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Appocalypse-Sector 1
Posted By: §FF§Echo<gryffin63091@aol.com>
Date: 20 October 2003, 10:59 PM

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Sector 1-The First Strike

0800 hours-Longsword Alpha, Around Mt. Everest, Granite Peak

There was a harsh, cold wind around the mountain peak as Longsword Alpha soared overhead. It was making its routine recon. search for straggling enemy Covenant from the previous invasion.
"Longsword Alpha to Gamma Base, Gamma Base do u read me? Over."
"I can barely hear you, Marcus, over this static," said a Gamma Base crewman Flint Cosa.
"Well try to hear this!" Marcus Ding shouted in his mic. "I just spotted a downed Seraph Fighter at the edge of the Halsey cliff. There might be survivors. I suggest a search and rescue team to check it out. Over."
"Ok. I'm sending the message to C-3 Omega mountain base right now. They say they'll have a team there in one hour. Over and out."
Marcus switched off his mic. and was just about to do a one-eighty back the way he came when something caught his eye. A sickish blue color suddenly erupted from near the nose of the Seraph and struck the longsword in its hull, doing quad-damge to it.
The longsword lurched, caught fire, and was sent crashing to Earth. And the last thing Marcus saw before he was burnt to a crisp, was ten Covenant Elites, dancing like maniacs at the fact there was one less human in the galaxy.

"Marcus? Marcus?!?" cried Flint as he lost signal of Longsword Alpha. "C-3 Omega mountain base come in! C-3 Omega mountain base come in! Over."
"Copy Gamma Base this is Omega mountain base C-3. Over."
"Yeah, I need another search and rescue team in the Halsey cliff area again. I just lost Longsword Alpha's signal. Over."
"No way! I just sent out a search and rescue tam. Thay were only out for five minutes when we lost their signal."
"I don't care! That was are best fighter! You've got to send out a S.A.R team now."
"I told you, i cannot send another team to look for them, over and out."
Flint swore over his PC, and wondered if Marcus was alright, but before he had time to come to a conclusion, there was a loud bang as fifty Covenant Elites pblasted awy the door to the communication bay and killed every last human.
As Flint layed in the battle torn room, he wondered what was going on, what happened to Marcus, where was Master Cheif?

"Good job men!" said the Grand Elite Ako 'Andersonee, as the fifty some elites surveyed the room for survivors. "We struck quick and hard, they didn't know what hit them!"
The elites cheered at their victory went to work finding out the identities of each human, taking their identities, and taking positions at the computer located around the circular room.
"Establish a link to the A.I Cortana. It should be in a place called Tampa Bay, Florida. And try to sound human for once!" 'Andersonee exclaimed to the red and blue armored elites, since he was black armored he ranked highest, a special-ops elite.
"We have communication," one elite said.
"Good," 'Andersonee said, "Set the trap."

"Master Cheif? Master cheif, wake up!" boomed the Cortanas voice from the A.I pedastal beside the bed that John-117 was sleeping on.
"What?!?" he said, annoyed since that was the first good sleep he'd gotten in years. He was staying at the UNSC marines inn at Tampa Bay, Florida.
"I just got message from Gamma Base in London. They said they had a freelancing job for you about the Covenant. They wouldn't say what though."
"Tell 'em i'll take it!" he said, half amused that there still was Covenant on Earth. It had been along time since he'd killed any.
"Well you better hurry before they give th job to to a mercenary," Cortana said half joking, half serious.
Master Cheif stepped into his MJOLNIR armor, buckled all its parts together, and stepped outside into warm, gentle breezes outside. He ran with astonishing speed to his longsword parked on the beach, got into the pilots seat, and buckled up. The longsword tilted as he hovered over the beach for a minute, then was out of site. Somewhere over the Atlantic.

"Master. They are coming!" said the elite who first established contact with the A.I.
"Good," 'Andersonee said. "Then the trap is set! Get ready. Iwant him dead the secon he walks through th door so I can collect my gold armor and hopefully you all can rank up to the level i'm at now. Black armore, special-ops."
Some of the red armored elites started laughed at the reamrk of them ever getting a higher rank from a prophet, but knew better. 'Andersonee could kill everyone of them in the room, plus he was a great leader.
"The'yre here!" one of the elites at a computer said.
"Great!" 'Andersonee said. "Get in position!"

Master Cheif flipped the hover switch on the longsword, hanged in midair for 5 seconds, then landed.
He exited through the hatch in it's back, and walked up to the door of the circular building. The building was an abandoned printing shop, and due to the wreckage of every other building in London from the thirteen missles that hit 1 year ago during the first attack, this was HQ. He apened the door and walked inside. The floors were littered with paper, and the walls and ceiling was scorched from fires.
He made his way up a winding staircase and onto a landing. Ever since he landed the longsword, he had an ominous feeling. And when he reached the landing the feeling was explained.
In the middle of the circular room was fifty some elites, which all opened fire with plasma rifles. Now, all of a sudden, he was in the fight for his life