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Posted By: §FF§Echo<Gryffin63091@aol.com>
Date: 6 December 2003, 4:43 AM

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The Chief was walking through a city, high skyscrapers, electric powered cars speeding past him, screaming civilians screaming, stepping over eac other to get to a train. They were running...From what? He started walking faster. His body felt lighter, somehow. He looked at his own torso. His MOJOLNIR armor was gone, replaced by a blood red pair of shorts and shirt.
The screaming stopped. He stopped. Everything stopped for a moment. Then...There was a ringing in his ears, and then a vaccum filled the city. He looked into the sky and saw what had started the comotion. A giant Covenant Cruiser filled the horizon. Places in its hull were opening, filling up with red lights.
He had enough time to identify what was about to happen when the plasma bombardements were launched towards the city, glassing it. He stood his ground though. He was protected...By what? His body started to float, rising towards the moon. His head started to hurt and he doubled over in the sky. Everything was cold now, he thaught he had been infected by the Flood or something like that, but couldn't think anymore because of...Something? He didn't know. Now he knew. Something happened. something bad.
As he tried to remember, everything started to swirl, and he woke up.

He was somewhere, somewhere...Big. At first he thaught he was in the Pillar of Autumn, but quickly remembered of how he blew it up to destroy Halo.
Now he knew. He was in the New Grounds, the ship he was on earlier. How'd he get there? What happened? His questions were answered as a voice piped up from the back of the room he was in.
"Oh! Your awake, finally!"
He looked around and saw Cortana gliding towards him along a line of long holopanels.
"What happened to me?"he asked her as she came to a stop a foot away from him. "Why am I here?"
Cortana frowned, and took three "steps" back. "I think you better see for yourself." She said, gesturing to a circular veiw screen to her left.
John stood up and walked slowly towards the window.
He paused for a moment a foot from the screen, then glanced out. He almost let out a gasp. There was about 500 UNSC ships drifting orbiting around Earth, all of which were destroyed. Then there was the Covenant. 300 of their ships, red lights glowing on their hulls.
The ships stalled for a breif moment, then there was a thundering roar. 600 plasma bombardaments were launched to Earth, scattering clouds as they fell.
The Chief wanted to go down their. He wanted to stop the gouts of plasma erupting from the Covenant ship's hulls. But knew he couldn't.
He sat in awe as each bombardament hit, glassing every bit of water, forest, and peice of land it touched in a 100 mile radius. He could just picture billions of humans that were left, being vanished in an instant, reduced own to a pile of glassed ash.
He closed his eyes in failure. For years him and the other SPARTANS and marines of the UNSC had faught the Covenant in order to protect Earth, and in an instant, it was gone.
He turned to Cortana, "How long was I unconsious? Tell me what happened here. Tell me everything."
Numbers and data scrolled down her body as she preped for her reply. "Ok...When we went to destroy that Covenant destroyer in Nevada, you were nearly killed by a Black Ops Elite, jousting an energy sword...That was a year ago." She paused, and looked away, as though she felt his pain, then, "All these Covenant ships came down. Seven-hundred to be exact. All our five-hundred cruisers and fifty orbital guns took out only five-hundred, before they were free floating molucules. We were told to protect yo, to keep you out of harms way. We weren't alowed to fight. We had to watch as all the remaining humans were murdered."
The MasterChief was blank for a minute, before asking, "But why? What do they need me for? All the humans are dead now. What use would I be?"
"I don't know, exactly. All I know is what the Admiral told me. If you want to know your next, and probably final mission, then go to the bridge. You will be informed."
"Right." he said. And with one last look out the window, at the Earth that was now gone, he left for the bridge.
He made it to the doorway when Cortana said, "Goodbye, and be careful."
John gave a trembling salute goodbye, and made his way to the bridge. He was half scared/ half angry, but no matter what, he wanted it revenge...