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Earth's Destruction Chapter 2: The Battle of
Posted By: Sentinel<bertuccismith@ao.com>
Date: 3 December 2003, 11:50 PM

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The four Scorpion tanks moved through the nearly destroyed Earth city. Two tanks fird at the Banshees in the sky while the other two destroyed Covenant ground troops. The Banshees came in straight lines, not a good strategy.

Plasma came from the Banshees at the tank, but seemed to be fired in random directions. Not one of them scored a direct hit.

"More ground troops." Sergeant Anderson yelled, firing his sniper rifle at everything that moved. The second and fourth tanks turned their firing turrents at the enemies location. The two tanks fired at the same time.

The plasma weapons from Banshees, Ghosts, and other plasma weapons had started to melt Tank 1's armor. But it held. The snipers on the tanks took out every enemy that the tanks couldn't handle, or that got so close that the tank gunner couldn't fire without killing the men on the track pods.

A Banshee seperated from the groups, and fired its fuel rod cannons. "Oh shit!" screamed Private Ray Caraway as the green plasma melted most of him and the tank. Only the gunner remained alive. He sat in small area where the gunner mainly sat. He, and the crippled tank, was consumed by a Wraith tank's mortar bomb.

"Where the hell are those fucking tanks?" Corporal Tyler Smith demanded.

Private John Turner turned to face him. "No idea sir." Turner saw an Elite leap at him. Without thinking he fired his sniper rifle. The round blasted through the Elite's head. The body landed next to him.

"Damn lucky shot." Smith muttered, shoving the body away. There was now more Covenant on the streets.

Smith looked at the ground as if noticing it for the first time. There were plasma grenades, lots of plasma grenades. There was enough to fill a fifty story skyscraper. A load explosion behined him told him that if a grenade went off, they could all be dead.

He turned around in time to see Tank 4 be thrown five feet in the air, crushing its riders when it landed. He turned around and yelled at his squad on Tank 3, "No one throw a grenade!"

Too late. The clinking sound frag grenades made when they hit hard ground told him that he was about to die. The explosion set off every plasma grenade around the doomed riders. Hundreds of explosions sent Smith's squad to their graves.

But on of them was lucky. Smith woke up on a low ledge of a nearby building. He looked around, then tried to stand. As he got on his knees he grabbed something. A blue smoke apeared in front of his eyes. Then he realized what it was. It was a plasma grenade!

He didn't even have time to scream as the blue-white explosion took his life.

Now only Tank 2 remained...

* * * *
"Get out of here!" Corporal Jack O' Conner screamed in despiraton as he fired his MA5B on full auto. "I'll try to hold them off as long as I can!"

The civilians looked around, and began to run. Covenant force blocked their escape route and hosed them down with plasma fire. Jack turned around and fired at his new(and old) threat. He cut the Covenant on his flank down to size and ran to temporary protection. The Covenat advanced.

Jack fired at the advancing Covenantuntil his ammo counter read 00. He tossed the empty assault rifle away and ran down the street. He found a rocket launcher as he ran. It was fully loaded. Ten Banshees came from the sky in a strait line. Jack took careful aim, and fired! The rocket hit the first Banshee, causing a chain reaction! It was a lucky shot.

He continued running. A Covenant Wraith tank appeared from around the corner. Jack stopped in his tracks. He then crouched to one knee and fired the launcher. The launcher hit, but the Wraith shrugged off the hit. It turned in his direction, and launched a mortar bomb fifty feet straight up in the air.

"Let's blast that tank to hell!" Jack looked up. He knew that voice. It was Sergeant Anderson!

A Scorpion tank appeared from the intersection. Jack was safe now. But he forgot about the mortar bomb the Wraith just launched.

"A mortar bomb is coming right at us!"

The Marines scrambled off the tank, trying desperately to evacuate the area around the tank. But they could not deny the inevitable. The mortar bomb landed and flash fried the Marines.

"No!" Jack yelled. Covenant forces ran into the seemingly "safe" area like cockroches. Jack looked at the ground and saw the grnades. He was now determined t kill every Covenant soldier. No matter what the cost. And he would repay them in full.

To be continued...