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Courageous Pride:Solutions Unavailable(Chapter 1)
Posted By: Sergeant B
Date: 13 September 2003, 1:03 AM

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Instead of the rich green of the summer days, Earth was covered with black. New Mombassa was the last standing city on Earth. The Covenant pounded the UNSC forces in a 2 week's time. Now the marines had built a "fortress" around New Mombasssa. Everyone sleep only when needed to, because the Covenant were coming.

Chapter 1

Dagger Base, Area 67, Sector 20.
0900, July 19, 2557

"Sir, reporting for duty as ordered sir."
Private Fawkins saluted the Colonel as he stepped into the Dagger Base.
"At ease, son. Glad to have you at Dagger Base soldier. We need all the help we can get so we can get those bastards. They are bullshit son. You know that? Well, since you are a standard rifleman, why don't we put you with Delta Team. They are still building since the battle at Fredricks' Port, China. Son, they are in room 9B, 2nd Floor."
The Colonel was a fairly old guy, about 60 years old. He had graying hair, 50 medals on his uniform, and had the Silver Eagle on him.
Fawkins stepped into the steel elevator. Inside it had a gold shine in it. He punched in 2 and the elevator was activated.
As he stepped out, 2 marines went in, barely noticing him. The hallway wasn't all that fancy. He passed by pubs, arcades, fast food places, and shooting ranges. He reached in and used the ID card on the security system. It flashed green and he opened the door.
3 other marines were inside the room playing their VX game system. They stared at him for a few seconds, then stood up.
"So we finally have a full squad." said one of the marines.
He stepped forward and shook Fawkins' hand.
"Name's Tang. Private Terry Tang. And you are..."
"Fawkins, John Fawkins."
"Hello John. As you can see, this is Natalie."
She was about 6'0 tall, slim. She had brown hair, and a nice smile. John looked at her carefully. No one could argue, she was the prettiest of them all.
"This is Ken Aveno."
He had blond hair, about 6'2, and was probably the same age as John.
"And this is Sergeant George "Badass" Kenson."
The Sergeant gave a small nod to John.
"Well, never expected a new guy around here. Thought Covenant wiped out 3/4 of New Mombassa. So you're a survivor?", asked the Sergeant.
"Yeh sir. Come from Area 2."
Area 2, or called 2/4, was completely destroyed by the Covenant. All the buildings and wildlife was destroyed there.
Suddenly, the combat alarm rang. The noise was deafening if you were so close, orders couldn't be heard. The red lights flashed onto the walls with tremedous speed.
"This is Colonel Fredricks. All troops to battle stations. Repeat, all troops to battle stations. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill."
With their hands, the four raced up to their weapons room and pulled down weapons.
The Sergeant got a Battle Rifle, Natalie got also got a Battle Rifle, Ken got a sniper rifle and SMG, and John got a Shotgun and Pistol.
They sprinted to the top floor, their battle area they were to protect.
Screams and shouts covered the base, blood flying through the air. The soldiers of Dagger Base easily would of lost their sense in the tense battle. Fawkins used a shotgun shell, killing the elite. The purple blood splattered out on the snow, soaking through it. The Covenant had been able to get to the top floor. The four marines fired upon the charging aliens. They returned fire with the same rage. Luckily, Sergeant Kenson was able to get a couple of grenades before he rushed out to the battle. He lobbed one to the group of Covenant, blowing them up into oblivion. They quickly raced forward, sweating on the stairs. They finally got to the ground. One of them spotted a Warthog. Before they were to run to the Warthog, Covenant impeded them. The mixed group of 5 elites, 20 grunts, and 6 Jackals dared to face them. All four shot at them, running to the transportation device, only managing to fire 1 or 2 succesive shots with their weapons. They hopped on and the Warthog lurched and was away.
"Jesus! That was close! I can't believe that we guys made it out alive man!" said Aveno reviewing the attack in his mind.
"And damn lucky to get a Warthog2."
A Warthog2 is a Warthog with two 30mm armor piercing machine guns, front and back, with a Argent V rocket launchers attached to them. It also held one more person than the late Warthog.
The Sergeant decided to make radio contact on the open channel to see if their were any more survivors from Dagger Base besides them. No replies. Where the hell is the Colonel?, thought Kenson. He switched the radio to the Command channel.
"This is Sergeant Kenson to Command. Repeat. This is Sergeant Kenson to command. Does anyone read me?"
The radio just hummed in the air. Then he heard a little sound from it.
"Hey son. This is the Colonel. Get your asses up here now!"
"Sir, we can't. We.."
"Come please. Covenant attacking! Can't hol.."
Kenson heard a explosion and the radio was dead. With a little tear dropping, he realized the Colonel was dead.