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The Renegade Marines Part VI - The Surprise
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 17 March 2002, 12:25 pm

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Kroeger pulled the trigger, and the sniper rifle fired. There was a bright flash, and the enemy he aimed for exploded into a red pulp. It pained him to kill fellow humans, but it must be done. He fired again, and again. The enemy became confused and had no idea of where the shots were coming from, became dispersed, and out of formation. He smiled again, as he saw his plan was working. The enemy began to back out towards the stronghold, which only made aiming easier for Kroeger.

"Sir, they're backing away...there seems to be about 10 of them left. Should we pursue?"
"Yes major, we're in the stronghold now. All ground troops are to pursue. All vehicles are to hold position until extraction. When they retreat to this position, we'll be waiting."

After the radio transmission, Kroeger fired one more shot, and took out a straggler. He then turned and motioned for his squad to move out. He waited at the hole, then dropped the sniper rifle and took out his MA5B, and took the rear of his squad.

"MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! We don't want to keep our guests waiting. Do we?"
"No Sir!"

The troops moved downstairs to the entrance of the castle-like fortress.

"Jekon, we need 2 Jimmy 5s at the entrance, and hold the detonation until my call."

One of the soldiers, apparently Jekon, moved up to the entrance doorway, and placed down two small satchel charges. The troops backed away; while Kroeger stood at the entrance, ready to give the order for the detonation. Through the window of the door, he could see the retreating enemy troops make a dash for the stronghold. Their eyes were white in terror, and some had already dropped their guns. As they came in, the doors automatically opened, and the remaining enemies piled into the area. The leader of the traitorous squad looked around, confused at how their enemies had gotten into their base. He smiled, and signaled for the detonation. The traitors were standing right on top of the satchels, and got blown sky high. Kroeger had a sense of satisfaction as the sight of the fools dying a painful fiery death.

"Ok boys, our job is done here. Lets do one more sweep of the woods, and meet back up with Goth and Maclice's teams and move to the beach for extraction."
"Sir, yes sir!"

All of a sudden, Kroeger got a radio message from Foehammer II.

"Sir! Sir! we got 3 bandits coming in fast! If they drop before you guys are extracted, you'll be pinned down!"
"Roger that Jen. Boys! We got 3 enemy covenant dropships coming in. I don't know why they're here, but our job is done anyway! Let's get to the extraction point. I want someone to radio Maclice and Goth about this!"
"Yes sir!"

The men ran out of the base, in formation, and into the woods. Kroeger was at the front, and the troops ran like maniacs to their destination. Yet, the dropships were coming in fast, and they would be finished if they didn't get to the beachhead.

"Sir! Maclice and Goth are already on the dropships. The scorpion tanks and warthogs are being evacuated as we speak. It seems that the dropship's only target is us now!"
"Roger that. C'mon boys...lets survive this!"

The men moved quickly, with gun still in hand, and with the dropships in sight through the clearing. They were almost there. They would make it. Suddenly a big shadow came over the troops, and Kroeger's heart dropped.

"Sir, Sir! We got a bandit landing right in front of us! It's gonna pin us down until the other two arrive. We're done man!"
"Stop yer belly aching, and get ready to fire."

They saw the dropship come down to the ground as it fired its attached cannon, blowing away one of the marines.

"Hold steady boys."

Kroeger held up his assault rifle, sweaty from fear. Some of the marines were shaking as the dropship doors swung down. All of a sudden, the dropship rocked as if hit by something, and it's left "wing" was blown to pieces, sending fragmented parts of metal everywhere. The dropship was heavily injured and all troops aboard were killed. The dropship rocked again, and exploded, creating a huge mushroom cloud as if fell to the ground, motionless. As it fell the scorpion tank could be seen in the background, with its cannon smoking from its last blast.

"C'mon boys, the tank bought us some time. Lets go!"

The troops didn't bother to say 'yes sir'; they were too frantic to do so. The arrived on the beachhead, and the troops dived into the Pelicans, as the other two covenant transports landed next to the first dead transport. Kroeger was last, and waited for the troops in the scorpion tank to get on. He turned around and fired.


Kroeger could hear in the background:

"Sir! We're not going to beat them! Lets get outta here!"
Kroeger turned to the Pelicans, and jumped on, firing at the same time. He looked out the bay doors, as the covenant made a last minute desperate attempt to attack. Fortunately, the attempts were futile, and the Pelicans were off, leaving behind the abandoned tank and warthogs. He looked in satisfaction in a job well done.

"Boys we did well, I'd like to..."

Then a message sounded from Jen.

"Sir! We got Banshees right on our tails! If we don't do something, we're done for!"
"Shit! Man! We're screwed! We're done for man!"
"Shut up and start firing at those things...or we're fish bait!"

The marines started firing, but they were no use, as the Banshee was out of effective firing range. The banshees started firing at one of the Pelicans, and blew out one of its wings. A huge explosion sounded as fire flowed profusely from the hull of the Pelican. The ship fell, and created a huge splash as it fell.

"Damn man! 10 men gone! That was Maclice's team!"
"Shit, they're firing at us now!"

Kroeger looked at the frightened troops, and knew the sad truth...they were finished.