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Rise To Honor - Part 9: Friendly Return
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 16 July 2002, 4:43 pm

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His eyes were tightly closed, waiting for bullets to ravage his body even more. He wasn't scared to die. He had seen it too much to be scared of it. No, he was just waiting for it to happen. All of a sudden, three rockets fired out from behind him on the top of the dune that he was running towards. Behind him? There were no vehicles behind him. Or were there? Another question popped into his mind as the screeches of the rockets came to his ears. Why would they be firing rockets at him? The curiosity was too much, and he struggled to open his eyes. His eyepiece was cracked and malfunctioning...and he could barely see through the cracked, green glass. He let that eye closed and watched through his other eye and saw just in time as three red-tail rockets zoomed right for the Warthog. John was a crack pilot, no doubt about that, but three rockets heading straight for him was way too much. The Warthog swerved to the left as the first rocket hit. He swerved back to the right as the second one came. The Spartan was amazing, using extreme precision to keep the commander safe. He himself had already lost two warthogs to rocket fire, but the Spartan was able to dodge both rockets in one shot. Yes, John was quite the talented Spartan. Even in his talent though, he couldn't move into time for the third rocket. It slammed into the front and exploded in black, noxious fumes. Sparks and the sound of bending metal came to his ears as the black smoke covered the entire vehicle, making it impossible to shoot into or out of the area with any accuracy. He decided that this was his chance. He pulled out his pistol, and began firing random shots into the black gas.


Two Spartans immediately jumped out of the cover smoke, and began a full sprint towards him, assault rifles firing in controlled bursts.

*GE**GE**GE**GE**GE* *GE**GE**GE**GE**GE* *GE**GE**GE*

He immediately adjusted his aim and began firing on the left Spartan. The bullets pinged off of the golden armor harmlessly. Damn, this was bad. All of a sudden, Assault Rifle fire came from the dune above him where the rockets had come from. Who the hell was helping him? Three sets of machine gun fire pounded into the Spartans as they ran towards him. They each dodged to the side, and the assault rifle stopped behind him, leaving only the sparking sounds of the broken down Warthog.

All of a sudden, two sets of hands grabbed him by the shoulders. Was it the military? No. The feeling of familiarity came over him. He looked up. Two unmasked soldiers pulled his arms around their shoulders and helped him onto their Warthog - one female, one male. A third soldier stood, continuing cover fire against the Spartans. The fourth was the driver, hands held tightly against the wheel, ready to take off. The Warthog was a custom model. It lacked the mounted heavy chain gun that the other models had, and instead had open compartment to store supplies - and injured soldiers. He laid him down, and then kneeled down next to him in the dug in area. The driver yelled out.

"C'mon, lets get the hell outta here before the Spartans make us mincemeat!"
"Shut it Cal, I'm coming."

Shadow would have smiled if he had the energy. They were all old friends of his, and fellow soldiers in an old military project to follow up the success of the original Spartan project. He just laid there as the female soldier finally jumped into the passenger seat but no letting up on her fire. She was relentless, as he always remembered.

"Get us the fuck out of here Cal!"
"Shut your trap or I'll make you get out!"

The Warthog's hover engines glowed a bright blue, and they sped off down the dune.

"Well, we ditched those fuckers."
"Hey Az, it's not over yet!"
"What now Geb?"
"They still have two pursuing Warthogs."
"I got him."

The Warthog came to a complete stop as the engine died out. One of the soldiers tending to him pulled out a Achilles Rocker launcher from the cargo stash near his head. She tossed it to the one at the passenger seat. She jumped out of the Warthog and kneeled down, targetting system locking onto both of the speeding vehicles.

"Adios, suckas."

He fired two rockets, both hitting their mark. The first grazed the top of the Warthog traveling through the windshield and detonating at the mounted gun. The second rocket slammed into the front, blowing up its transmission and hover yaw reversers. She laughed and then dropped the rocket launcher. She began a full sprint back to the rest of the team, and the Warthogs sped off into the night.