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Courageous Pride:Solutions Unavailable(Chapter 2)
Posted By: Sergeant B
Date: 14 September 2003, 2:19 PM

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Battle Path, Area 70, Sector 40
0700, December 20, 2557

The snow covered road slowed the four surviving marines of Dagger Base.
"Hey Sergeant, you okay?"
"Yeah. We're the only ones that survived."
The 3 others suddenly paused, looking like they were frozen in Antartica. Terry didn't even realize that he had released his foot from the pedal. The Warthog slowly slipped away, causing it to bump into a tree. The humans snapped out of their freeze and stared at Terry Tang.
"Geez man. Now we have to get to Charlie Base on foot!" exclaimed the Sergeant.
They got off the broken vehicle and started marching torward the direction of Charlie Base.
The morning shine filled the air, as beautiful as the stars. It was cold and snowing, so they had to make a "camp".
Their "camp" was in the woods, and they were covered by the bushes ahead.
"Okay guys, and girl, let's see how much ammo we got."
They all pulled out their ammo, dropping it on the white snow.
Fawkins started first.
"Sir, I have 55 shotgun shells and 120 pistol rounds."
"I have 400 M-5 Carbine round and 108 pistol rounds."
"Me, I have 600 Battle Rifle rounds."
"And I have 534 Battle Rifle rounds. Natalie, you don't have to give me any rounds. I'm fine."
They started to talk about their life and joked around until it was dark. Black filled the sky, stars sparkling in their eyes. But something was wrong, really wrong. Terry and John stepped away from their "camp" and surveyed the area. Right above them were 10 Covenant Dropships.
"Take Cover!", yelled Terry.
They retreated back to where Natalie and Ken were. There weapons were raised, ready to fire. The Covenant poured out of the Dropships, weapons at ready. They marched away from the marines, but 50 grunts stayed behind with 4 Elites with them. After the rest were out of site, Aveno lobbed a grenade, blowing apart 30 grunts and 2 elites. They got into a battle formation, only known as the H formation to the Humans. The four marines jumped out of their hiding places and fired. The grunts quickly fell, leaving only 2 left. Fawkins shot them quickly in the head with his pistol. The 2 elites went back-to-back, firing at the humans. The Major Elite used his Needler rounds on Terry, causing him to explode. His body lay motionless on the snow. The others kept fighting. Finally, Natalie threw a Plasma Grenade she picked up and it burst the Major Elite in Plasma. She ran to Terry, checking his vital signs. It was low, like one red.
"Now what? First we have to walk on FOOT, then carry an unconcious man!" shouted the Sergeant.
"Oh shutup sir. He is one of your men dude. Don't let him die. He's been with you for at least one year and I've been with you since, 2 hours ago."
They continued to walk on the snow-covered path, each taking 30 minute shifts for carrying Terry.
After an hour of a boring walking session on Battle Path,they finally got near to C Base. Battle Path was the name for the path that led from Dagger Base to Charlie Base.
They continued walking until they heard an explosion and a spark that looked like a firework.
"What the hell was that?", asked Natalie.
"Don't know but we're gonna find out.", replied the Sergeant.
They paced faster to the base. As soon as they got there, they saw Covenant and Humans falling, blood covering the ground. It was horiffying to see. Humans all bloody, crying for help like they were trapped in a fire. Blood smered walls of Charlie Base, as humans were killed.
"Shit! We better help 'em!", said Sergeant.
They quickly ran to the battlefield, firing at the Covenant, helping the marines of Charlie Base. Natalie carried Terry over to the base hospital.

"How's he doing?", asked Natalie.
Terry opened his eyes slowly as the nurse got the medkit.
"Where am I?"
The nurse injected a medicine into him and his vitals slowly regained to full.
"Now, you're ready to fight."

Terry and Natalie ran out to fight the Covenant. They spotted John and Ken so they ran to that spot.
"What took you so long Nat?"
"Sorry Sarge, Terry had some recovering to do. But he's okay now."
They fired on the Covenant with the other marines. As soon as at least 6000 of the base's 9000 troops were dead, they retreated. The 4 squadmates of Delta Team were lucky to find a 2 Remington Blasters up ahead. The rocket launcher was similar to the M19 SSM, but was a guided rocket launcher. As Fawkins and Tang were loading the rockets into the Blaster, Ken and Natalie covered fire for them. They shot down 2 elites and 10 grunts before the rockets were loaded. They spotted 5 Wraith Tanks in front of them, charging their motars to burn through the 2 layers of Titanium-A armor. It fired, melting the armor quickly. They could see comrades burning to death, dropping to the floor without struggle.
"Rockets ready sir!", yelled Fawkins.
Both of them fired their rocket launchers guiding it to 2 Wraiths. They fired another rocket, leaving only one left. They reloaded quickly, but the Wraith was able to fire one more motar blast that was directly to the four marines.