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The Ghosts: Silver Eagle Down(Chapter 2)
Posted By: Sergeant B
Date: 1 September 2003, 8:10 PM

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5 banshees whirled around the broken Covenant City, looking for Covenant or Humans left from yesterday's battle. Seeing nothing, they flew back to their base.

Private Raghdadson lowered his sniper rifle as the 5 banshees flew away. It was 0600, 1 hour until all of the marines would have to wake up. Private 1st Class Anderson waked up Sergeant Akers as he stepped to his blanket(from his backpack). The Sergeant immediately woke up, then pushed his men up from the cold dirt.

Colonel Georgeson looked at the monitor as his Lieutenant called for any survivors.
"Damn. The Covenant must'a whipped Bravo Company's ass like smashing a window with a 5000 megaton hammer. I wish there was at least one survivor. Okay, let's try one more time. Widen the Tracker range to the entire combat zone."

"Sir, look over there." Private 1st Class Johnson handed the MS Scope x50 to Sergeant Akers. It revealed a battlegroup of about 20 Elites, 50 Grunts, and 10 Jackals.
"Damn. YO Hackerson! Tell Dackas more Shit is comin' to tear us apart again!" 2nd and 3rd(Sergeant Akers called it 3rd squad for now) squads moved to their designated positions while 1st squad used their grenades to hold of the incoming Covenant. Finally, the aliens came close enough that Akers' squad had to retreat back to a position to fight the english-speaking alien invaders.

Private Sango used the last of his SAW magazine and put in another. For an hour, the 15 surviving marines of Bravo Company,8th marines shot charging covenant. The SAW rounds ripped through the elites' shields and grunt bodies. It was strong enough to destroy all of the Jackals' shields.

"Try to contact the survivors." The Lieutenant turned on the com link and yelled over the radio."Vector Base to Bravo Compny, does anyone read me? Vector Base to Bravo Company. does anyone read me?"
"Yeh I read you Lieutenant. This is Sergeant Akers of 1st squad. I have 1st, 2nd, and 8th squad with me. We need extraction now. Or at least reinforcements. God dammit. Come to Area 24 now! Hurry. Need Extraction.... come help.....

More hunters(6) came charging at the positioned marines. The SAW rounds bounced of the hunters' shields, without even scratching it. And behind the hunters were a Covenant Legion(1000 elites, 7000 grunts, and 2000 Jackals.
After killing the hunters(by luck), the snipers focused on elites and jackals, and rifleman focused on grunts and elites. By the time there were only grunts, the marines were almost out of ammo. After the grunts were shot down, all 3 squads scrambled on the streets, taking any weapon they could find.

"We're going to send a Pelican to pick up my men. And have 60 men in H5 Hummers, for cover fire. Do you understand that Lieutenant. I said it damn clear ya jackass."

"We're damn lucky to be alive sir." All the soldiers talked in the cave. "You're damn right Johnson. You are realy damn lucky to be alive. Your asses were almost sliced off by those bastards. Yup, they're fuckin' assholes." Suddenly, all of them heard the roar of 20 banshees firing at their position. Plasma came down hard, nearly missing Pvt. 1st class Dackas by an inch. Before the banshees flew away, Private Zuluey shot down one.
They went back to cave, resuming where they had left off.

3rd squad walked around the cave, bored. There was really nothing to be worried about, thought Anderson. He tightly grabbed his plasma rifle(he used up all of his SAW rounds, the rest had the same case). Suddenly he saw Covenant marching and firing their weapons. He ran and woke up everyone.

Instead of bullets and plasma flying, it was just plasma. The Plasma burned right through their hearts. Luckily, no marines were killed, but there was one wounded during the fight. It was Pvt. Klarkson. The Covenant had retreated back to their base. But before they could say "hoorah", more Covenant marched up.

All the H5 Hummers rolled down the street, firing at any hostiles. Above them was the Pelican Dropship. There were no hostiles until they were about a mile from Area 24. 5 banshees came roaring down, now using their Fuel Rod Cannons. The huge Green blast hit the Pelican, making the human machine explode into oblivian. The other Fuel Rod blasts either destroyed or severely damaged the Hummers. 1 Hummer came crashing into another, both of them blew up in flames. The surviving 2(1 damaged), pushed their pedals to the metal. Unfortunately, they weren't fast enough for the banshees. Even the gunners couldn't even one down. All 5 banshees charged up their Fuel Rod Guns and fired.