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A Little Green Angel On Our Shoulders
Posted By: seagull123<kamikazied@yahoo.com>
Date: 18 September 2007, 4:08 am

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"Get your head down!" Staff Sergeant Connors yelled as he climbed over a sniveling Private and made his way to the mound of dirt some Marines were using as cover.
"I've been separated from my squad!" He yelled to a soldier giving covering fire as some troops ran towards the next point of cover they could find. The man that Sergeant Connors was talking to was handling a MA5B Assault Rifle and was trying to hit a group of Jackals that were picking off his troops with Beam Rifles.
"There's a unit taking cover under the bridge. The Californian 67th or something like that." Sergeant Connors smiled as he replied,
"That's the one." When he was about to turn the corner and run, he saw dirt fly up in front of him as a shot from one of the Jackal's beam rifle hit the ground.
"Get a sniper up here!" Sergeant Connors called and watched as a young man got to his feet and began running to the mound that they were currently up against, but a large pulsing green ball of plasma shot him down.
"Right flank!" Sergeant Connors screamed as he aimed his Battle Rifle at an approaching group of Grunts. He gently squeezed the trigger, taking time in his shots as he watched their heads pop and make a mess all over the floor. The Grunts were closing in fast, so Sergeant Connors jumped out from the cover and grabbed the SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle lying in the dirt next to the dead soldiers body. He got to his feet and aimed up at the group of Jackals sitting under a large mound of rocks. Sergeant Connors squeezed down on the trigger and hit the bottom rock, letting the larger rocks fall onto the Jackals. He quickly dropped the sniper and ran towards the next point of cover. The sniper was too heavy for him to lug around, so he decided to take his chances with just his Battle Rifle instead. He slammed up against the wall of what looked like an old building. There was four other soldiers with him against the wall, but none of them looked like they had been in combat before. One of them kept shaking and had to hold his helmet as it kept jumping up and down on his head as he twitched. Another one of them was pounding a dead soldier's chest screaming something about how it wasn't supposed to end like this. Tough luck, kid. The bridge was in sight, he could make it if he got some cover fire. He grabbed the soldier that was shaking and told him,
"I've seen a lot of people die and I've seen a lot of people live. The courageous live. Show me your courage." The boy was speechless as he shook his head quickly, his jaw still hanging.
"What's your name boy?" The soldier stared him in the eye and whimpered out,
"Jason." Sergeant Connors simply nodded his head and replied,
"My name is Bill. Bill Connors. Now listen to me. I want you to give me some covering fire while I get under that bridge. Think you can do that for me?" Jason stared for a moment before saying,
"Can I go with you?" Bill simply nodded his head and then answered,
"Now you're thinking like a winner. Let's go." He then ran out from the cover and began to sprint. In all of their gear, sprinting was challenging, but he managed to make it underneath the bridge with Jason right behind him.
"Thunder!" Bill yelled into the small makeshift bunker that had been made from the rubble.
"Flash!" A familiar voice called back. It was the voice of Corporal P. Etchings, otherwise known as "Brooklyn."
"Brooklyn get your ass out here!" Sergeant Connors yelled as he made sure Jason could make it into the bunker safely. Brooklyn jumped out and yelled,
"Sarge! You survived you old bag of shit!"
"Yeah, yeah. Just get that "Jason" kid some water and get outside in two minutes." Brooklyn nodded his head and ran back into the makeshift bunker. Jason then ran out of the bunker and asked,
"Hey, Bill? What are we doing?" Sergeant Connors smirked a bit before saying,
"We're gonna hit those dirty mother fuckers where it hurts." Jason nodded and opened his mouth to say something, but was cut short by a hairy arm wrapping around his neck and throwing him to the ground. It was a Brute and a big nasty one too.
"Oh my god! Get this fucking thing off me! Oh Jesus! Help me." Jason screamed as the Brute rose his Brute Shot into the air and sliced down onto Jason. Luckily, the blade was becoming blunt from the days of fighting and Jason raised his arm just in time. The Brute Shot went into his arm but stopped at the bone. That was when the Brute began to move the blade back and forth, sawing at the bone as Jason cried screams of agony. Sergeant Connors removed his helmet and bashed the Brute in the mouth with it making him hit the dirt with a stunned look on his face. He quickly unpinned one of his grenades and lodged it down the gaping mouth of the Brute before turning and diving for cover. Jason began crawling towards the bunker, his arm now hanging from a strap of flesh, making it near impossible for him to get very far. A shockwave erupted through the ground as the Brutes blood splattered all over the ground. Brooklyn now came out to aid Jason, lifting him off his feet and carrying him into the bunker. Now on the floor, a mix of blood and tears began to cover Jason's entire back. Blood splurted out of Jason's arm like a fountain and Jason could only scream for help as they debated what to do with the arm.
"Make it stop, make the pain stop!" Jason squealed at the top of his lungs. The medic could only ease the pain, but at the point the arm was at, he had to take it off. They stopped the bleeding, but nothing could stop the pain. They were not equipped with painkillers. All they could hear as they filed out of the base, was Jason's screams. They had to drag him with them, but when they first came into combat, Brooklyn gave Jason his pistol and left him there. Jason could only fight until he had to reload, but that only gave him enough bullets to kill two passing Jackals. A Grunt got to him and shot him in his stomach with his Plasma Pistol. Sergeant Connors got to Jason as fast as he could and held him close to him as Jason asked him in a whisper,
"Was I brave?" Bill just smiled and replied,
"The bravest soldier I've ever seen." Those were the last words Jason ever heard as he laid in a puddle of his own blood. Bill quickly jumped out from his cover, sprinting his way over to where Brooklyn was taking cover. He blind fired a few times, but soon found himself running low on ammo.
"I need rounds!" He yelled to Brooklyn, but all Brooklyn could scavenge up was a SMG. Sarge took what he could get. Then a small thing fell onto the side of him. A small glowing blue ball of fire. He quickly rose to his feet and yelled,
"Sticky!" He began to run from it, but it was too late. The explosion took him down. He was out for an entire minute, but woke up to someone dragging him. There was a green glove wrapped on his wrist, pulling him slowly up a hill. Bill then looked down and saw where his legs used to be, there were now only stumps. He began screaming, and Grunts began to run up the hill. With his SMG in one hand he shot at them screaming,
"You took my legs! You took my fucking legs!" Most of the Grunts were dead and the others were in hiding when they got to the top of the hill. That's when the green glove left his wrist, and he layed there, staring up at the last sign of hope he had.
"They took my legs Chief." Sergeant Connor said to Master Chief as he stood tall and pround on top of the hill.
"I'll take more than that." With that, Master Chief ran down the hill with an Assault Rifle, mowing down anything in his path. Sergeant Connors then looked up and saw the sun rising. It looked so beautiful from where he sat. Sergeant Connors was taken home to his wife and son and still tells the story of when he met Master Chief.