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The Renegade Marines
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 01 March 2002, 2:29 am

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It is 6 years after the last human frigate was destroyed, and the last Spartan II was presumed dead. The humans and the covenant had fought a hard war now on Earth's surface. The sky was dark purple with the site of the sunset. The green grass was wavering in the wind, and the placid waters rippled gently to the windy day. The alien covenant had recovered from the shock of The Flood, and had returned to attack Earth. So far, the Earth has lost many battles, and fewer than a 100 battalions remain to protect the great blue planet. As Earth began losing the battles, they enlisted mercenaries to aid in the defense of the world. Unfortunately the teams of mercenaries were untrustworthy and constantly abandoned the main earth military forces. Thus, Earth's military was on its own. As things became more and more urgent, many of the lead commanders began to operate more autonomously. The government, not liking this, decided to put an end to it by killing one of the lead officers that lead the autonomous reforms...
A Pelican transport glinted in the distance, as it came closer to the peninsula infested with an alien command center. As the lead transport came into site, 5 others arrived as well. This was the Fire Angels, one of the elite battalions. With no aliens in site, the transport unloaded their force. 50 soldiers unloaded and each moved to their designated squad. 5 squads were designated. 3 Assault squads, and 2 support and strafe squads. This was a huge battle. If the humans could win this, they could gain control of a huge alien weapons depot. This battle could turn the tide of the war. The leader of the battalion was only known as Kroeger.

"Jennings, you take your squad and Pucci's squad around for recon. The rest of us will move up in warthogs to assault the main area. Once you are in position, report in. Now move, move move!"

The two battalions of Pucci and Jennings left to go for reconnaissance. As they left, a huge transport arrived carrying 10 warthogs. Everyone moved into place as the warthogs were dropped. Again, Kroeger yelled out...

"Ok boys, lets move."

The warthogs started, and the move was on. The warthogs sped on, in a V formation, staying tight in formation. 4 Warthogs had rocket launchers attached to the hardpoint of the warthog instead of chainguns. They would be used to handle the enemy armor emplacements, and tanks that were placed at the command center. They moved onto the hill overlooking the enemy command center.

"Here we are, lets just wait for Jennings to report in."

As soon as Kroeger spoke, a ratio transmission sounded in...

"Sir we are in place, and ready to attack the enemy compound from the rear. We're ready to go on your command."

"hold steady soldier, attack on my command."

Kroeger turned around towards the main attack force.

"We are the World's last hope in hope of the destruction of the Earth. We are to turn the tide of the war. For years, we have been struggling for our rights to live! ARE WE GOING TO LET THESE ALIENS TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US?"

"No SIR!"

"Good. Lets GO!"

The warthogs turned to the side, and the machine gunners and rocket launcher men on the warthogs began laying fire. The covenant, being taken by surprise immediately took heavy losses. Almost immediately, though, 6 alien transports arrived to support the enemy base. They really wanted to keep this position on Earth. Without this command center, the covenant would have to retreat to space to plan another attack, giving Earth more time to regain more forces. This battle was important. All of a sudden, two huge blue spheres began making an arc towards the line of warthogs.

"Everyone! Break position! Charge!"

But it was too late. The mortars of the enemy tanks destroyed two warthogs in the charge. There was blood and carnage all over the place.

"Jennings! You hear? Jennings! Attack from the rear! We'll have them now!"

Jennings reported back in with a sly voice.

"Sorry sir, our squad is being taken out of battle. We are leaving. You can fight without us."

"Jennings, what are you doing! We can't win without you!"

"The government assured our escape from the execution of our battalion. Good luck sir."

"What? Execution? What?"

Suddenly, a large swarm of human soldiers began to appear on the huge hill overlooking the command center. They had come to extinguish both the aliens and the Fire Angels. Suddenly it all became clear to him. The government had betrayed him and his troops. They were to be killed either by the government or the aliens.

"Troops move BACK! Move back! We are leaving! Move, move, move!"

There were 4 warthogs left, and of the original 30 loyal soldiers, 18 were left.

"Foe Hammer2, this is Kroeger! We need extraction immediately, we are taking heavy losses and need evac now!"
"Roger that sir! Looks like we've been cut off by the government. I've found an extraction point. The coordinates are 30-3-East. Hurry...we won't be able to hold ground there for very long with both the alien and government air forces patrolling the area!"
"C'mon! soldier! we are leaving through the eastern pass!"

The soldier managed to escape through the narrow valley, as the chasing aliens and government forces got caught up with each other. But Kroeger knew that they would be killed quickly if enemy forces attacked from above. It was a bad vantage point, but it was the only way out of this hellhole. Suddenly, a group of elites came at the marines. The battalion fired continuously, but the bullets had much diminutive damage against the alien shields.

"sir, we're dead! Sir, we're dead!"

"Calm your head and keep shootin"

"sir! We lost Clarker!"

"leave him!"

They retreated slowly, gray and blue trails traveled between the two forces were grenades that exploded in hellish flames. A lone alien broke ahead of the others and made a break for a veteran marine holding him back.

"SHIT! Outta bullets!"

Kroeger shouted to the veteran to fall back, when all of a sudden a huge flash hit him, and forced him to close his eyes from the light. When he opened them again, the veteran marine was still alive, and the charging alien had a huge gaping hole in his chest.

"Wow, you surprise me man!"

"I didn't do it!"

"What? Then who killed the enemy alien?"

He looked around him when he saw two streams of white hit two more aliens elites. Both of them fell down with holes in their dead carcasses. Kroeger looked up at where the sniper shots were fired. He looked up and saw a lone sniper waving to him. He looked.

"Hmmm...a renegade marine...much like this battalion is now."

The marine squads had been deducted to 12 men left. They continued running with their backs towards the enemy, as sniper shots continuously took out both human and alien enemies. The sniper hadn't missed one shot yet...he was amazing. All of a sudden he heard a familiar engine sound...the pelicans. He turned around and there they were, 3 of them.

"Marines get in!"

The sniper was behind the rest of the group and had strapped the rifle on his back in a diagonal fashion. He ran like lightening, but had no fear in his mind.

"Hurry up renegade! C'mon!"

The sniper stopped right in front of the pelican and emptied his sniper clip as if he were firing a pistol. Not one shot missing. The aliens elites were all dead, but the humans continued to come.

"C'mon soldier! We don't have time!"

The sniper turned and looked at him, and the loaded up marines, and spoke for the first time.

"Ok commander."

He came in, continuing to fire his pistol until he was strapped in. Kroeger looked down at the mercenaries hired by the government firing at the pelicans. He heard something on his com system.
"Hang on boys, we're in for some chop."

He looked down at the enemy forces, and the pelicans were away...