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Earth's Destruction Chapter 1: The Invasion
Posted By: Sentinel<bertuccismith211@aol.com>
Date: 30 November 2003, 7:58 AM

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"Floor it!" yelled Corporal James McFarland as he fired the Warthog's LAAG. 50mm rounds flew into the dark sky at incoming Banshees. PFC Garret Reck screamed "Damn, damn, damn!" as the Banshees fired their plasma cannons at the two Marines trying to escape alive. Bullets were flying in every direction at the hundreds of Banshees that carpeted the sky.

This was Earth in its worst nightmare; invaded and nearly helplss, except for the things on the suface. McFarland didn't get why the Covenant didn't glass the planet from orbit instead of coming to where the Human forces waited. Glassing Earth was clearly a lot easier than invading. So why do it?

It had all started with a few U-shaped Covenant dropships, then escalated to hundreds of dropships and Banshees.

It was a miracle that they were still alive.

"Keep this thing moving!" McFarland yelled to his driver.

"I'm giving it all I can!" Reck replied ashe hit the accelerator harder. "I can'tgive it any more than this!"

McFarland shook his head. "Well give it more or we'll be fried!"

We're all doomed, McFarland thougt as he fired the LAAG at the incoming Banshees, destroying a few. They were now dropping like flies. It was insane that this many Covenant troops were attacking the two Marines and never scoring a direct hit.

Covenant Elites, Jackals, and Grunts were swarming out of the fog like ants. One Elite was stupid enough to run in front of the LRV and was sucked under the off-road tires.

"Do you think that hurt?" Reck asked the Corporal over the sound of battle.


A Bnshee had swooped in from behind and fired its fuel rod cannons at the all-terrain vehicle. Corporal McFarlad looked behind him and saw the plasma blast. He knew it wasn't going to miss. He had barely managed to scream, "Oh shit!" before the plasma bolt hit him ad flipped the LRV end over end.

Private Reck managed to climb out of the flipped Warthog and looked at McFarland's burning corpse. He looked away shaking. He grabbed his MA5B assault rifle and ran as fast as he could from the smoldering wreckage.

Everytime he saw a Covenant soldier(and he saw many)he would fre so many rounds into it so that it would be a puddle of shit soaking in the blood-stained grass. Grunts, Jackals, and Elites fell as the many assault rifle rounds tore them apart. He spared none. "Die you bastards!" he screamed in desperation.

It was all hell until a Banshee flew straight at him. It was now worse. The Banshee slowly grew larger. He aimed his MA5B and fired on automatc until the clip was expended. The Banshee was only three meters away.

"God, help me," Private Reck said as the Banshee filled his sight...

The Covenant had invaded and were attacking humans in a city. Marines were engaging Covenant soldiers and vice versa. This had to be the worst battle of their lives. Death rained around this city.

Sergeant Tom Anderson fired his MA5B at a gold-armored Elite yelling, "Oh, I didn't realize you wanted more!" It took almost a full clip to break its shielding. He fired te remaining rounds in his assault rifle at the unshielded Elite.

It dropped to the ground, dead. They were now coming in on Ghosts, in Wraith mortar tanks, and in the Banshees that filled the dark sky. This planet was now a living hell.

"Come' on Marines!" Sergeant Anderson yelled. "There are Scorpion tanks behind these buildings waiting to be used. If you want protection and firepower, then fallow me."

This was enough motivation to cause every Marine to run as fast as possible. No one wanted to be killed by the Covenant.

Unfortunately, this was not their lucky day. A Wraith tank had infultraited the area, and was hurtling mortar bombs at the Marine's position as they tried to flee. One Marine had a rocket launcher with him and was aiming at the tank when an energy bomb burned him to cinders. The rocket launcher discharged its 102mm round a second before the mortar bomb consumed the Marine. The rocket flew into the tank's firing turrent and blew the tank, and the Elite operating it, to hell.

The small band of Marines finally reached the Scorpion Tanks they were told of. Four were sitting there, unused. Two Marines climbed into each while the rest sat on the track pods. "To bad we have clean-up duty," a Marine said wearily. It was gonna be a long day.

To be continued...