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The Flood in Me
Posted By: SeverianofUrth<residentpark@aol.com>
Date: 17 June 2004, 11:35 PM

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      TO:Geraline, my dear.

      My brain is squirming like a goddamn toad. I am a fucking actor on a loan, a killer on the road. Sweet Emily will die, her throat cut by my knife. Take me in at your risk, I'm a shitty little asshole that will leave you bleeding. The bathroom better be clear, cause' cars hiss by madly.
      Sweet Emily, for one part, is dead. I think I killed her. I don't know. At least the Covies came through here just an hour ago; if the military comes I'll just blame it on the aliens. Good life for one such as me. and my brain is really squirming, I can feel it; I wish I was Jim Morrison, that sonofabitch with his sex appeal and the 'fuck the mother kill the father' attitude.
      Random, am I? I got discharged. Section eight, in a time where the draftee' age got lowered to fourteen. I supposedly sodomized a goddamn woman. Sweet Emily.
      "Jimmy!" she cried. "Jimmy, Jimmy!"
      I did fuck my mother and kill my father. Just a note, ya' know.

      Call me crazy. I am crazy. I'm a crazy sonofabitch on the run from the law. The law being God and his crazy band of preachers. The preachers being those Flood things. God is everywhere. Even when I jerk off. I am crazy, I think. The line between sanity and insanity is blurred for me.
      Goddamn those Covenant motherfuckers! They ruined me! Damn them, damn them!

      I got crazy cause the Covenant made me. Damn them! I got crazy cause I couln't stand the investigation. The covenant look like humans, you know that? Everyone has that covenant side of them. Cause we all long to join that intergalatic brotherhood of peace and love and conquest and rape the woman, kill the men and salt the ground. Goddamn grouchafuckingadlxifnghaodine...

      Explantationitative explanation: I got to play the part of a white, albino lab rat. I deserted, supposedly. I got Section Eight, but before discharge I deserted. I slipped them the cock and ran away before they could bite. Of course, got picked up by this motherfucker named Gentle. Gentle my ass.
      I should be a goddamn zombie now. But I'm not. Cause I'm crazy, ya know? My body rejects all that shit. Like Riddick, the cheesy little bastard from some old movie I watched. Plasma rifles bang hard, the LAAG bursts in staccato fire, and I am stoned, big brother. Think doublespeak.
      Basically, my immune system is so lovely that it rejects the goddamn viruses. So you know what they did? What they did? WHAT THEY DID? They put me in a room with a bunch of little eyeballs running around.
      They eat you alive, you know that? They burrow... Go into your backbone, like some drug I took before, where it leaves little eddys in your spine, some pockets of the acid... Change your whole damn genetic makeup. I feel like Wolverine, only I don't have the sick little claws and no Jean Grey in sight. God that bitch is hot.
      But no el zombiros for me, none of that. They pulled me out, where I was in the process of sprouting little tentacles and feelin' like chewing on their goddamn skulls, sawed off the things that grew out and fixed me up.
      So I'm part hostile biological organism and part homo sapien. Best of both worlds, supposedly. But sweet Emily is dead, so is the rest of her happy little menagerie of the whitecoated-labmonkeys, the goddamn scientists. I told you I felt like an X-MEN.
      I was crazy already, before they injected a can full of bloolust in me. Not exactly bloodlust. More like an urge to breed more of me. Kind of like a pedophilic lust, except worse cause I don't discriminate.
      Laters, hombre. I'm off to find the bathroom clear, cause I've been down for so goddamn long, the world looks like up to me.

      END:RECORDING MADE 10:32, THURSDAY TO:Geraline Emma, from the esteemed James A. Madison. Let's JAM.

      P.S.:Hey Geraline, let's go for a jaunt in the park, L'America. In the Hyacinth House we might have some fun. I've been down so long, I wouldn't mind a bloody mary or just Mary covered in blood. Either way I'm down. I know you like it. Remember what I said earlier? I would prefer a virgin and a bottle of wine before I die? Hopefully your sister is a virgin, and you have some wine in the house.