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Posted By: §FF§Echo<gryffin63091@aol.com>
Date: 29 November 2003, 12:09 AM

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Sector5-Fight or Flight

Six Pelicans roared to life and forty-three marines plus one Spartan got into a Pelican. They started to rise (some bellowed smoke from their hover-pads) and smoothly started to glide over the sandy plains, rocky plateus, and smooth mesas. They had been flying for at least a mile when an emergency alarm went off in the cockpit of the Pellican.
"Cheif," said their pilot, Anna Maybe, in a panicy voice,"we're under attack by six grunts, six Jackals, one Elite, and one, no, make that two Hunters."
"Where are they?" the Master Cheif asked, raising his assault rifle at the same time.
"They are on the small mesa just left to us. Orders?"
The Master Cheif thaught for three seconds before saying,"land us. All we need is an extra Pelican of troops and we'll be ready."
"Yes sir! Contacting Vector 349 right now. We're going in!"
As the Pelican started to lose altitude, it was shaken by multiple fuel blasts from the Hunters' fuel rod guns. The two Pelicans stopped and the marines and the 16 marines and one SPARTAN hopped out, all wanting to kick some Covie @$$.
Two marine went down instantly after being hit by a barrage of plasma fire. The MasterCheif surveyed his enemies and found a startiling discovery. There was one Elite there, black armored and armed with two fuel rod guns. He could barely make out the difference between two Elites, but this time it was diffirent.
The black armored Elite that was standing just five feet away from him, WAS the same one that he had KILLED in London at the UNSC HQ. How he was still alive was uncertain, but he knew he had to die. He quickly used his common since two aim his firs couple or rounds at the Elites fuel rod guns. He opened fire, and the first gun started two smoke.
The Elite noticed this, and tossed it away right before it exploded into a hundered little peices, leaving a large hole in the ground. H aimed his second gun and fired twice at the MasterCheif.
He rolled, dodgeing the first shot, but getting hit square in the pelvis by the next one. His sheilds took most of the blow, leaving four bars of health left when he got back up. He raised his assault rifle level with the next gun and fired four rounds.
The rounds tore into the gun, once again making it smoke. But he had caught the Elite off gaurd this time. He tried to dispose of the fuel rod gun before it exploded, but it was too late. It exploded with a bang, brutaly blowing off the Elite's right arm. The Elite let out a howl, but didn't stop.
He raised his left arm and produced an energy sword, strong enough to kill a Brute. the cheif pulled out his sidearm and fired at the Elite's head.The Elite raised his left arm level with his head, and let his triceps take the blow. The Elite pointed the sword at the Cheifs chest and charged.
John started to run, but knew he wouldn't escape alive.

'Andersonee's energy sword impacted with the cyborg's chest, cutting through every layer of armor, skin, bone, and out the back.
He heard the humans spinal cord snap, and knew it was over. He had completed his mission. The one responsible for thousands upon thousands of Covenant casualties had just been neutralized. His job was done.
He retracted the beam of light from his chest, and flicked it off. The cyborg stood for a moment before falling to the ground, blood oozing from his chest.
'Andersonee was about to gesture for all of his comrades to get back to the dropships when he noticed something that was very, very wrong.
Every one of his fellow soldiers were on the ground...dead! He had just whitnessed the last Hunter fall to the ground when the other humans finally noticed him. He had enough time to say the 'Prophets Prayer' before he was blasted backwards by a hundred bullets, tumbling down and down of the thirty foot mesa.

The other four Pelicans glided over head just as the other marines loaded the MasterCheif into their Pelican.
"SilverHawk to Vector349 and 348. We planteed three nuclear bombs inside of the destroyer. We have to get outta here right now!"
"Ok! Everyone get in! we have got-"Anna checked with SilverHawk,"four minutes to get out of here! C'mon!"
She didn't wait a second longer. The last three marines carrying the MasterCheif hopped aboard just as the Pelican lifted off the ground, and with full force, accelerated towards the North. They cleared a full twenty miles when the three bombs went off, clearly visible in the sunny day.
The marines checked the masterCheif. He was shaking uncontrolably, and was very cold.
"He's goin' into shock," one of the marines yelled.
John managed to open one of his eyes with extreme difficulty. the marines were crouching over him, all wide eyed and pale. That was the last thing he saw before he lost track of his mind, and slipped into a coma.