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The Ghosts:Project Ghost(Chapter 1)
Posted By: Sergeant B
Date: 5 September 2003, 2:22 AM

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"Come on men, they didn't choose us badasses because we were slow!", said the promoted Lieutenant Akers
The 15 soldiers ran up the steep hills over and over. The ungrateful rocks were the key to slipping yourself on one of these hill.
The morning sun shined on one of Yaci's biggest fields.
Yaci was a nice, earth-like world, with mountains, streams, valleys, and forests. It was beautiful to a human living in a industrial world like Fester.
"Lieutenant, I want you and your mens asses up here or I make sure you rats get up at 0200 tommorrow!", Major Tiece, the man in charge of Progect Ghost appeared from the door.
All 15 raced up the hill and saluted the Major.
"Okay, it's chow time."
The large cafeteria that had a maximum of 20,000 persons, only seated the marines of Bravo/8th marines. The lunch was not that well-made, but good enough to fill their empty stomaches.
"Hey, sir! Can you tell the chefs to make more Fettucini Alffredo! I love it!"
"Shut your bellyaking soldier. Be happy you're alive and have at least sutin' ta eat." replied Lieutenant Akers.
Akers was promoted to Lieutenant while Hackerson was promoted to Staff Sergeant and Dackas to Lance Corporal Dackas.
"All Pro G soldiers report to Facility 054. Repeat, all Pro G soldiers report to Facility 054."
Pro G was the codename for Progect Ghost.

The Facility was a big one, roughly the size of 3 master bedrooms. The place held cryo bays, FAQ Pads(a system like the computer, but with more abilities), weapon caches, and armor for marines.
"You've all been in this base for 12 monthes. You've had much inprovement in your combat skills, running speed, strength, and leadership. This Project has been a success. I've never led a project ever that was so successful. I hope you enjoy whipping those fuckin' assholed bastards, and win this war for us, the humans.
He firmly shook all the marines hands and left. Then a new face came in.
"My name is Sergeant Major Jones and I will be helping you with your armor.". The guy had a british accent, dark brown hair, a slight beard, not that long, and what occured only to the Lieutenant that Jones had a scar on his left eye.
Lieutenant Akers was the last to get fitted into the new CSA(Custom Scout Armor).
The armor was light, durable, only waying 10 pounds. It was black, and had a few things on it. It was very flexeble, even more flexible than a rubberband or gum. Instead of a helmet, it had a green beret's hat with a system that was like a helmet.
Sergeant Major Jones led all 15 to a weapon cache with many weapons. It had Battle Rifles, Assault Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, Grenades, C-4 and C-12 Bombs, Pocket motion trackers, 50x Scopes, and something none of them knew.
"Okay dudes. I know you want to use the the shotguns, rocket launchers, and that kinda stuff, but you spec op fellows need lightweight guns. Ya see those guns over there, those are your guns. The first 12 of their kind. Those are the Colt Commandos. The lightest in the businness. Also very accurate and speed of shot is greater, even faster than the late LMG 9.0. I hope you enjoy these guns.
All of the Ghosts stared at the finely made Colt Commando. The shortened barrel made it look like a M-5 Carbine. The silver barrel reflected off the lights in the room.
"Good luck Ghosts."

Staff Sergeant Hackerson fired his Commandos' carbine round into the target. It ripped through it hitting the wall with tremendous power.
"Our first mission is tommorrow, at 0400 hours. We will be searching for the rebel leader General Raken. We are to capture him unharmed, eliminating any hostiles in our way. Get a good night's sleep tonight. Dismmissed!"
The spec op marines slumped into bed exhausted. The day had been crazy. They got their armor, guns, badges, and they were already briefed for a mission. Neither one of them were going to email their family and friends. Once everyone was in bed, Akers turned out the light.

"Okay men, get onboard! We have an important mission ahead of us. I hope y'all got all rested and are ready to capture the rebel leader."
"We are entering the system in 5." the Pilot announced.
The land of the planet Dellusion was very rock-like. It had very few grass and was mostly a place for industrial life. They landed on a vast area of the few trees in the place. They all jumped out of the pelican and crept up to the rebel fortress. 1st squad moved up on the east, 2nd squad to the west, and 3rd squad stayed where they were.
1st squad had no trouble getting to the area. No guards were lurking around the base. 2nd squad had one little engagement. They confronted 5 guards. They fired their silenced weapons.