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Just One More Chance
Posted By: Sentinel<bertuccismith211@aol.com>
Date: 19 December 2003, 11:03 PM

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My vision's going out
My wounds don't hurt
But I don't doubt
That this is the end

I haven't been here
As long as I think
When will I be there
Is my one thought

They've stopped searching
But no time is left
To try escaping
The inevitable

They can't hurt me anymore
Because I can no longer feel pain
But what I have tore
Is fatal

The darkness is leaving
In the place of white light
But I'm only believing
That it won't end now

The aliens are coming back
To kill anything left
But I can't just pick a weapon off the rack
To even the odds

They have caused so much destruction
And death
That there's not a precaution
To prevent their attacks

If I could get
Just one more chance
I'd have it set
For revenge

Just one more chance
Keeps repeating in my head
Just one more chance
But can this be the end

The light has taken my vision
Just one more chance
There is no decision
That I can't make

I now realize
That I can't get a chance
But this is my demise
Not their's

I wish I could get
Just one more chance
Just one more chance
Just one more chance…