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Battle of Earth(part one the battle starts)
Posted By: Shadow<ACASANOVA@satx.rr.com>
Date: 31 March 2004, 10:58 PM

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0600 Hours, September 15, 2553 (Abandoned city on earth)
Covenant main base on earth over 50,000 covenant soldiers.

"Are you ready for this John" yelled Fred SPARTAN 89. "You bet!" replied John SPARTAN-117. Thousands of UNSC marines were getting ready for the biggest ground battle ever on earth, if they failed the human race would become extinct. "This is going to be one heck of a battle a Master Chief," one of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, or ODST Hell jumpers said. "Yeah, but don't get cocky yet we haven't even started the assault yet" the Master Chief replied. There were 200 pelicans, the standard UNSC troop transport ship. They could carry 12 UNSC marines or ODSTs. The battle would begin in less than 24 hours. The five remaining SPARTANS would also be in combat in the battle. The SPARTANS were John, Fred, Kelly, Linda, and Will. The ground assault Vehicles consisted of 150 Warthogs, able to seat three soldiers. One driver, one in the passenger seat able to fire a weapon, and one in the gunner seat in the back firing a LAAG a gun able to fire 500 armor piercing rounds per minute. Finally 50 Scorpion tanks that cause huge damage, with to drivers, or one SPARTAN, and two marines could ride on each side. The army going to attack the covenant officially numbered at 30,000. 20,000 UNSC marines, 9995 ODSTs, and 5 SPARTANS.

0700 Hours, September 16, 2553 human forces charging the covenant
main base on earth.

The ground shook as the UNSC forces approached the Covenant base. The covenant forces were alarmed to see such an army coming towards them. The UNSC forces were now 3 kilometers away from the base. The covenant soldiers rushed to get in their assault vehicles. Now 2 kilometers away the UNSC forces opened fire on the base. Hundreds of tank shells and LAAG shell littered the ground. Covenant soldiers fell of the base in a gory mess, or at least what was left of them. Ten Covenant Banshees flew out of the base firing at the Warthogs, and Tanks. UNSC soldiers fell. The first Banshee was shot down and collided with at Warthog killing the marines in it instantly. The Banshees fell one by one, all but three collided with a Warthog. The Covenant hanger with the Banshees collapsed leaving them with no air support, but dropships. "This is Major Johnson we are ready to blow a whole in the bases wall." "Roger this is Echo 219 go ahead and proceed."
100 of the 150 Warthogs unloaded marines. Major Johnson set up 5 Lotus anti-tank mines. The marines stepped back, and with a brilliant flash the mine blew a whole 20 meters wide, and 30 meters high. Before the smoke cleared thousands of plasma bolts raced towards the marines killing hundreds of them instantly.

The pelicans that carried the rest of the army to the base would be approaching the base soon. "This is it men, this is your moment to shine marines" yelled Sargent Locklear. "Were landing in five so get ready," informed the pilot. Meanwhile in the lead pelican the SPARTANS were getting ready for the best kill fest they ever had.
"Were touching down now," yelled the pilot. The airborne marines stared down in amazement as the covenant and marines slaughtered each other. The second the SPARTANS were unloaded, the pelican started firing at the covenant. The pelican started taking heavy fire; it kept firing at the covenant, only to be shot down a few seconds later.
The pelicans all fired at the covenant to distract them, so the ground troops could concentrate their fire on them. The Master Chief heard marines screaming in pain as they we being burned to death by the covenants plasma weapons. "Thank god you're here Chief were needed you and your SPARTANS bad" exclaimed private Jenkins. John fired three quick controlled bursts with his assault rifle, and three grunts immediately fell clenching their throat where they were shot and died. Linda took cover with a batch of marines, and began sniping. Four bullets rang from her customized sniper rifle, and four Covenant elites fell dead from headshots.
Two hunters emerged from the shadows, and opened fire on the UNSC forces. The hunters' fuel rod cannons launched, killing three marines on contact. Kelly sprinted toward the hunters at full speed. She jumped over one of the hunters turned in mid-air, and opened fire on the hunter's exposed skin with her assault rifle, killing it with only twenty shots. Before the first hunters body even hit the ground she whipped out her side-arm and with one shot at the second hunter's back, the mighty beast fell to the ground covered in it's own orange blood. Fred and Will, along with five marines quickly dispatched of ten Covenant elites. John had already killed over one hundred Covenant soldiers. Out of the shadows a gold armored elite jump on to John, and began to strangle him. John tried with all his strength to get him of. He was about to black out, when he heard a single sniper shot. The elite fell to the ground with out even struggling. The elite had a whole the size of a sniper bullet in his head. Just to be safe John kicked the elite once in the jaw. He turned around to see Linda holding up a thumbs up signal. John returned the signal.