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The Renegade Marines Part VII - The Return Home
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 19 March 2002, 10:59 pm

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Kroeger's widened in fear and denial as he saw Maclice's dropship fall to its untimely death. He looked at the now calm waters, and thought of his friends drowning under water. The fire lit up his infrared eyepiece as he looked down. All of a sudden he looked up at the Banshee firing upon them, and his face turned from fear, to revenge. He fired his MA5B constantly out of the bay doors, at the Banshee, but with apparently no use.

*click* *click*.

He dropped his gun, and looked down at the floor, while the rest of the marines continued their assault. All of a sudden he remembered.

"Jen, do we still have that new weapon model?"
"Yes Sir! Take them out with that! We don't have much time! Our armor is..."

Kroeger didn't stay to listen. He walked back from the door leading to the cockpit, and walked to the locker door on the side of the ship, and took out his pistol. He fired a couple rounds into the hinges of the door. After weakening the door, he lifted his leg and kicked the door in. He searched through the contents of the locker, throwing out what was not needed.

"What's the commander doin? We don't have time for this!"
"Maybe he has a plan, just trust the guy. We've always had before."
"Both of you just shut up and fire!"

Kroeger continued to search through the locker as the enemy fired, excellently dodged by Jen. He finally found it, and his eyes lit up with recognition. He smiled, and loaded a big weapon with rockets. He continued loading, putting in rocket after rocket. After loading up 35 rockets, he ran up to the bay entrance.

"I'm out, we're finis...whoa! Go get them commander!"

Kroeger stood at the entrance, and carefully aimed, when all of a sudden, the Banshee turned it fire at the bay doors, blasting the marines inside. One marine fell to the ground with his chest blue from the burning of the plasma. Kroeger looked back at the Banshee just in time to see his leg get blasted by the bright blue energy balls. His leg buckled from beneath him, and he fell to the ground. Blood was everywhere, both from the dead marine who got shot in the chest, and from Kroeger blasted leg. Kroeger knew he was their only chance. He got off his back, and spun onto his stomach, with his rocket launcher in hand. The new model was a different one. It was very boxy, but with 6 launch tubes, and it was very heavy, making it hard to aim. A targeting pad appeared at the side of the weapon as Kroeger put it up to his shoulder. The targeting reticule appeared, and he fired. Huge barrages of 35 missiles were fired, six at a time. The weapon fired a total of 6 blasts were fired from the rocket launcher, blowing him from the entrance of the bay doors to the cockpit door, headfirst. He slammed his head into the door, and could hazily make out the Banshee's exploding in a huge waterfall of flames. He smiled as he saw them fall to the water, and then everything went black.

Kroeger slowly opened his eyes. Hazy white shown through the slits he made with his eyelids. He looked through, blinded by the light that he wasn't used to. His leg felt as it was about to fall off, and his head felt like a warthog had been dropped on it. In the background, he could make out a doctor talking to the general.

"General sir, he's sustained a huge blow to his leg, as well as a major concussion. He'll definitely make it. I can't say the same about that other marine. If we operate on his leg now, we can give him anti-AO45 injections, which will allow his leg to heal within a matter of days. Modern medical care has come a long way since the Covenant invasion."
"Good work doctor, I look forward to a good outcome to the operation."
"Yes sir."

As he heard these words, his eyes closed, and he blacked out again. He woke up again in a dark room. He looked around. His head didn't hurt anymore...but his leg felt like it was on fire. Maybe the injections didn't work. He sat up, and took a look around. An old R25 type light dimly lighted the room, and he could barely see. He managed to limp over to the door, as it automatically opened. He stumbled out the door, but tripped over his half-functioning leg. He landed on a soft carpet in the hall; and saw a nurse with her back towards him, talking to a secretary. The secretary noticed Kroeger, and pointed to him, speaking to the nurse, apparently telling her that there was an injured soldier in the hall. The nurse immediately spun around and ran to his aid.

"Commander, you really mustn't walk on that leg, you'll only make it worse. You need one more day of healing before the leg will be healed perfectly."

She lifted him up with surprising strength, and managed to help him back in his room and into his bed. He looked back at the nurse and sputtered.

"Wh, wh, where are my men?"
"Sir, what's important to you right now is your sleep, and rest."

At that she turned the lights off, and the room went black. He laid down in his room, and drifted off back to sleep.