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Soldiers of Heaven: Chapter 1
Posted By: Sergeant B<aoxuan@comcast.net>
Date: 22 August 2003, 6:31 PM

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Pelican Eagle 118 and it's cargo of Spartan V's lowered to the ground. Falcon was the Spartan V squad leader. He carried a MA5B Assault Rifle, dual M6D Pistols, and 20 Frag Grenades. The second-in-command was Hawk. She carried a Battle Rifle, dual SMG's, and 20 Frag Grenades. Then there was Deroi. He was the team medic. He carried a Battle Rifle, dual M9D Pistols, and 20 Frags. He also carried a medkit. The team sniper was Tex. He carried a S3 SA Sniper Rifle, a L1 "Laser" Weapon, a SMG, and 10 Frags. The Artilleryman was Devil. He carried a M22 LMG(light machine gun), a M95 Shotgun, a M9D Pistol, and 15 Frags. Last but not least, there was MSDO(Master Supporting Demolitions Officer). He was the last surviving MSDO. He carried a M45 SAM Rocket Launcher, a M95 Shotgun, a L1 "Laser" Weapon, and 15 Frags.

Eagle 118 dropped its cargo with the other 10 Pelicans. 2 dropships were blown to pieces by the Wraith Tank's Motar blast. The Spartan V's charged up to fight the mixed group of 50 grunts, 40 Jackals, 30 Elites, and 6 Hunters. The Covenant started firing and the marines returned fire. The Spartans watched as marines and Covenant alike fell to the ground( Some Covenant deathes were by the Spartans ). Devil, MSDO, and Tex sprinted to hill, while the other 3 kept firing with the marines. Falcon threw one of his grenades, watching 5 elites, 10 grunts, and 2 jackals being blown to bits. One of the jackals arms flew right at Deroi.Hawk had no trouble killing covenant. She shot down the brutes with her dual SMG's like she was playing this as a game on easy level. Devil also enjoyed watching M22 LMG shells ripping through the bastards."MSDO, blow up those Wraith tanks before they kill any more marines," ordered Falcon over the Com Link.
"Hawk, Deroi, come with me. We're going to try to flank the enemy." Hawk and Deroi followed Falcon as MSDO fired a rocket at one of the Wraith Tanks. The three Spartans got into position as they fired against the covenant. Almost all of the Covenant were killed until a marine reported 20 Wraith Tanks, 100 Elites, 400 Jackals, and at least 1000 Grunts charging up to their position. Falcon didn't know how long they could hold them off as a 600 marine battalion against a 1500 Covenant Legion. Falcon saw the Covenant coming and ordered his troops to fall back.

Tex sniped more covenant(mostly elites), MSDO rocketed more Wraiths, and Devil ripped Covenant lines one-by-one, but the efforts were not good enough to destroy all the covenant. After about 5 minutes, the 60 marines left retreated back to the hills( not including Falcon's squad). Covenant checked the dead human bodies and laughed. They thought they would win, but they were wrong. Falcon then ordered to fire at the covenant in the hills and it seemed to have great effect. The marines kept killing as the Covenant kept missing. Until there was only 10 elites, 20 grunts, and 15 Jackals, the cowards retreated back to their base. All of the humans charged screaming. Before all the Covenant retreated, the marines were able to kill an elite, 3 grunts, and 2 Jackals. Falcon ordered Deroi, MSDO, Devil, and Tex to stay and protect the marines if anything came. Falcon and Hawk stepped into the base . Before long, The 4 Spartans, and 60 marines were fighting for their lives.

Falcon and Hawk crept through the thin hall looking all around. Falcon saw one grunt up in a corner and he pulled his one of his M6D pistols and shot the little monster to death. Then Falcon told Hawk to get up onto the ledge to investigate. Hawk jumped up to Falcon's shoulders then jumped up to the higher level of the base. Hawk stepped cautiosly on the steel ground under her.

Devil was shelling Covenant, MSDO was shooting holes in Covenant bodies with his L1 "Laser" Weapon, Tex was sniping heads, and Deroi was busy helping wounded soldiers.
One-by-one the monsters were being shot down, but also humans. This battle was like living hell to all of the surviving marines. They saw their friends, family, and just marines dying. But the survivors were also happy that they saw more covenant dying. They would fight, even if it meant life or death.