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The Ghosts:Project Ghost(Chapter 2)
Posted By: Sergeant B
Date: 7 September 2003, 2:59 AM

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All 5 guards fell down instantly as they were shot with the Colt Commandos.
Pretty easy, Hackerson thought, this is gonna be a piece of cake!
1st and 2nd squad met up at the point where both sides met.
"We engaged a squad sir. That's all."
Lieutenant Akers ordered for 3rd squad to secure the area they were in.
"This looks like the entrance into the base, sir."
The Lieutenant's squad stepped forward and Hackerson's squad were ordered to stay outside and secure the perimeter.
The inside of the rebel base was a well lit area. Supplies of all sorts lay on the cold metal. There were to long hallways, one to the east and one to the west.
"Okay, here's the plan. Me and Daving will go to the east, and the rest go the west.
The east hallway not well lit. It seemed to be in construction at the time being. The Lieutenant and the Private checked the rooms on their sides. At the end of the hallway, the 2 met.
"I found nothing, did you Private?"
"Yeh sir. One room had an elevator in it. It think it leads to the command center."
Suddenly, the com started to have a voice speaking.
"Sir... We are engaging multiple rebel units. It don't think Dackas' and my squad can hold 'em off. Tanks coming at 12....Requesting.....
The com went dead.
"Shit, okay. Johnson. Did you find anything?"
"No sir. Dead end."
"Okay, your your asses up to the east side. Then go to room 9B. There is an elevator. Go on it. We'll meet ya there."
"Aye, sir!"

Outside, more units kept coming up to the Ghosts.
"God dammit. Come on. Shoot more of the Rebel Bastards. 3rd Squad. Start shooting lead more. You guy suck!"
3rd squad was fending off rebels from where the base entrance was. 2nd squad took the others on the south.
"I want y'all to use your rifle rounds first. Then carbines."
"Tanks at the south."
2 pairs of the old Crane Tiger. They were rebel made tank that fired 9.95mm shells. It was also equiped with 4 LMG Ralton machine guns for the four passengers.
"I wish we had rockets to blow up those things. Well, at least if we use the scope, we might be able to shoot down the passengers."
The Ghosts shot down more rebels as more kept coming. Blood covered the dirt, shells filled the air, and the deafening noise of dropships and tanks overwhelmed the peaceful noise that onced roamed Dellusion.

"You guys finally got here. It's been like half an hour dudes."
"So, we were going to your position but rebel troppers impeded our progress. So we got here later than expected."
"Well, I guess we have to split up again. Same groups. Now move out double time!"
Private 1st Class Johnson moved up with his group to the west. The hallway had no doors, just a long path. They got to the end and found a door there. It read:


They went through the door carefully. There guns were leveled and with a swift move, Sango opened the door.
There was 5 uniformed men, a Lieutenant, and 2 crewman.
They spotted the intruders and drawed their weapons. Before the rebels could fire, the faster Ghosts used their weapons one the suprised people. They continued ahead to other rooms. The last room led to a short hallway. It had the rooms of all the officers. They checked the rooms and killed all but the General.
"How dare you stow into my room without me being notified? I shall..."
Private Johnson shot a Efay9A5B Non-Lethal Weapon into the Rebel Leader. He instantly fell asleep.
"How dare you betray the UN you bastard." Johnson said.
They put him in a sack and marched out of the room.

"Look sir, it says Security Room. It must be where all the guards are."
"Let's move then Daving."
They entered the room. At least 20 people were inside. The Ghosts fired their weapons and when 5 more guards stepped in, they instantly fell from the Colt's armor-piercing rounds.
"Let's try to mess with the security."
They used the controls to help the mission.
Akers cleared his voice and said in a British accent,"Order to all troops. Fall back and retreat. Yes, retreat. Leave the UNSC troops alive. This is order by General Raken."

2nd and 3rd squad saw as the Rebels jogged back away from the marines.
"Man that was close. But I don't understand. Why are they retreating?"
"I don't know soldier. But it's gotta be somethin'."