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The Renegade Marines Part X - The Return
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 9 April 2002, 2:56 am

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Kroeger and marines were continuing to run for their lives, while the golden elites were catching up behind them. Absolute terror radiated from Kroeger's eyes as he ran in full sprint. As he looked back, he could see the elites getting pelted with chain gunfire, and tank shells. But there were too many. Kroeger and the marines were finally up the hill, and got up to a position next to the other marine squads, and turned around, and began to get their minds back on the fight. Kroeger's hands were full of sweat as his pulse rifle's muzzle flash made brilliant colors. There were at least 30 golden elites coming up the hill, and the tanks and the warthogs weren't taking the enemy out fast enough. He fired multiple pulse rifle bullets into the hide of the first golden elite, but the elite's shields held up. All of a sudden, his body was engulfed in a huge flame that consumed his body, sending charred flesh, and blood all over the battlefield. He smiled as he looked up and saw the smoking cannon of the scorpion tank. He looked back at the enemy lines, and saw they were right on top of him. Shock, and fear came into his mind at the same time, and he froze for a second. He could here the voice of a marine in the background.

"Here they come boys! Get ready!"

The elites came up, blue swords brandished, and plasma rifles, glowing with each blast they made. Marines after marines fell, as the elite casualties were become smaller and smaller. An elite came up to a marine right next to him, and tore him to shreds with his energy sword. Kroeger looked in anger as his marines fell to the ground in ribbons, and he turned and fired his pulse rifle right into the stomach of the elite, blowing out all of his vital organs. The elite fell to the ground, lifeless as his energy shield went blank, and deactivated. Kroeger then turned back to the enemy front lines, and saw an elite coming up to slam him with his plasma rifle. He immediately fired back with his pulse rifle, his rounds going out fast.

*click* *click*, *click*

Kroger looked in horror as the reading on his gun ready 0. He looked up as the elite came for him. He closed his eyes, ready to embrace the pain, when suddenly; he felt a wet spray of something all over his body. He opened his eyes, and saw the elite fly off his feet as the warthog's chain gun blew holes through his body. Kroeger had no time to acknowledge that, and immediately began pelting the next group of incoming. He saw marines fall, one after another, and looked around as their group was being slaughtered. He immediately took out his radio.

"Jehdon, Keg, Everyone. All troops and vehicles fall back NOW! Get your asses back now!"

As soon as he said this, he himself began to step backwards, reloading his gun at the same time. The tanks, warthogs, and troops stepped backwards, down the hill, but never turning their backs to their enemy. The troops were falling back, and the elites were slowing down, and came to a stop at the top of the hill. The ones with the plasma rifles began to stand at the top of the hill, and fire at the troops below, while the ones equipped with plasma swords seemed to smile as they saw the marines fight desperately, and hopelessly for their lives. Kroeger knew they were finished. He looked behind him, and saw a group of large rocks.

"Troops fall back behind the rocks. I want tanks and warthogs to continue to back up behind the rocks until Covenant has confirmed a loss of visual contact with your vehicles."

The troops did so, and the rocks proved to be a steady source of cover. But the marine forces were reduced to 16, and the Covenant had the higher ground. There was no way they could evac with the huge Covenant force, and if they retreated farther, they risked losing their cover. He sighed, and looked at the other frightened soldiers. He peeked his head up, and fired a few rounds from his pulse rifle, landing a few hits. He continued to look up. This was hopeless, for the troops were finished. They might as well detonate the explosives that they had.

Suddenly, a blue beam of light shone from a cliff overhead.

*VEW* *click* *VEW* *click* *VEW*

The beam was unlike he had ever seen. It seemed to be similar to a sniper rifle's blast, but with a blue aura surrounding it. He looked in confusion, until he saw that the elite's body was in two pieces. Another blast was fired, and the elite was torn to pieces. The blasts were fired, again, and again, and again, and again. The Covenant was apparently as confused as the marines were of the source of the attacks, for they had lost formation, and were running for cover. Another blast tore through an elite, sending a spray of purple and blue blood all over the others. Another blast went right through an elite's sword, and right into his head, exploding it into millions of pieces. Kroeger finally got up from the shock, and looked up at the cliff. There, standing was a lone warrior, firing his blasts from some sort of new prototype weapon. Elite one, by one, fell. Finally, the last one fell to the ground with lifeless eyes blown out of its sockets. The accuracy and the power of the warrior was unmatched by anyone he'd ever seen. It was amazing. The lone warrior turned his gaze to the marines. He was dressed in complete black, masked, and had a sensor system attached as an eyepiece suspended in front of his right eye. He looked at the soldiers with cold eyes, and for a second Kroeger was afraid he'd turn his fire on them. But the lone gunner jumped down the cliff, and slid down the side with his feet keeping complete balance. He landed perfectly and walked up to the bewildered commander. He snapped spun his prototype weapon, and flipped it to his back, attaching it to a strap around his shoulder. He looked up to Kroeger and took off his mask, with his eyepiece simultaneously lifting. It was...Shadow. Kroeger looked at the renegade warrior with nothing to say. He was speechless. Finally, and marine broke the silence.

"Thank you for the help you gave us. We would have been toast if it wasn't for you."

Shadow nodded to the soldier and turned to Kroeger. Kroeger was about to shake his hand, when he remembered who he was. A wanted man.

"I should arrest you right now for treason against mankind. Give me ONE good reason why I shouldn't arrest you right now."

"Well, I got 2 good reasons for you commander. One, I just saved your sorry ass from getting fried from a group of 20 golden elites. And two, you know you and your soldiers wouldn't be able to stop me."

Kroeger knew it was true, and smiled. He held out his hand for a handshake, but instead, he got an assault rifle placed in his hand.

"Hold this, I need to reload."
"We don't have much time. Covenant have already radioed for reinforcements. We need to get your Pelican to evac your troops now."
"What about you?"
"I'll find my own way off this place."

All of a sudden two dropships appeared in the distance coming closer and closer.

"Shit! Sir, we got 2 bandits coming in fast!"
"I got it."

Shadow held up his sniper rifle, and took a shot. The shot went right through the first dropship, sending it hurtling towards the ground. As it hit, it created a huge fireball of flame that rose into the air. He fired a second shot, and the second ship exploded in midair, sending shards of metal flying everywhere.

"Hurry and get out. They have ground troops already heading this way."
"Right. Jen, we need a pickup."
"Roger that sir. Should we get that other..."
"No. Just us."
"Yes sir."

Almost immediately, 3 dropships came down from above, and the troops filed in. Kroeger looked down as Shadow looked up at the dropships, and they flew away, leaving the lone warrior to fend for himself.