. "YEAH! Now lets rig some bobs and blow the fule tanks!" "Clear the base!" A marine yelled. Click. The base caught fire and burned like a fiery hell. " all right lets head home evacs here," Harrison ordered. He got on board and was talking to his pals when suddenly the pilot screamed,"MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Dropship 115 taking heavy fire! We're goin' down! I say again We're going down!" The ship lurched left and then dove strait down. A huge jolt shook the ship as it slamed into the ground. Harrison's vision blurred and when black. When he woke an elite stood over him. Harrison whent move and the elite slammed him in the back of the head. He went black.
To be continued...