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We all fall as one together
Posted By: Sean<Wegner1025@aol.com>
Date: 21 June 2004, 12:54 AM

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It was warm and hazy out. The sun was coming down and all the young man could hear were plasma weapons blazing. He looked around at his platoon. The 55 man platoon was down to 13. He stopped firing his assault rifle to look at the man behind him. The man's face was burning on blazing hot heat. He wouldn't stop screaming. It was driving him insane.

He took out his pistol and put one slug in the man's head. The slug entered the man's skull and passed out the other end with blood splattering and spraying. He then looked at his war torn squad to find out he was the only one left. He looked at Grunts barking with joy and Elites yelling. He took out the AR and started to pour rounds into anything that wasn't human. He started to laugh like a mad man. He was going crazy and he knew it. All the Elites, Grunts, and Jackals took aim but all missed their mark.

He felt the plasma fly by his head. He loved the sound and the look on the enemy face because he knew that they had missed. His AR went click click. He dropped the AR and quickly took out his pistol. He felt each slug go out. Blue blood was spraying everywhere. Then his pistol went click click.

He looked at every Elites face and then smiled. A Grunt shot out a plasma charge and it hit the Marine in the leg. He fell over and watched his own leg fly in the air. Some of his own guts and blood smacked down to his face. An Elite came over to him. The Elite looked at the human then slamed his boot down on the humans head and heard a squish noise.

As soon as the Elite was finshed with that a young wounded Marine put up his arm and fired 3 slugs. 2 slugs hit the Elite in his red chest then the other one entered his skull.
Every Covenant that was there opened fire and killed the young Marine instantly.

Grunts quickly went about and went to kill any Marines that were wounded. They found nothing and quickly took over the base the platoon failed to protect. The Covenant went inside the base to find even more Marines inside.

A old Sgt quickly fired his AR as soon as he saw some Covenant pass the corner. There were about 20 blood splattered soldiers fighting in the hallway with the Sgt.
Even in here it was hazy but all the Sgt could smell was blood from both races. He felt the rounds sometimes hit his boot then roll on the ground. But he had to keep this base and not let the Covenant take it.

He looked around to see the young men either get hit by the scorching plasma or bleed out to death because of their wounds. Then out of nowhere more Covenant came behind them and started to kill them off. The Sgt turned around to fire but was hit in the back by plasma fire. Then he got hit in the chest by plasma fire.

He fell to the ground still alive. He looked at all the young Marines trying to defend the base. As the last Marine fell the Covenant came and quickly killed the wounded. The old Sgt looked in the eyes of a Jackal. Before the Jackal shot his head off he muttered " Fuck you".

A little Grunt went in and out of every door but found no humans to kill. He then went to one door and opened it. He found a human but this human was larger and wore green armor. The Grunt tired to scream but the human took the Grunt and pulled off his mask.

The human then got up and picked up his AR. The human knew one thing that was opening to happen. He was going to take base away from the Covenant or die trying. The human ran down the hallway killing everything he saw. He picked up suppiles and guns as he ran to the highest point on the base. His armor was dented and nearly brunt at every piece.

He finally got to the highest point which held every Elite from the battle. The human pressed a few buttons from inside his armor and then shouted " See you all in hell alien scums". The armor then exploded and killed every Covenant in the base including himself.