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Appocalypse-Sector 2
Posted By: §FF§Echo<gryffin63091@aol.com>
Date: 22 October 2003, 6:08 PM

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The Master Cheif was in a tight spot. He was being attacked by fifty elites, all having plasma pistols, and he didn't have a single gun, thinking that Gamma Base was going to supply weapons for him. He remembered the karate and jujitsu he once learned in the training camps on Reach, and put them to work. He flipped the first door laying ont he ground with his foot and used it as a sheild. He then kicked the second door on the ground so hard it flew straight through the crowd, killing five elites.
The Master Cheif rolled left into the hall, jumped up, and luckily ended up in front of a prised weapon cabinet. He cracked open the cabinet with his elbow, grabbed 2 SMG and some ammo, and loaded it just in time to see ten elites sprint through the door. He switched of the safety and smoked all of the elites before they could even open fire. He ran over to the dead bodies, switched one SMG for a plasma rifle, and picked up 4 plasma grnades. He rolled into the circular room and opened fire. Do to the seemingly endless barrage of plasma and bullet fire, the elites were cut down by twos, threes, and fours.
There was about ten more elies left. All red armored except for one. One in black armor, possibly the leader. Most likely the leader, actually. John-117 emptied the last of his ammunition into four elites, killing them.
The remaining elites advancen slowly, raising their rifles on the way. Their was a quick moment of panic in the Master Cheifs mind, when he remembered the four plasma grenades in the ammo holder around his waist. He pulled out one and ignited it. Sufficent to kill the last remaining six elites, or so he thaught. Bacause when he left the building, arguing with cortana on the way out over how she didn't know that was an elite talking to her in the inn, one last elite, the black armored one, coughed up a pound of blood.

'Andersonee slowly raised his head, then his entire body. He surveyed his body. He had three bullet holes in his chest, about thirteen plasma burns in multiple spots on his body, and an layer of armor was burnt off his right side from the plasma grenade. He looked at all the dead elites sprawled dead on the ground, and not a single one got a shot off on the cyborg. He walked slowy out of the room, one leg shaking furiously, down the stairs, and out the door. He could see beyond the horizon, a single longsword fighter flying back the way it came.
'Andersonee connected a link with the covenant cruiser that was currently docked on the artificial moon orbiting Earth's surface. "'Feild Master 'Andersonee to Ship Master 'Oporkree, I need lift from battleground: London as quick as possible. All of my men are DIA and the super-human is still alive, heading bback to his previous station.
"I suggest a shadow come to pick me up on the double."
"Ship Master 'Oporkree speaking, a shadow is on its way to pick you up in 2 units. Over and out."

0100 hours, Tampa Bay, Florida-UNSC Marines INN

It was an hour later when the Master Cheif lande the logsword fighter back on the beach where it was parked just two hours before. Things in the city were hectic. When he arrived the UNSC Inn, the entire city was a warground. Buildings were on fire, people lay dead on the ground, and there were Seraph fighters fighting longsword fighters a hundred feet above the beach.
"Apparently the covenant wanted to catch and kill you by the time you got back on the count you killed so much of their warriors at Gamma Base," Cortana told him through his neural implants.
"A retalliation strike," the Cheif said, running in the Inn to grab some weapons, "Should have known."
He came back out two minutes later with a battle rifle and two SMGs as his sidearm. As he walked out the door he blasted away two jackals with three shots from the SMGs each, and killed a grunt with a blow from his elbow.
He ran abot 40 feet when he found a small, blue car parked in the middle of the street with plasma burns on the dead driver. He shoved out the corpse, started up the car, and floored it. He made it all the way up to the Admiral's Bridge 3 miles away when the bridge was struck by a plasma mislle and destroyed. The car was going way to fast to stop before it hit the edge, so he opened up the door and jumped. He hit the rod with a thump and rolled about 10 meters before stopping. The car however tumbled off the gap in the bridge and fell into the ocean below.
The Cheif straightened up to find about five covenant cruisers hovering right above his head, each fireing plasma missles from the bow of the ship. Not only that, but what looked like three human Halycon class A ships trying to fight of all the ships, but whenever they destroyed one, the gap was just filled by another ship.
"So, Cortana, have plan?" the Master Cheif asked, watching a Covenant destroyer fall to Earth. "Or do you even have one?"
"There is one," she said her voice quickly risisng. "But it may be a bit dangerous."
"What is it?" Master Cheif asked anxiously.
"The plan is to take control of a lead cruiser and lead the fight to another location...without getting blown up by our own ships," she said warningly.
"Where would we lead them?" The cheif asked curiously,"and how will we board one?"
"Easy," Cortana said obviously."Remember the transportation grid on Halo's surface that let us get into the Truth and Reconciliation?"
"Yes," the Cheif replied, he had a feeling he wasn't going to like this.
"Well, the UNSC has done the same for Earth. Modeled after the grid on Halo.Right now the grid is only linked to the western hemisphere, so i can only use it here."
"Fine, use it," The Cheif said, getting out his battle rifle.
There was a single blue sphere that engulfed his entire body, and sent his mind into nothingness. He was traveling for a long time until he finally landed inside the docking bay, and had the element of surprise on all of the enemies.
He was on the top level of the docking bay, and had a battle rifle in hand. He mounted the rifle on his knee, put on the 2x scope and locked target onto a gold armored elite in the middle of closing the bay hatches. The cheif steddied the rifle and pulled the trigger.
There was a cry of pain as the elites head was split in two, and every single Covenant in the room looked for the sniper. The Cheif had already dropped five more elites and a hunter before a wide eyed grunt spotted him. But before the Covenant could make it all the way up to the top level, the doors were barred with pipes and wires the Master Cheif had pulled out the walls of the ship, and made his way through the next door. He made his way through the corridors of the ship and found the door that led into the bridge.
He quickly pulled out his sidearms and went through the door. All the fifteen grunts, six elites, and two hunters were dead before he was noticed. The ship master looked at him for a split second, and his chest was ripped apart by a hundred bullets.
He made his way to the controls and let Cortana take control from there.
"Veiwing coordinates for this sector of the ship," Cortana said. "Bringing in reinforcements."
There was a series of blue spheres and flashes, and fifteen confused looking marines appeared all around the bridge.
"Don't worry," Cortana said to the marines."All you need to do is protect the bridge of this ship. No prisoners. Got it?"
"Mam, yes, mam!" all the marines replied.
There was a lurch in the Cheif's stomach as the cruiser gained speed and made its way forward.
"I'm leading the ships to a reef of destroyed Covenant and human ships in the Pacific," Cortana said, and from there the fight will continue.
The cheif reloaded his weapons and started piling dead bodies and debries against the doors leading into the bridge.
"There's about fifty cruisers and destroyers orbiting earth right now. They're getting ready for anothr invasin!" she exclaimed, her voice trembling.
"Well then we'll have to fight them. There's no stopping them," John said, setting down on the ramp leading to the controls. He heardmultiple plasma fire and pounding on the doors. The Covenant wanted through, and they wanted him dead. They REALLY wanted him dead.