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The Renegade Marines Part V - The Assault
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 14 March 2002, 3:57 pm

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"Sir, we're ready to go when you are."
"Roger that soldier."

The island was somewhat of a pyramid when looked at. They were at the bottom at the shore, while the enemy compound was at the top of the huge hill. The entire island was covered with trees, making visuals of the enemy much harder. But this difficulty of visuals would go both ways. The problem was that the enemy stronghold was the top of a cliff, and there was no way up except for climbing. Climbing would put the enemy in a perfect position to take the squad out. Kroeger decided to take a different approach.

"Ok boys, we have a change in plans. Goth and Maclice's teams will move up the center for an all out attack. This will be the diversion. Your guys' job is to hold the enemies out long enough for my team to get into position, and then you guys break off."
"Sir, what's your team gonna do?"
"We're going to air drop at the top of the base through the Pelican."
"Great sir!"
"Alright, you know the plans, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!"

Goth and Maclice's teams moved up into the trees, and fire almost immediately started. The two warthogs were manned and moved up to the tree line to provide whatever support they could. As the fight started, Kroeger took his team into the Pelican and the ship was off. In the air, Kroeger took out his infrared binoculars, and surveyed the area. It seemed that the main force of the enemy was out in the trees. This was good. Goth and Maclice would have a lot of trouble though, with 40 enemies versus their 20 men.

"Goth, I want a status report!"
"Sir, we're doing ok, the enemy seems to be keeping their position, and they don't seem to know that they outnumber us yet. But when they do, they'll charge, and we'll be in real trouble."
"Good job, just keep holding them off."

The Pelican came around and lowered to the height of the enemy stronghold. It slowly came down, with no signs of anyone realizing of the sneak attack. The Pelican lowered, and as the troops got out, Kroeger spoke to Jen.

"Foehammer 2, when you drop us off, we need a scorpion tank at Goth's position ASAP. Otherwise they'll get crushed."
"Roger that sir! We already have one on standby as you requested before the beginning of the mission."
"Alright lieutenant, good luck."

As the Pelican was away, Kroeger's team was in position on top of the stronghold. So far there was no one to realize this, and the team began finding a way to break in.

"Fan out on the roof, and look for an entrance point."
"Sir, yes sir."

After looking for about 30 seconds, they realized that there was no entrance here.

"Alright boys, place 4 grenades on the ground right in the center, we're breaking through."

One of the soldiers placed 4 un-initiated grenades on the ground, and backed off to where the rest of the soldiers were. When the soldier was back in position, Kroeger took his assault rifle and fired at the grenades.


The resulting fire exploded the grenades at the same time, creating a huge gaping hole in the middle. Kroger ran up to the hole, and dropped 2 more grenades down; to make sure no body was down in the immediate area to give them a welcome. There was another explosion, and he could hear the scream of two men as their bodies were engulfed in the hellish flames.

"Alright boys, two by two, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!"

The team moved out 2 by 2, and landed down in the interior of the enemy base. As 6 of the soldiers landed inside the base, there was radio chatter.

"We got company, we need the rest of you guys down here now!"
"Roger. C'mon you heard the man, get down there."

As Kroeger spoke, he jumped down as well. Surveying the area, they had landed in a large open area, with 5 enemies at the entrance to the room. As the last 4 troops landed, what was left of the enemy retreated through the doors, and locked them. Kroeger was disappointed in not having any action yet.

"Status report."
"We lost no one, but Gird got shot in the left a few times."
"Soldier, can you move?"
"Don't worry about me. I'll get up to the roof, and call for evac of from the Pelican, after it drops the Scorpion Tank."
"Roger that. Good luck."
"You too sir."

"Goth, I want a status report."
"Sir...we're getting wrecked! We lost 7 soldiers, and we're backing out to the shore. The warthogs can give us better support there."
"Roger that soldier, make sure you keep them busy. You have a scorpion tank coming your way for support."
"Thank the Lord!"

The transmission was over, and the remaining 9 soldiers inside the base were ready to go. Kroeger tossed his last grenade at the locked doors, and blew them open.

"Boys, according to intel, the enemy has 50 soldiers. If 40 of them are occupied in the fight against Goth and Maclice and we have killed 2 soldiers here, then we have 8 soldiers to take on. It shouldn't be too hard."
"Sir, yes sir."
"All right, lets move. Debney, take six."

As he said this, Debney took his position, and the troops moved out. The stronghold was a maze of hallways and doors. The décor of the place wasn't militaristic at all. IN fact, the interior looked much like what the interior of a fine castle would look like. There was carpeting on the ground. The walls were decorated with paintings and photographs. There were a lot of chairs and tables as well, many of them having not been used for many years. The hallways all looked the same, and it seemed that no one could find their way through here. Fortunately, Kroeger brought along his motion tracker. The good news was that the entire enemy force was inside one room. The bad news was that there weren't 8, but 14 enemies inside.

"Boys, we have 14 enemies inside, we're outnumbered."
"What do we do?"
"Well, considering the rest of the décor of this place, there should be a table inside. If there is, we'll overturn it and use it for cover."
"Lets move soldiers."

As he said this, they moved to the front of the locked door, where the enemy was.

"Lets do it."

At this, two grenades were thrown at the door, blowing it away. The soldier rushed in to find the enemy already barricaded behind two tables, firing away. There were two tables; one on the left side, and one on the right side. Half the team took one table while the other took the other. As this was done, the troops were constantly pelted with enemy fire, the troops lost a soldier while getting the tables in place. This was strictly a traditional fight were the two enemies were on each side, and each were dug in with defenses. The fight raged on, with grenades being tossed each way. Each time though, the grenades would just bounce of the table and explode, causing no enemy damage at all.

"Sir, we're screwed."
"Yes, I realize that soldier. But we need to keep on fighting."
"What do we do?"
"I have a plan. Goth, is your scorpion tank here yet?"
"Yes sir it is, its providing great protection, and it's ridding us of the enemy with extreme prejudice. Why sir?"
"I want you to have the scorpion tank to fire at the coordinates of the enemy base. 25-29-389ner. Got it?"
"Yes sir. Expect the shot in 10."
"Boys, get ready to charge when the scorpion tank fires."
"Yes sir."

As he said this, Kroeger saw two more men fall to the ground, lifeless. All of a sudden, and huge blast hit the wall of the fortress that the enemy was near. The wall was blown to smithereens. The blast hadn't done much damage to the enemy forces, but it confused and distracted them. Meanwhile, the entire marine team charged the confused enemy. The team jumped on top of the table and fired down. The fire continued for about 10 more seconds, as the enemy was destroyed.

"Sir we got them all."
"Status report."
"We lost 4, that leaves 5 of us."
"Give me the names later."
"Hey! Look, I found a hidden stash here! It's got assault rifles, shotguns, and even a sniper rifle!"
"Take what you need boys, but leave the sniper rifle to me."

All of a sudden, Kroeger got a radio from Goth.

"Sir, the enemy is coming in more force now. The warthogs, and the scorpion tank are holding them off, but we're losing forces quickly. We have 6 manning the warthogs, and have 6 men firing from ground position. The scorpion tank came to us manned. Even with this firepower, we are severely outnumbered, and cannot hold them out much longer."
"Don't worry, we'll provide fire support from the enemy stronghold through this gaping hole that the scorpion tank made."
"Roger that sir."

Kroeger walked to the stash, and picked up the sniper rifle and loaded it. It reminded him of that renegade, Shadow. Too bad he'll never see anything of that person again. He walked to the hole, kneeled down and smiled as he looked through the scope. He took aim of the enemy, and fired.