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The Renegade Marines Part II - The Revolt
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 02 March 2002, 12:35 pm

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"So, soldier what's your name?"

The lone sniper looked up at Kroeger.

"My name is Shadow."
"Shadow? What kind of name is that?"
"It's an alias."

The soldier was as cold and distant as the void of space itself. Kroeger knew that the troops were all saved by him, and he needed to find a way to thank the soldier. He decided he would try the traditional way.

"So, you saved our men out there."
"As you saved mine by getting me a lift from here."

Well, the conversation didn't go too well, but Kroeger knew that if the soldier stayed with the battalion, they would have a much higher chance of surviving until they returned to the military complex. At the complex, all of the military would know of the government's betrayal, and would put an end to it. There were 3 Pelicans left, 2 of them being occupied. All of sudden Kroeger heard a message from the pilot.

"Sir, we're out of fuel, we'll need to set down here along the shore, or we'll never make it back to the military complex."

"Alright, set them down."

The Pelicans began a slow hover over the ground, and eventually lowered to drop of distance. As the soldiers evaced the transport, a warthog was released. As Kroeger jumped out of the Pelicans, the 3 ships sped off a few hundred meters to set down until they could refuel.

"Listen up soldiers, intel tells us that there is an abandoned military bunker here. We're gonna move in quick and move out quick. The fuel cells are first priority. There has been a lot of Covenant activity so keep sharp. I'll want Torge to lead the troops around the cliff to the front. There you'll wait for my command. Meanwhile, me, Tethro, and the new soldier will go on the warthog for recon. You got that soldiers?"

"Sir, yes sir!"

The troops moved out and the warthogs sped away. As the warthog drove along the cliff to find a back door way to the top, a blue flash hit the ground directly in front of the warthog leaving a gaping hole right in front.


The warthog attempted to stop, but the nose of the vehicle went right into the hole, and Shadow was thrown out of the passenger seat. Meanwhile, Kroeger and Tethro fired from the crashed warthog.

"Dang! 2 elites and numerous grunts detected. Incoming Covenant as well!"
"Just hold them off...I'll radio for backup."

BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM...*click*...*click*...

"Crap, I'm out! Taking cover behind warthog, cover me!"
"Roger that."

Kroeger hid behind the warthog grasping for his extra clip. Meanwhile, he could hear the muffled sounds of the mounted chaingun fired continuously. He could hear Tethro say something:

"Hehe, got one! Wait! Inbound Jackals, get ready!"
"Coming Tethro, look out!"

A charged up plasma pistol fired and blew Tethro clear away from the gun, blowing him into the sand along the shore.


Kroeger knew they were done for, when he saw 5 loud blasts in succession, and the elites, and the jackals fell to the ground as if they were deactivated robots. He saw white trails coming from the left side of his position. Then he saw Shadow slowly walk out to take care of any remaining grunts. Seeing that Shadow had everything under control, he ran to Tethro, who got up with some minor burns.

"Don't worry sir, the gun took the brunt of the force."
"Good to hear that soldier, we'll move out on foot. Lets go soldiers!"

Shadow was already ahead atop a small hill, sniping out the elites that were ready to charge the commander. Too bad they never had the chance, for Kroeger wanted some of the action. The two ran up to Shadow for a status report.

"What's going on?"
"I took out all the patrol teams, we'll be able to get into the bunker from the back door there. It's fused shut, looks like the few elites that escaped were smart enough. A well placed grenade should take it down."
"Good job soldier, lets go."
"I'm not a soldier..."
"er..right, but lets move out anyway."

The three soldier moved into the front, slowly scanning for any remaining patrolst aht Shadow missed. Suddenly blue flash came from the top of the bunker, hitting Tethro in the arm.

"Watch above!"
"Got it..."

BLAM!...the elite fell to the ground headless from a sniper bullet.

"Tethro you alright?"
"I'm fine, lets go."
"we'll need more support."

Kroeger opened up a com system and spoke loudly into it.

"Torge, get to our position at 3-55-x24, we need support. It seems we found a back door."
"Roger sir, we saw the entire Covenant force move into the bunker, it seemed they were running from something. Was it your team?"
"Yes, but we need you for fire support."
"Roger, we're on our way."

Kroeger looked up at the sky and saw the once purple sky turn to a bright orange as the sun began to fall into the distance. He saw glint in the sky.

"Damn, looks like the government is still after us, we'll need to get into the bunker ahead of time, and Torge can give support when he gets here.

Tethro and Shadow backed up as Kroeger placed a grenade on the ground, after lighting the fuse. He dived out of the way as the grenade blew, spewing rocks and pieces of melted steel into the sky. Covering his head for a while, Kroeger saw that the door was down and moved in.

"Go, Go, Go!"

The team moved in. Nothing was in there. They moved into the bunker, and down the ramp, deeper into the abandoned building.

"Shadow, you got six."

Shadow moved back, sniper rifle still up on his shoulder with his sweaty eyes looking through the scope. Eventually they came to a wide open area, with crates strewn all over the place, and two large cargo doors at the opposite side of the cargo bay.

"The fuel cells are in one of these crates. Tethro, help me find the fuel cells quick before the Covenant realize that we're already inside. Shadow tell Torge to wait outside the back door and provide support as we leave this place."

Shadow radioed to Torge, and kneeled down, rifle pointed at the cargo doors. Kroeger looked through crate after crate, finding clips, grenades, and weapons, but no fuel cells.

"We're running out of time commander."
"I see that Tethro."
"Hey! Hey! We got movement, coming for cargo doors."
"Damnit! Lets find those fuel cells."
"Incoming, brace for contact!"

Kroeger and Tethro took cover as an elite flew out of the opening cargo doors on a ghost. BLAM! And the elite fell to the ground with the ghost still coming at Shadow. He waited until the right time, and jumped on the ghost as it was about to hit him.

"Shadow cover us while we find those damn cells!"

Shadow lifted his arm and put his sniper rifle on his back, and it automatically strapped in. He then took control of the ghost, and started firing at a newly entering ghost. The firefight was fierce as both pilots were very talented, and each shot was dodged perfectly by strafing. Shadow stopped moving, and fired a good aimed shot, and blew off a wing from the elite's ghost. Out of control, the elite couldn't fire back, and Shadow drove his ghost at full speed right at the enemy machine. Jumping out right before the two ghosts collided, Shadow landed perfectly on his feet and began sniping some grunts that had wandered into the area.

"Can't hold these things off for much longer! Running out of sniper bullets."
"Found them! Tethro, take 6, and put them in your pack, I'll take the rest. Shadow we're getting outta here."


The two soldier ran out at the renegade slowly backed up, sniping as he went.

*static*...."Sir, this is Torge, we're...off from you, we...n't hold them off! We're pulling out to the evac point, w...can't...old any longer."
"Roger that soldier, we'll handle it ourselves. Good luck to you."

"I'm out."
"Shadow forget them, just run!"

The three dashed out of the bunker, as Shadow tossed a plasma grenade in, and it bounced, down the ramp into the bunker, as the elites dove out of the way.

"Enemies coming out of the bunker!"
"It's already taken care of"

They kept on running, as a loud plasmic explosion blew the elites sky high.

"There they are! The pelicans! Lets go!"

Kroeger and Tethro replaced the fuel cells and activated them.

"We're good to go!"
"Sir get in, the government is coming in fast."
"Wait! This is Tethro, we got a problem with the fusion generator, we'll need some time."
"How much do you need soldier?" asked Kroeger.
"5 min. at the most."
"We can give you 30 seconds." replied Shadow.

Shadow took some sniper clips from the pelicans and started firing his rifle while the rest of the marines got off the grounded pelican for holding off the elites, and the government. BLAM! *chic* BLAM! *chic* BLAM! *chic* BLAM! *chic* BLAM! *chic*. Shadows eliminated the enemy elites with extreme precision and efficiency while the others held down suppressing fire. All of a sudden, the Covenant looked at the battalion and made a run for it.

"Haha! Those chickens, we got 'em spooked now!"

Shadow turned around, "I don't think they're scared of us..."

The others turned around...

"Damn, the government really wants us dead."
"Shit, Tethro get those generators ONLINE NOW!"
"It's done sir, everyone get in."

The marines piled in, while Shadow laid down sniper fire upon the enemy mercenaries.

"Get on Shadow!"

Shadow kneeled down...aimed perfectly...and fired straight into the barrel of the scorpion tank's gun. The result was a huge explosion that took out the tank.

"We'll have no problems getting shot down by tank fire."
"Foe Hammer 2, lets get outta here."
"Roger that sir."

The pelicans made another narrow escape as the enemy machinegun fire bounced off the armor of the transports. The sky was black now, and the Pelicans disappeared into the night sky...