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Appocalypse-Sector 3
Posted By: §FF§Echo<gryffin63091@aol.com>
Date: 9 November 2003, 3:19 AM

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Sector 3-"Lost Souls Reaf"

Since the time they took off to the time they made it to the reaf, the marines and the Cheif had faught six fights. One with twelve Grunts and a squad of Jackals. The second against six Elites. The third against three Elites and three Jackals. And the last three against two Hunters each.
When the ship arrived at the reaf six of the fifteen marines had been killed.
"Ok," Cortana told the surviving humans, "we need to make our way down to the docking bay and hopefully steal a shadow without loosing anymore survivors."
They made their way through the halls until they made it to the top level of the bay, where they met two Hunters. They were able two slaughter the Hunters(who had their backs turned to the door) without any casualties. Three of the nine marines were armed with sniper rifles, which stayed on the top level of the bay to watch the rest of the marines and the Spartan.
The rest of the group made their way down ramps and halls, fighting small groups of Grunts and Jackals along the way. They made their way through the last door and into the vehicular part of the bay. Right when they went through the door multiple firefights broke out, but the humans won shortly afterwards, all thanks to the snipers on the top level.
"Ok, get the shadow and pick up the snipers." Cortana said, but as soon as the words left her mouth both hatches on the top level were knocked down, reveiling a Brute each in both doorways.
The snipers killed the Brutes(only after getting hit by a fireball from the Brutes' Ginsu 9000.) The shadow hovered to where the snipers were, picked them up, and flew the craft out the hatches of the ship.

The humans were able to escape via a shadow, and land it safely in one of the three superstrong Halycon calss ships without getting hurt. The two lower rankeing ships and the higher ranking ships, the Newgrounds, was now able to do what they wanted, and fire what they needed to destroy the Covenant ships without putting any civillians at risk. Now being able to use their powerful MAC guns the cruisers and destroyers were dwindling at an exponential rate until there was only three left.
The humans and Covenant had taken the fight down to the ocean onto the reaf of destroyed ships, where a furious battle raged and raged, both sides killing without mercy.

A demo soldier by the name of Pierre' Defacto made his way in a warthog down a class seven corridor to the shuttle bay where the pelicans were kept.
"Already?" asked the pelican pilot Len Farly.
"Of course." Pierre' lied. He was actually scared to kill himself, which was his job, to kill himself.
He climbed into the pelican and settled himself in. He made sure the bombs attached to his chest plate and back were secure before relaxing. The pelican, Vector 167, took off from the ship and made its way to the first enemy ship. The only way it made it there though was thanks to the longswords protecting them from fire from the Seraph fighters.
"Ok. We're here. Hit it!"
Pierre' jumped out of the pelican and into the Covenant shuttle bay, getting fired upon as he made his way to the parked wraith tanks. Pierre' was a tough, bulky man, and was able to carry two rocket launchers at a time. He wiped out all forces in the area in twenty seconds, and proceeded with the plan. Ha tossed the spent launchers and attached three of the high powered bombs to the wraiths.
"Ok. Done. I need evac. now." Pierre' told Len in his mic.
"Got it, be there in five." she said and switched off the mic.
Pierre'readied himself for another fight by picking up a plasma rifle, but as soon as he picked it up it was blown free of his hands. "A sniper!" Pierre' yelled, but was run short of breath as the enemie's sniper rifle shot him in the chest, sending him hurling out the shuttle bay, and into the raging sea below.

Pierre' opened his eyes with extreme difficulty, but closed them after seeing what he saw. He had been swept out of the raging waters and onto the remains of destroyed ships. He was bleeding from head to toe, and had a metal stake in his knee. He remembered his mission and dug his hand into his pocket. He found the detonater and pulled the trigger. In the Covenant ship about two-hundred feet above his head, a series of explosions went off in the docking bays, destabilizing the ship, sending it crashing.
Pierre' layed on the ground for about a minute before a dropship of Elites came to investigate the area around the crash. They spotted the lone human on the debris and landed the craft.
Four Elites came out and checked the humans pulse.
"Hardly a pulse," a blue armored Elite said,"we can't take him hostage, he's about to die. Kill him."
One of the Elites had just raised his rifle when Pierre' croaked out," No I am very valuable to the UNSC! Keep me alive and I can give you information about..our defensive plans! Let me live!"
The answer from the blue armored Elite came straight away,"'Ikaporamee, give him some water and load him onto the dropship, on the double!"
"Yes, sir!" the blue armored Elite, 'Ikaporamee exclaimed, feeding the human water and then led him to the ship.
Pierre' let out a sigh of releif. His trick had worked.

About an hour later, Pierre' was dropped off on what the named the Alpha Ship. From what he heard, this ship powered the energy source for the over sheilds of the ships at Lost Soul's Reaf. This was going to be good. He was walking for five minutes, gaurded by three black armored Elites, until he reached the so called bridge of the ship.
"Let us get right down the buisness," the gold armored Ship Master said,"tell me everything. Everything!"
"Well," Pierre' said," I will on one condition."
"And whats that?" the Ship Master asked, annoyed.
"First, you tell me everything. Thats the only way I'll tell you what you need to know."
"FINE!" the ship master roared, "I'll tell you our defense plans, but thats all!"
Pierre' rubbed the side of his helmet against his shoulder, "Sorry, had an itch." That was what Pierre' said, but that's not what happened. What he did was rubed the side of his helmet on his shoulder, not to itch it, but he flipped the power switch on his helmet which turned on the recorder attached to it.
"Fine, now lets begin..." The talk went on for an hour, and communications crewman aboard the Newgrounds were listening to every word of it.

"We've got it." communications crewman Clark Hunt said jaw droppingly."We've actually got it! We've got the Covenant battle plans!"
"I know! I know...but then...PIERRE'! He's going through with the plan!" another crewman said."He's doing it! I can't beleive it!No..."

"Now you know our plan war tactics," the Ship Master said. "Now tell us yours!"
"Thanks," Pierre' said,"but i'm not telling you. you shouldn't know! You just betrayed your allies! You gave us your plans! You don't deserve these plans. You deserve to die!" and with that said he pulled the detonater out of his pocket and pulled the trigger.

Thirteen bombs all strapped to Pierre's chest went off in the bridge, and the ship fell in a hellish fire.
The thirty some other ships all lost their over sheilds simultaniously, and were taken out by about forty Archer missles. The battle was over, and all the ships left the reaf.