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Banserki's Journal (Part 5)
Posted By: Sarge<banserkigrunts@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 April 2002, 7:54 pm

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Banserki's Journal Day: Unknown Hour: Unknown.

     I am unsure what to do now the infidels most likely have the perimeter of the installation heavily guarded. We have the escape route we now only need the escape plan. Without any weapons we couldn't possibly get passed the infidel guards. We would have to wait until the special infidel came and kill the men with him and take their weapons. Yes, we would do that and then escape this place. I told the others of my plan they agreed but some had doubts. Although none of my brethren could think of any other options. As usual the infidel came he had with him three armed men, we all sat close to the infidels entryway so if he stepped in the room we would get him and his men. With luck they stepped into the room with an elite on a chain. They untied the chain and let then elite into our cell that's when we charged at the armed men. The new elite caught on quickly and charged with us. Jonored made it to them first he split one of the infidels head with a brutal slash with his shield the shield stuck into the infidels head. His mouth wide open and his eyes white as if his pupils had been sucked out. The infidels head split in half sending one side easthase the other westhase, or has the infidels would say east and west. The blood covered Jonored's shield the oozing red mass covered the walls and the floor. Jonored then turned with his shield pointed directly out, the shield sliced into another infidel's neck. The infidel began coughing he dropped his weapon and put his hands to his neck. He hit the floor he was coughing out his blood. The pathetic infidel could not withstand even one blow. The last infidel was smarter he slowly backed away until we all charged at him; at once he began firing his infidel machine. The new elite got to him first with an overhead slash, however this human was a little faster and he dodge to the side. He attempted to put a few shots into the elite but was thwarted by a massive amount of bullets ripping through his side. His armor was covered with blood and he was dead before he hit the floor. I looked back and noticed that Tasakki had an infidel weapon and had located the fire mechanism. There were four dead infidels in the corridor three of which had bigger mechanisms the last one the special infidel brandished a smaller one. The special infidel was trying to escape he had put a card in a slot before he was taken down. We knew one thing that we couldn't go through the hole in our cell we had to retrieve the rest of our brethren. We went back to the cell and noticed the elite against the hole had been shot and was dead. His purple blood coming from his mouth and his left jaw where a bullet had pierced it, normally an elite could withstand such a blow but because he was already injured it was too much for the elite. Before we left we set down and said a prayer that the gods would protect his soul and guide him to a safe afterlife. I now brandished the special infidels weapon while Tasakki and two other grunts had the larger mechanisms. Jonored and the elite who was named Raja choice to stay without weapons they felt they would be more useful in physical combat. I put the card the special infidel had carried into the slot by the door. The door slid opened to reveal a small corridor. I knew what was in both directions. To the right there was a fenced in area outside with many infidel guards. To the left was the cafeteria. After the end of the fence was a dead end so we decided to take the path to the left.
     We walked up a little ways up the path until we reached a turn Tasakki peeked around and told us there were two infidels coming. He said they were talking and we could probably jump them when they came around the corner. They came around the corner they were talking about how stupid the Covenant were to think they were superior. They would soon see why we were called superior. As they rounded the corner Jonored pounced on one landing on the infidel and smashing him against the ground. The weight of the hunter might have been enough to kill the infidel but Jonored sped up the process by giving the infidel a blow to the chest. Blood from the infidel's mouth came out and onto Jonored. Jonored mocked him although the infidel could not understand. At the same time Raja had jumped the other infidel, he smashed his skull in with one blow. There was a loud crack that echoed through the corridor. The man slumped over against the wall, his eyes unmoving they stared back at me. I spit on the man and then went around the next corner. Along the way we found out that Raja could speak infidel. We traveled a little bit further when Raja stopped. He told us we should go into that room. He pointed to a door to the right. I asked him how we would get in, then Tasakki came over and shoed me the card the infidel had used. I went and put it in the slot by the door. The door creaked once then opened slowly as if the mechanism wanted us to stay out. We walked through the door and went through an alley we turned a corner and what we saw horrified us. There were twelve armed men they were attacking our brethren. Raja told us they spoke of revenge for us killing their comrades. I peeked my special mechanism around the corner and fired at the infidel my shots were mostly misses but I got one of them in the helmet. It shot a small hole through the infidel's head blood squirted out of the wound as the infidel slumped down to the ground. Tasakki and the other grunts opened fire as well. The humans were caught off guard however we were not trained in the use of these mechanisms; so many of our shots missed their targets by large sums. My brethren who were still in there cell charged the infidels. Jonored and Raja charged them as well. We fired at the infidels until the mechanisms began to click. I told the other grunts that our mechanisms must have broke. So we dropped them on the ground and charged the infidels as well. I saw Jonored charge an infidel he used the sharpness of his shield to his advantage. He sliced at the infidel and with one quick blow the infidels arm was on the floor. The infidel was screaming and thrashing about. At once the infidels all began to target Jonored they fired quickly until their mechanisms broke just like the ones we had stolen from our previous kills. Raja quickly attacked the infidels, the first one he came to he picked up over his head and through him into the wall. He kicked the second infidel in the chest causing him to fall into the cell where my brethren were previously being held. He whirled his fist in the air and brought it down against one infidel's head. The infidel hit the floor blood coming from his mouth. Tasakki immediately jumped on him doing whatever it took to kill him. He was punching and biting, until the infidel stopped breathing and went stiff. When it was all over I ran over to Jonored our leader was hurt quite badly. He had been shot over one hundred times. He spoke to us about how death was inevitable and the gods must have had a plan for his death. He told us not to give up hope that even without him we could make it out. Jonored slumped down his head hit the floor orange guts were matted against the fence where he had laid. I looked around the room we now had a total of two elites six grunts and a jackal but with the loss of our leader how could we go on. We left the cell area went through the small alleyway then put the infidel card into the slot. The door once again opened to the corridor we had been on before we rescued the other in that room. This time however there was one change there were red lights flashing and this horrible sound worst than that of the Star Spangled Banner. I wondered if the infidels really did enjoy this type of sound or if they did it to get back at us for escaping our cells. Raja told us that the infidels were on full alert and were coming to kill us. Raja told us to follow him he lead us to a door. I used my infidel card to get in; once we got inside we found racks after racks of mechanisms. We got to a small case in the center were there were many of our weapons. Raja punched the case denting the covering the second punch broke through. He tipped the case over spilling the weapons on the floor. We all grabbed for them I now had a gods grenade and a gods pistol. I also had a gods needle which I took so if my battery died on my gods pistol I would have a back up. We left the weapon room and headed to the corridor. Where there were thirty infidels waiting in defensive positions mechanisms fixed at the door. They fired-