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Battle To The Death
Posted By: Sergeant B
Date: 5 November 2003, 9:47 PM

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Battle To The Death

Battle to the death! Beat the rest! Fight for Humanity and the struggle of mankind! It is destiny, the destiny of your soul! Come and fight to whip the Covie's butt whole! Battle to the Death!

It's been a struggle for us. We get on the bus, to fight for Earth! Today is the day, we go and fight. As we have...the right to fight. Battle to the Death!

The Covenant, have killed are friends, are family, and our hopes again, as they approach Earth, last of mankind. Fight for us. Battle to the death!

We're armed with rifles, pistols and all sorts. The sight, of us winning through, the harsh realities, for generations to come, with mankind here. Come, come, and Battle to the Death!!

Author's Note- This is a song, not a poem. I need reviews so give me them please.