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The Last Forerunner(before part 1): Toward Another Halo
Posted By: Sentinel<bertuccismith211@aol.com>
Date: 30 November 2003, 12:00 AM

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"-And that means that that a Covenant armada is approaching an area in space that recent scans have showed-" Admiral Stanforth paused for a moment."That another of these 'Halo worlds' are in this area."

A hand sprang from the crowd of people in the auditorium then fell."What is Halo?"

Lots of murmuring filled the room, many strange voices could be heard. Voices that said,"You mean you haven't heard of Halo", "What the hell are you talking about", and "Who are you?"
Admiral Stanforth spoke again."In case of those who haven't heard...Halo is an artificial world that has unimaginable power. It has enough power to wipe out everything in the galaxy; humans, Covenant, and just about everything else."

"How do you know about Halo?"

Admiral Stanforth hit a switch and turned on a projection of Halo. "We learned about this from the data that the Master Chief and the AI Cortana brought had with them when they were found." He then flicked another switch to show a picture of a "human" Flood combat form. "This is a Flood, notice how it resembles a human. That's because this creature was once a human." He then flicked another switch, and another picture of Flood appear. "The tall creature was once a Covenant Elite," he pointed to a carrier form. "And this was either a Jackal or Grunt." Another switch, another Flood shot. This one showed a small, circular thing with tentacles. "This is what they call an "infection" form. These are the things that turn something into a Flood. Only Hunters seem to not be able to be infcted."

The projection turned off. "Any questions?"

Nothing happened for the next five seconds. "Thank you." Admiral Stanforth stepped off the podium.

* * * *
The Laviathan sped through slipspace, heading toward another of the "who knows how many" Halo worlds. The bridge was a very quiet place. The only place in the entire crusier that had noise was the cryo bay...

"We're approaching the system with Halo. Hurry up and unfreeze him!" Cryo Tech Officer James Caraway shouted to the Junior Officer stationed in the observation theater.

"Yes sir," Kyle Polar said. He hit a controls, and steam started to come from the cryotube. "The ice is melting, he's hot." The Cryotube started to open, with steam billowing out.

* * * *
The Master Chief looked around. He could see strange things in the area around him, and they started to form into humans. The Chief had been put into the cryotube with his armor on. This had been done before, and no one seems to care. The disorientation had passed, and he reviewed his mission: 1. Locate the ring's control center, 2. Place a twenty tousand megaton nuke, 3. Get the hell out of there and send the signal to detonate it while in the Laviathan.

Things had become clear to the Master Chief. He stepped out of the cryotube and standing, looking down on the cryo tech standing near him. "Thanks," the Master Chief said.
"Your welcome."

Then the normal out-of-armor cryotube tests began, and ended. He then exited out of the cryo bay and walked down the corrider to the Marine's weapons locker.

The room was stuffed with every kind of human weapon;MA5B assault rifles, frag grenades, M6D pistols, ect. The Chief picked up a shotgun and MA5B, four fragmentation grenades, ten ammo clips for the assault rifle, and sixty extra shotgun shells.

Sergeant Rick Johnson walked up to him,"You ready Chief?"

"Yes." He slung the rifle up against his shoulder.

He fallowed the sergeant to the drop bay. The pelicans were stored in rows along the outer wall. The Marines were checking the equipment. There was about fifty of them, and only three pelicans available.

"Marines!" The Marines snapped to attention. "Now, we're ging down onto a Halo world hoping to these sons of bitches that the human race is the only thing they cannot destroy. We're going down there to destroy another thing that they thought was invincable. But they're wrong, very wrong."

He glanced at the Master Chief. "And we have to support the Master Chief. For he is our only help with this mission.

"This may be suicide. It could be. And now my little speech is over."

Sergeant Johnson stepped away from the Marines and the Master Chief. "Go back to what you were doing."

* * * *
"Get on the pelican, soldier!" Sergeant Johnson barked into a Marine's ears.

"Yes sir."

It had been two and a half hours since Johnson's little speech, and they were now being loaded onto the three pelicans. They had exited slipspace into this Halo system. Now had come the moment everyone was waiting for, to blow up Halo. Scans had shown that this was the oldest Halo(there was sensors in every star system). No Covenant ships were in-system(very surprising, isn't it?).

The pelicans left the Laviathan, and headed toward Halo. The Master Chief looked around at the grim faces in the pelican. He knew that most of these Marines didn't want to be here. Most of these Marines might die in this mission. And some always will.

The pelicans soared into the atmosphere. Covenant troops could be seen as the hatch opened, showing them the landscape. A Wraith hurled mortor bombs at the pelican behined the one with the Master Chief. After five consecutive hits, the dropship exploded!

Thank god that I wasn't in that one, the Master Chief thought. No way was that gonna be him. The Wraith then targeted the pelican that was behind the destroyed dropship. It was destroyed when the pelican landed.

"Let's go Marines!" Sergeant Johnson yelled. The Master Chief filed out with the Marines. The Wraith began to throw morter bombs at their position. "Someone take that out!"

Five rockets, from rocket launchers of course, flew toward the morter tank. It tied to dodge, but was too late. The Wraith blew up in a firery embrace(along with five Covenant soldiers).

The Master Chief looked down and sighed. This was gonna be a long day.

To be continued...