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The Last Forerunner Part 1:The Battle of Halo
Posted By: Sentinel<bertuccismith211@aol.com>
Date: 28 November 2003, 8:37 AM

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The Marines had spent the last two hours fightng the Covenant non-stop,and never stopping to rest.Their only help was SPARTAN-117,the Master Chief.

"I hope that's the last of them."Said Sergeant Rick Johnson as he spat on the corpse of an Elite. "I seriously doubt it,"remarked Private Smith.

"Shut yo' mouth boy!" yelled the sergeant. The Chief looked around,ignoring the bickering,exhasted soldiers.He was on Halo,Instillation 01;the original Halo.He could tell that they were going to have one helluva time on this ring.

"Enemy dropship sighted!" The Master Chief immediatly stood up,his tiredness forgotten."Let's get 'em Marines!"he yelled as charged into the open space where the dropship had landed.A Marine with a rocket launcher reached the spot before the Chief and the others,and steadied the launcher on his shoulder,aimed,and fired at the U-shaped dropship as it was unloading its troops. Every Elite,Grunt,and Jackal inside the dropship was blown into oblivion.The Covenant that had jumped out was a different story altogether.A Jackal that had escaped the explosion had hid behind a rock,over-charged hisplasma pistol,and lept out of cover to fire at the Marine with the launcher.

The Marine saw the Jackal and fired the second rocket,but the Jackal had also fired.The plasma and the rocket passed each other by mere millimeters.Both shots flew straight and true.The plasma hit the Marine in the face,melting the skin and killing him,but the rocket had a much bigger effect.The 102mm projectile hit the Jackal at the feet and blew it,and the rest of the Covenant troops,into oblivion.

The Master Chief had finally reached the area and saw the Marine's body.He knelt on one knee and took the leatherneck's dog tags.He looked around and saw the bodies.He didn't die in vain,the Chief thought.He turned around.SPARTAN-117 looked directly at the sergeant."We need to get to the control center ASAP."

"Roger that,"the sergeant replied,then yelled to his Marines."We've got to move now or we're all dead.You got me Marines!" Then came the half-weary reply."Sir yes sir!"

The Master Chief took point and ran ahead.He had to slow himself down considerably to let the Marines catch up.The Covenant had probably givin up,because the Covenant had been leaving them alone.He couldn't have been more wrong.

After an hour of running they had made it to the valley that held the control center.

"Oh my God."said a Marine in shock as he looked into the grass-filled,Covenant-filled valley.The swarm consisted of a few hundred Elites,thousands of Grunts and Jackals,and tens of Hunters.This was clearly an army.

Some were rushing into an open hatch while the rest where firing at an open crcle area.

"Let me see your sniper rifle,"the Master Chief said to a Marine next to him."Sure,"the Marine replied,handing the Chief his sniper rifle.Th Spartan set the rifle to 10x magnification.He focused on the group in the cicular break of the swarm of Covenant. Ten human-shaped things in chrome-colored armor weilding gold-colored plasma rifles were figting with amazing skill. They were about as tall as Elites, and wore nearly the same type of armor.The skill they fought with could not be matched.The Master Chief aimed at one of the things head,an pulled the trigger.

The bullet flew straight into the creature's head.There was a strange moment before its head exploded!So,these things can be killed by a sniper rifle,he thought.The Master Chief then began picking off the Hunters and Elites,one by one every few seconds.The rest of the Marines with sniper rifles joined him.It was a massive melee with plasma firing in every direction,and sniper fire from the valley hills.Eventually the Covenant started falling in tens at a time.

Then one Marine too eager to kill something,knelt down on one knee and fired his rocket launcher.The rocket hit an Elite and killed five others beside it."You idiot!"Sergeant Johnson yelled as he killed another Hunter.The careless Marine looked at his superior officer in disbelief.He realized what Sarge had ment when a fuel rod gun blast took his life.

The Master Chief watched the plasma rocket toward them,and knew the element of surprise was gone for good,this time anyway.He stood up and yelled."Fire at will!"

Every Marine with a rocket launcher fired simultaniously on the Covenant,and blastin' them to hell!.The Chief gave the sniper rifle back to the Marine that he barrowed it from.Then ran to grab a launcher.He picked up the nearest one and hoped that it was loaded.It was.He aimed the the rocket tube toward an army of Grunts and fired!The rocket hit a Grunt and sent twenty others with it!The blast must have triggered a hundred plasma gernades and blew about a thousand extra Grunts with it.

The Covenant had been clearly broken down to a more managable size. A Marine fired the last rocket in his launcher a blew about a hundred more Covenant "downstairs".This battle was over.
To be continued..