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The Renegade Marines Part III - The Evac
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 9 March 2002, 9:52 pm

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"Sir, we're coming up to the military complex right now sir."
"Roger that."

Kroeger was tired and beat, but he knew he had to explain the entire story of the government's betrayal to the officers of the military. The military operated separately from the government, as the government was responsible for intel and keeping control of the population, while the military, operating independently, was responsible for keeping the aliens at bay. It was only a matter a time before the two sides would clash and huge civil war would break out. Such a war was on the verge of breaking out, but the alien invasion postponed that, and brought the two sides together to get rid of the invasion of the Earth. But, even though Earth is still desperate to stand its ground against the aliens, the government deemed it to be the right time to start the invasion.

"Sir, we need you at the front of the ship to speak with the military officers."

The Pelicans were flying low now, enough for a soldier to deploy from the Pelican. b As Kroeger got out of his seat, and began to walk towards the cockpit, an earsplitting explosion sounded from the right wall. He looked over and saw that the wall had collapsed into nothing more than molten slag. Through the gaping hole, he saw two of his marines fall out of the hole, screaming for their lives. Before he could attempt to grab them from their death, a rocket blew right through the hole and slammed into the opposite wall causing a huge explosion that expanded throughout the entire ship, engulfing all the other marines with its huge flames of death. Knowing there was no other choice; Kroeger jumped out the back hatch of the Pelican, hoping to land in something soft...

Torge and Tethro were in the other Pelican, and saw the whole thing.
Torge saw the flaming bodies fall off the ship as rocket after rocket tore through the Pelican. The Pelican they were on, and the empty Pelican sped off out of range of the government's rocket launchers, and cleared the danger area.

"Jesus Christ, they took out the commander!"
"We're all that's left now. Just the two of us."
"Man! What are we gonna do man! Man!"
"Relax, we're going to do what Kroeger was going to do. We're going to tell the military about the government's betrayal. Apparently, the government attempted to dispose of us before we could tell the military, but they failed, and we have to take advantage of that."

The two Pelican's sped off towards the military docking bay. Hopefully, they weren't too late.

Kroeger fell farther and farther in the sky, he caught a glimpse of where he was landing, and it was a patch of trees.


Kroeger slowly got up after slamming into branch after branch of pain. They slowed his fall, but were nonetheless still painful. He needed to get to the military complex by foot. That wouldn't be easy considering that the complex was on a high cliff. Also, the government undoubtedly saw him fall out of the Pelican, and they would send troops to kill him if he was still alive. He knew he would have to move quickly and without causing any attention. *click* Kroeger took out his pistol and readied it for battle. Hopefully Torge and Tethro would make it to the military complex alright. He limped away from his fall and walked towards the complex.

"Sir, we're coming into the docking bay now. We'll land in t-minus..."

A Pelican was blown to pieces for the second time, as machine gun fire and shotgun fire raided the Pelican. Torge and Tethro looked out of the bewildered, as they saw government mercenaries firing from the military complex's bay. As the first Pelican was reduced to ashes, the second reversed its boosters, and backed away from the fire, and eventually pulled up and flew out of firing distance.

Kroeger looked up at the complex in the distance, and took out his binoculars to see what was going on. He looked through and scanned the area, and saw that Torge's Pelican was destroyed. It looked down, apparently, the only one left. He slowly walked through, into a clearing. As the clearing started, the ground sloped down into a circular valley with the vantagepoints being at the edge of the clearing, where there was higher ground. He looked down and saw two warthogs heading straight for him, battering machine gun fire in his direction. He backed away and fired his pistol simultaneously. He hid behind a group of trees, but heard a sound coming from the direction he came. He frantically emptied his clip at the direction of the sounds, and quickly reloaded his clip. The trees he was hiding behind were getting shredded by machine gun fire, and he turned around and ran from his cover, firing his pistol at the same time, taking some other trees as his new cover. The bullets glanced off the front of the warthogs, and he knew he was finished.

"Hehe, you guys got me, but I'm not going out without a bang!"

Before Kroeger could jump out in the blaze of glory, he heard two loud sniper shots. They sounded somewhat heavier, and he saw that the sniper shots had blown up the warthogs, killing the drivers and gunners in the process. The sniper shots must have been explosive bullets, and he was glad to whoever was helping him, but he had other things to worry about for the time being. He had heard some more sounds coming from the direction of his fall, and saw 5 marines come out, each holding a machine gun to his head.

"Drop your weapon soldier, and put your hands behind you head. If you disobey, we'll kill you."

Kroeger dropped his pistol, and put his hands behind his head. He looked up at his enemies, and smiled as he saw a laser dot form on the soldier's forehead. As fast as a soldier could fire pistol rounds, sniper shots were fired each landing their spot. As he saw each soldier crumple to the ground he took his binoculars out. Only one man could fire as accurately as that...and sure enough, on the other side of the binoculars, he saw a Shadow, waving his hand at Kroeger, and motioning for Kroeger to make a run through the valley the Shadow's position of the clearing. This would be a problem, as there were two other warthogs in the valley, unaware of the ensuing events. Shadow signaled for him to make a move, and he dashed, hoping the warthogs wouldn't notice. As he neared the warthogs, they blew up in fiery flames, engulfing its residents in an inferno of destruction. He smiled as he ran up the valley wall, and made it to Shadow, who was holding a detonator, and had apparently bugged the warthogs with explosives.

"How did you..."
"No time for an explanation, we need to find the Foehammer II as soon as possible. The government has taken the military complex, and the military has retreated to a backup location. We gotta move!"

Shadow tossed a fully loaded shotgun at Kroeger and turned around and began running through the brush, snapping his sniper rifle on a strap on his back and pulling out a machine gun rifle for the close quarters combat that was to soon ensue.

"You got six."

Kroeger faithfully listened to Shadow's judgment and closely followed Shadow. All of a sudden, two mercenaries popped out from the sides right in front of Shadow. Shadow ran up to one of the mercenaries and whacked him with the butt of his gun, while kicking the other in the face. He shot a few rounds into the mercenary that he hit, and spun around to finish off the second. Easy enough he finished the job without remorse and kept moving on. After what seemed like hours, Shadow spoke,

"We're almost at the extraction site"

As he spoke, a grenade was tossed between the two soldiers. Shadow and Kroeger immediately dove to opposite sides of the brush and the grenade went up in a huge explosion, burning Kroeger. Too stunned to fire back, Shadow dove out from his cover, and tossed two grenades into the barricaded mercenaries. They went up in smoke, and Shadow ran on. Kroeger, still stunned, stumbled out from his cover, and ran to catch up to Shadow. They entered the clearing, only to see nothing but dust and a scorpion tank.

"What? Where are the Pelicans? We're dead! That's tank is gonna kill us!"
"Relax, the Pelican's had to get out of range in fear of the scorpion tanks. They'll be back."

Shadow tossed the communications headset to Kroeger.

"You tell the Pelicans that the area is clear, I'll take the scorpion tank."

As he said this, Shadow dove into the clearing, dropping his assault rifle, and taking out his sniper rifle. He calmly loaded his gun as the scorpion tank slowly aligned its main cannon at Shadow. Shadow took aim, and fired into the cockpit of the scorpion tank, killing the pilot. Shadow calmly got up, and walked into the clearing next to the disabled tank. Kroeger, although surprised, was able to get on the headset, and radio in the Foehammer II. He walked out into the clearing, as two Pelicans immediately came down. One lowered so that Shadow and Kroeger could get in, while the other, attached itself to the disabled tank. Shadow and Kroeger got in, and the Pelicans were away...