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Posted By: §FF§Echo<gryffin63091@aol.com>
Date: 17 November 2003, 10:24 PM

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Sector 4-Area 51

Two longsword fighters lifted off the runway as a salvo of plasma missles hit the plateus and mesas surrounding the dry lake bed/militery base called "Area 51". Ever since the battle at Tampa had started, the Covenant had started attacking all top notch military bases they could find, in hopes of destroying any morale the marines might have. The Covenant's plan had worked. More effective than they thaught it would. Just three days before, the UNSC ship that the President of the USA had been on was attacked by two Covenant frigates. The ship never really had a chance, since the two ships just appeared right out of Slipstream and started attacking. The president was killed, and the marines were awestruck.
But, since the victory at the Lost Souls Reef, their morale had skyrocketed, and the marines were back to their normal, badass standards.But since the president was killed, Vice Admiral Jason Hunt was put in charge of the military and Area 51.
"Biggs, I thaught I told you to send out those scorpions!" Admiral Hunt barked into his radio at Commander Biggs of the heavy artillary section of the base.
"Sorry, admiral, but we were just ambushed by another wave of banshees. I'm sending the tanks out as we speak. Those wraiths wont know what hit 'em! Commander Biggs, over and out."
Admiral Hunt turned off the radio and closed his eyes. Twelve Covenant tanks, named wraiths, at started attacking the Titanium-B walls surrounding the base. A couple of blasts from a charged plasma pistol wouldn't burn through it, but a dozen giant plasma balls being hurtled at the wall at once could be devastating.
The admiral had been awake for two days straight, and was just falling into a deep sleep(despite the constant sound of plama rifles and sniper rifles firing at each other) when he heard something. It was like an ear splitting roar, followed by a bang and crash! The admiral ran out of the underground bunker he was staying in an looked at the carnage made by the tanks.
The MBT scorpions had destroyed seven of the twelve wraiths, and the remaining Covenant tanks had burned down the security wall. The admiral swore as five wraiths filed into the base, launcing fire-balls as they came.
"NO!" he yelled, just as a plasma ball was hurled at the bunker. He tried to move, but he was too scared. he tried to fire, but his hands hands wouldn't move. He tried to scream, but his lungs wouldn't let him.

The Master Cheif made his way into the bridge of the NewGrounds, where Captain Lance Gryffin was standing in front of the tactical data display.
"Captain." Cortana told him from the AI pedistal beside the display.
The captain turned away from the screen an gestured at the Master Cheif. "Hello John, thanks for coming on such short notice. Twenty minutes ago we intercepted a distress call from Area 51 to the UNSC marines' mountain base in West Virginia. The call was clear." he stepped out of the way of the screen so the cheif could see three large, bold letters. "SOS.
You know what's needed Master Cheif take Cortana with you to docking bay two. There will be one pelican there with six other marines. Be careful." He powered down the pedistal ad handed the AI chip to the Master Cheif.
He accepted the chip and inserted it into the slots in his helmet."Don't worry. I will." He exited the bridge at top speed. He didn't stop until he was on the pelican, surrounded by six true-blue marines.

The maines looked up into the sky to see one pelican hovering about twenty feet above the dry lake floor, and started descending into the battle ground.
The pelicn landed and seven soldiers stepped out onto the ground. There was three snipers. two demo specialists, one regular ground assault marine, and a large soldier that looked like he came straight from Greek mythology. It was a Spartan! She had heard so much about the Master Cheif's heroic acts, but never thaught she'd ever see one.
The marine lay on the dusty ground, blood was oozing from her mouth, and she had three plasma burns to her side. Marines started surrounding the Spartan, keeping a tigh grip on their weapons.
The Master Cheif lowered his hand to the marine on the ground. She curled into a ball and shook her head, saying "No, not yet. Don't take me now! Let me die in battle."
John pulled back his hand and spoke,"Fear not; I am the first, and I am the last. I am a Spartan. Take my hand." He stuck out his hand again, and this time she took it, and pulled up.
The Master Cheif examined the remaining marines. Forty out of hundreds were still alive. "Who's in charge here?" he asked one marine holding a rocket launcher.
"Well," he said,"I don't know. It was Vice Admiral Hunt, but he was killed by a wraith just a couple hours ago." The marine stopped there, and bowed his head.
The Master Cheif looked at all of the burnt walls, and the dead bodies of humans and Covenant alike sprawld on the ground. "What did this?" he asked the same marine with the rocket launcher.
"A downed Covenant destroyer," he told him, pointing down south, "It used its plasma missles to melt most of the walls to let a ton of Covenant in."
"Ok," John directed to all of the marines,"all of you get into the pelican. If it's full, find another one and get a pilot. We're going to fight that ship."
All the marines saluted and got into a pelican. They were already to save some lives, or loose their own trying.