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The Battle for Halo:The Takers
Posted By: Sentinel<bertuccismith211@aol.com>
Date: 28 November 2003, 10:28 PM

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The Master Chief looked around the room at the other three thousand Marines in the canyon.He stood alert at the front row. He knew what was about to happen,what the risks were. The battle that would be fought was going to be the toughest,and most important for the Human race.The Marines were standing in a wide canyon on one of the Halo worlds.The thing they were guarding was the ring-world's control center.

A strange type of race similar to both the Covenant,and the Flood,were heading toward the center.And they were bringing the Index.It had appeared that this race knew what the Halo worlds do,and planned to use it against everything, including themselves.They were a type of parasite,but were intelligent.They used other weapons that they could find,but could strategize attacks on their enemies.

They were nicknamed the "Takers" due to how they seemed to take things away from other races,and turn them into one.They used things that resembled the Flood infection forms,but were much smaller.The things that really attacked were the mutated Humans,Covenant,and Flood forms.Instead of the way the Flood mutated its host(which would be considered "dirty")the Takers mutated their food very clean.The host,Humans,Covenant,ect.,would be mutated into "exactly" what the Takers were supposed to look like. Even the Covenant Grunts grew to ten feet tall(the Takers all looked the same).If you put a mutated Grunt,Human,and Flood combat form,you wouldn't be able to tell which is which.

The Master Cheif brought his MA9B super-plasma assault rifle to his waist.At least I don't have to switch out magazines,the Master Chief thought.The new type of assault rifle carried plasma batteries that had an enormous amount of power in them.It would take days of consecutive firing to deplete even a bit of battery power.

"Alright Marines!" The voice had slightly startled the Chief as he snapped to attention.General Michael Anders stood before the group."We have the enemy charging at us.I know that most of us don't have much time left,and given the circumstances,probably none of us. But we need to show these bastards what that they had picked the worst enemy they could find.I know that we must not fail.And don't forget-"he then yelled in a sharp strong tone."You are the best of the best!Am I right Marines?"

"Sir yes sir!"The Marines yelled in unison.The sound could be heard for kilometers across the canyon.
General Anders walked off the battle field."Goodbye,"he whisperd as he climbed aboard the pelican.He looked down through the closing hatch and saw those Marines for the last time...

The Master Chief saw the shades and the LAAG guns torn off the Warthogs set at the top of the canyon.Those would help.A dust cloud formed roughly two kilometers away."Here the bastards come!"

The first Taker form had emerged from the dust when the Marines spread out and brought their assault rifles to shoulder level.The Marines with rocket launchers were kneeling down on a rocky,flat-topped hill.The snipers were on the top of the canyon walls,waiting for the Takers to get into range. The Marines had managed to steal five Wraith morter tanks.

After ten slow-moving minutes the dust cloud dropped and showed the Marines how big their opposition was."Oh my God,"whispered the Marine standing next to the Master Chief.

Gunshots from the snipers could be heard throughout the canyon.The snipers killed two hundred in five minutes,but the Takers kept coming.Then the rocket launchers fired. Fifty rounds at one time hit the enemy's front lines and blew five hundred to hell.Then another salvo hit,as did another,and another.Each salvo had the same results.

That was when the Takers got into range of the Marines with assault rifles and the ones opperating the stationary LAAGs and shades opened fire.Hell had broken loose as the enemy went down in hundreds at a time.

One paricular Taker managed to dodge every sniper round, rocket,LAAG round,and plasma.It ran up to the Marine next to the Master Chief.The Marine hadn't had time to fire his assault rifle when the strange creature caved in his skull."You bastard!"The Marine that stood next to the dead Marine yelled in rage and furry.He fired his weapon once and the Taker melted."Serves you right bastard!"

The Wraiths had finally moved into action,and were hurlng bombs everwhere.The Master Chief reached down and grabbed the dead Marine's assault rifle."Two guns,double the death toll."He said as he held both guns like pistols.He fired simutainiously.

Hours of fighting had passed before the enemy force was much smaller. The Takers were now using plasma weapons and needlers."I'll be right back."He said to his row of Marines,which had two Marines remaining out of two hundred.

"Roger that Chief,"said the closest Marine.The Master Chief had been carrying a two thousand megaton nuke with him the whole battle.He rushed into the control center,the sounds of battle and the screams getting louder. He placed the nuke on the area under the holographic control pannel.

A "waiting for activation signal" appeared in his HUD.He rushed back outside. The starting three-thousand Marines had been whitled down to a mere thirty.

He activated the comm. channel to the pelicans waiting to pick up the Marines."Master Chief to Pelican One.Do you copy?Over."

"This is Pelican one to Master Chief.Are you ready for pickup?Over."

"Yes Pelican One.Send two dropships to my position.Over and out."

The Marines left were the ones that were gaurding the hatch. The Chief joined them.Nothing was left to do but get the hell out of there.A Marine threw a frag grenade when two pelican dropships landed at ground level.

"Hurry up and get inside!"The Master Chief yelled to the remaining soldiers.They quickly climbed aboard and took their seats.The pelicans took off when the last Marine climbed aboared.

Ten mnutes later,and they were up out of Halo's atmosphere. The Master Chief decided that they were a good distance away,and triggered the nuke!Either way,the Marines had both won,and lost this battle...