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The Renegade Marines Part IV - The Truth
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 12 March 2002, 2:52

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"So what do we do now?"
"We find where the military relocated and we go there."
"Sounds like a plan..."
"You know Shadow, you're a very sarcastic person."
"Shut up."

After the sour conversation, Kroeger looked out the window. He thought of the past battles. He thought of the traitorous government. He thought of the attacking Covenant, and how he wished he could kill them all. He thought of the battles lost, and all his troops lost...no...not troops, more than that. They were his friends, and seemingly, all he had left was Jen, the pilot of Foehammer 2, and this mysterious guy named Shadow.

"So, Shadow, where do you come from."
"Right...what battalion were you in before you became a renegade."
"I was never part of the military."
"What? I thought you were a renegade marine."
"No, I said I was a renegade, nothing less, nothing more."

After the second conversation turned into a disaster, Kroeger thought of where Shadow could have learned such great sniping abilities. He sighed again and looked out the window and waited for them to arrive at the military base. The Pelican inside hummed with efficiency and power, as it sped past numerous islands as he looked out the window. The islands brought back the memories of their attack on the Covenant barracks. Boy, was it a show there. He pulled his head away from the window, and looked at his rifle. What would they do when they got to the military base? Would he be reassigned? And what would they do with Shadow? His thoughts were interrupted by a radio call from the cockpit.

"Sir, we have a radio report telling that the military has relocated to the abandoned base called the New Edwards base. Should we change course to that location?"
"Yes Jen, lets do it."

When the Pelican came in, Kroeger was called to the cockpit to give clearance codes into New Edwards. Meanwhile, when Kroeger was up front, Shadow loaded his sniper rifle, and cocked his assault rifle, for he had his own plans. As the Pelican came into the hangar, Shadow got ready. Kroeger looked at Shadow with his guns in his hands.

"Shadow! What are you..."

Shadow immediately whipped Kroeger with his sniper rifle, and jumped out of the Pelican. As he surveyed the area when he landed, he realized that there were two warthogs, still unmanned. That would soon change. No one had realized what he was going to do yet. He had to find a way out of here. Suddenly marines came pouring in through the cargo bay doors that we located all around him. Kroeger must have radioed for reinforcements. The only visible way out was the hangar entrance, which would take him a few thousand feet to the ground. That wouldn't be a good move. He looked down. Ah...the lower level of the hangar, perfect place to give me some time.

Shadow immediately pointed his assault rifle to the ground and began firing on auto, while he used his other arm to fire the sniper rifle. With his sniper rifle, he aimed for the heads. He was no hero, he was a renegade, and he wasn't going to risk his life by not killing his attackers, even if they were humans. The floor finally gave way, and Shadow jumped through the hole to land on the lower level of the hangar.

Kroeger jumped out of the Pelican right as Shadow jumped down the floor. He knew that Shadow would get away. He was too well trained to get caught by the military. He looked away, and began walking to the control center, while the marines chased the renegade. He opened the doors, and walked up the stairs. The walls were white and the lights were bright, but everything seemed dull and droopy to him without his battalion at his side. He walked up to the control center, and a secretary told him that he was expected earlier, and that he was to attend a meeting.

"It's ok...I'll get changed into some respectable clothes, and then I'll go join them."

He was led by the secretary to his quarters, and given a commander's ceremonial dress. As the secretary left, he immediately got dress and left to go to the meeting.

"We need to strike now, before the government finds us."
"Yes, Yes, but without the government funding now there's not possible chance that we..."

In walked Kroeger, and all chatter stopped. They looked up at Kroeger, expecting a story. The general spoke out.

"Kroeger, I'm glad that you survived, and we all very distressed at the loss of your battalion. Without that Covenant base, and the lost of your battalion, the military is going to be hard-pressed to fight both the government AND the Covenant. What do you suggest commander?"

Kroeger thought immediately of revenge. He noticed that he was still standing at the door entranceway, and decided to sit down at one of the empty seats at the discussion table.

"I think we need to take out all the traitors to the military, which includes the soldiers that were a part of my battalion. Though they were once good friends of mine, they were one of the causes of the loss of my battalion, and I wish for revenge. Please supply me with a 30 man squad, and we'll take out those traitors for good."

As he said this, one of the councilmen spoke up.

"We all know that you are bitter from your loss Commander, but we simply can't spare the troops."
"But the traitors know much about the military tactics, and can be a valuable asset to the government. If we take them out now, the government will be blind without the intelligence provided by the traitors."

Then, the general, a very good friend of Kroeger, spoke up.

"I think Kroeger is correct, if we strike quickly and decisively, we'll be able to strike a powerful blow to the government, and maybe turn the tide of this war. Commander, we'll supply you with troops from your old squad, the 113th. Because you guys know each other so well, you'll probably be the most effective. Good luck, and we'll meet for briefing at 0400 tomorrow morning."

Kroeger saluted and exited. He had finally got his chance for revenge. He smiled and walked to his quarters, ready for the battle the next day.

The next morning, Kroeger woke at 0330, and decided to go to the briefing room to make assault plans. They already knew where the traitors were located, but Intel reported that the enemy was 50 men strong. It would be a tough battle when out manned like that. He would have to make a superior assault strategy. As he thought, his soldier piled in, one by one. By 0400, all 30 had arrived, and were all greeting their old commander.

"You were great, our new commander died in the first battle!"
"Yea! He could barely give any orders to us!"
"So! Commander! Where've you been? Out at the beach? Haha."

There was much laughter and joking like that until briefing started.

"Ok boys, we'll be split into 3 groups. Each group will be 10 men strong. One group will be responsible for the main assault. The main assault is actually just a diversion for holding the traitors at the front gates. Meanwhile, the other two groups will both enter at a back entrance, to take the enemy by surprise. It's simple, but the enemy will be expecting an all out assault, based on how this detachment normally fights."

After saying this there was some muffled laughter, and everyone piled out to move into their respective Pelicans. As the soldiers ran, Kroeger walked slowly, getting ready to fight the traitorous bastards. As he got in the Pelican, the warthogs were attached and the Pelicans were away. The fly was only an hour, and when the Pelicans set down, there was no one to greet them. The moved into position, as the warthogs were detached, and the Pelicans departed. Kroeger looked into the forest, and was ready to take on the enemy.