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Earth's Destruction Chapter 5: The Covenant Homeworld
Posted By: Sentinel<bertuccismit211@aol.com>
Date: 10 December 2003, 5:21 PM

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The Pelicans and Longswords descended into the Covenant world's atmosphere shaking violently. They were being fallowed. But this was not an enemy. It was the UNSC cruiser Firewall. It took all the speed and power of the lighter crafts to maneuver out of the way as the Firewall closed in on the Covenant structures below.

"Hold on!" Spartan-467 Eric shouted as the Pelican went into a spiral dive. Straight down wasn't something he wanted to do again. Everyone was flying in all directions. He was the only one anchored to the metal floor.

Through all the haze and fog, you would think that you were thousands of feet up, but they weren't.

The Firewall was trailing them, firing its plasma turrents (they had captured a Covenant ship and reverse-engineered its weapons). The pulse lasers rained on the Covenant structures, wiping them out. Thousands of Covenant soldiers were melted in the Firewall's pulse lasers before the cruiser crashed through the layers of buildings like cutting cheese with a knife.

They had jumped out of slipspace just under Covenant search-and-destroy probes. If the Firewall had jumped out of slipspace just three centimeters up, they would have been flash-fired in milliseconds. The probes just were that powerful.

Seraph fighters swarmed around the Pelicans and Longswords, and they weren't firing their plasma at them. Why? Eric then realized as he stepped into the cockpit. "Oh shit!" They were charging up for what ONI had nicknamed, the "Incinerator", the most powerful weapon in the Covenant arsenal. The only problem was that the EMP radiating from the charge would disable any Covenant ship permanently, except Seraph fighters.

Eric the radio for all the UNSC ships in the area. "Longsword fighters take out those Seraphs, or we'll all be reduced to just about nothing!"

The pilot of Longsword 1 yelled over the frequency to the others. "You heard the Spartan, let's kick some ass!" Then the pilot added, "What the hell are they doing anyway?"

Eric yelled the last word the pilot would ever hear, "Incinerator!" A scream was heard over the comm. frec as the Longsword disappeared under a brilliant white flash. "No."

For some weird reason, five Seraphs fell out of the sky. Eric wondered what happened. They weren't attacked at all. What the hell happened? Then it hit him. He hit the radio as the dropship accelerated straight down even further. "When the Seraphs fire their Incinerator, they have to attack in groups. They burn themselves out, and everything around them with a type of Covenant power source, if they fire alone. So take those bastards out before they can charge and fire!"

The Spartan then looked at the pilot. "Set us down. We can't handle a dogfight in the air."

The pilot said, "You got it!" without turning his head. Through the cockpit, Eric saw lifeboats pass them. The pilot looked amazed. "That's what happened to rest of the crew."

Down below, a firefight had started between Covenant and ODSTs on a circular bridge with a fifty meter radius. "Helljumpers," Eric muttered as the Pelican's 100mm chaingun blew Covenant soldier's brains out. "Land here."

"Aye sir." The Pelican lurched to a stop, hovering three feet above the ground. HEV pods surrounded the area. "That's how they got here, isn't it?"

Spartan-467 turned to the Pelican's pilot. "Yes, that's how they leave a ship, normally."

The Pelican's outer hatch opened and sprayed the Covenant with MA5B, MA6B, and SM8B rounds. Eric jumped out of the hatch, set his SM8B to "rocket launcher" setting, hit the zoom, and fired the plasma at what appeared to be a swarm. The rocket literally melted every Brute, Elite, Jackal, and Grunt that tried to run out of the way. None of them ever had a chance.

It was now the Covenant's day of hell as the Marines fired nonstop at the humungous army that was trying to wipe this part of the remainder of the human race. Yet they were charging in and being ripped to pieces as the human rounds tore through their skulls and blew the Covenant soldier's brains out. Every shot was miraculously precise.

Eric stared at the SM8B's settings. He could snipe the Covenant, blow holes in the Covenant with rockets, rip through them with the assault rifle, or burn the hell out of them with one of the weapon's unstable weapons. One of the unstable weapons was the shade(it's more powerful and compact than the Covenant stationary guns), or he could overload his SM8B with the Fuel Rod Cannon SP. This new type of fuel rod cannon had enough power to wipe out everything on this Covenant bridge. But the EMP from the blast could destroy the gun's system, and blow all circuitry in his MJOLNIR armor.

He just switched to the assault rifle. He charged right in, firing his weapon every second. Everything in the way of the SM8B's plasma fire melted. It broke through an Elite's shield and killed it at the same time.

So many fell before Eric's weapon, but there were too many. At the last second, however, a Longsword swooped from the sky(if you could call it a sky)and fired its 120mm autocannons at the Covenant soldiers. Their assault was getting thinner. As every enemy soldier went down, the Marines charged, spreading their defense.

Soon, every Covenant soldier went down. Bodies littered the metallic floor, both Covenant and Marine. This was the first battle in unfamiliar surroundings, and the Marines actually won. But this was just the first of many as the remaining lifeboats and Pelicans flew through the sky.

The many battles could possibly end the war...