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The Halo Cantos: Part One
Posted By: SeverianofUrth
Date: 18 October 2004, 7:55 PM

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A poem about what Halo 2's plot might go. And no, I'm not a dirty hacker spoiling stuff for you; I've mentioned something like this once or twice, and if this happens to be right, DON'T BLAME ME. Not that it will...

Basically, a multi part poem.

      Hammer of the Gods

As the homeworld burns/ despair begins to well
in hearts of men/ and AI's alike.

Desperate for a chance/ desperate for a victory
they strike the devil's deal/ and use the Flood for their right.

A soldier is called/ green-suited, favorite of the gods
To take up the dead/ and unleash upon the demons.

"Never have I disobeyed," sayeth the soldier/ "but honor calls
and honor demands/ I not obey this command."