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Earth's Fate: Chapter 1
Posted By: Sergeant B
Date: 23 October 2003, 12:27 AM

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Author's Note: I have decided to make NEW Survival or Death stories but with a new plot. This should be an improvement from the "other" one.

Rebel Uprise: Prologue

Lara Kenjetz ran up the stairs of the building. Pistol in hand, she shot the locked door and it opened. 2 terrorists stood there with there rifles in hand. Before they could react, she shot both of them with the 12.7 semi-armor-piercing, high-explosive rounds. They fell to the ground with a pool of blood under them. She ran ahead with no resistance. Broken glass were spilled on the path. At the end of the path, no door was there to bring her to the next room. Suddenly, a loud boom the room. 5 terrorists came sprinting towards her. She was able to fire at 2 but she tried to fire 3 other times with no bullets coming out. She was out of ammo. She threw the pistol at one of the armored troops' head. He fell to the ground screaming in agony. Lara ran toward of the terrorists and kicked him in the stomach. He fell down. Unfortunately, he fell down on a razor-sharp piece of glass. He instantly died as the glass pierced his heart. One more left, she thought. She went to punch the terrorist but he blocked. With a swift movement, he struck her with his knee. Since she was not armored, she felt the blow full force. She felt a pain in her stomach but forced herself to get up. With one final blow, she punched him in the neck and he fell to the ground. She recovered the rifles and went to look for the door. She looked at the blown wall and stepped in. A door had been there. She saw a man dressed in a black suit sitting on a chair. He looked like he was waiting for someone. As she got closer, she recognized him.
"Finally Lara, I was waiting for you." He stood up and looked at her. Her green eyes reflected off of his sunglasses. Her white sleeveless shirt and blue jeans covered her body. "I saw some action. Well, let's go." They ran up another flight of stairs. They stopped at a door named "Control Room". "Lara. You go first. Try not to be seen. Many guards are lurking there. And it seems like you don't have any silencer. Here."
He handed her a black tube. She twisted it one the rifle and she entered the room. The room was small. 5 computers were lined up together on a table. She could see 10 guards. She raised the rifle and fired. 2 guards were shot to death as the rifle fired. The 8 other guards noticed and they started to fire on her. She ducked and rolled around as bullets came darting at her. She raised her rifle one-handedly and fired another burst. A guard fell to the ground with blood dripping out of his mouth. By this time, the man had entered. He finished off the rest and then looked around the room.
"Thanks Vincent." Lara said as she panted. "One of the safes here should have the sword." He checked the left side as Lara checked the right. After looking through their side, one remained. Vincent opened the safe and inside was the disk. Suddenly, the alarm sounded. Red flashes came all over the room. "We'd better go." Vincent exclaimed. They dashed forward on the stairs. They finally reached the heliport. The dropship where Vincent had left it was gone. Instead, 20 armed terrorists stood there.
"Give the disk back and your lives will be spared." Surrender wasn't Vincent's idea. He aimed his gun at the terrorist leader and fired. Lara followed, killing 4 guards. Then she felt pain in her shoulder. It stung like hell. Then she knew it. She had been shot. Everything blurred in her vision and she fell to the ground.

Lara woke up and sat up. She didn't know where she was. She looked around the heliport. Then she heard a moan close to her. She saw Vincent lying there. She stood up but the bullet wound stung her. She resisted and rushed to Vincent's side.
"Vincent!" Red blood covered the black suit. Lara didn't know what to do.
"Lara." Vincent said faintly. "The Fardas have taken the disk. You must retake the disk. Leave me. I'll be fine. I-." Vincent's mouth stood open and his eyes were open. Lara knew what had happened. She closed Vincent's eyes with her fingers. Standing up, she walked to the door. The bullet wound didn't matter to her anymore. The cold night that freezed her didn't matter. All that mattered was that her mentor, longtime friend, Vincent Benson, was dead.