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Banserki's Journal (Part 3)
Posted By: Sarge<banserkigrunts@hotmail.com>
Date: 24 March 2002, 6:45 pm

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Day 2 Banserki journal 18:52 p.m. Aquaris II

     After my brethren and I made camp we decided to thank the gods, we were excited because of our many victories over the infidels. For the first time I felt like I belonged I was a warrior. The bond we shared that night was one only experienced by those who have been on the battlefield. A certain psychic connection I just cannot explain. I slept well that night for the first time since I reached Aquaris II.

     The next day we set off again. My squad was one of the first to reach the infidel camp. The sight of one of their tanks shook me. A sharp pain then hit me in my lower right leg, the gods must have been angry because I had little faith in them. I looked down to see a pool of blood near my right leg. I had been shot but I no longer felt any pain. I began to drift as to see the gods, then I snapped back to reality to notice my brethren scared and without orders. I saw a small outcropping of rocks I told them to shelter under it. The fire was heavy but we had yet to have a casualty.

     We arrived under the rock outcropping I told the jackals to protect the rest of us while I made a plan. I was unsure about what to do the infidels were more numerous than I had figured. I had to believe in the gods they would pull us through. I hope they will anyway if not we're all doomed.

      I saw it blast away with all its fury the smoke and then the projectile, it was a rocket. It hit a rock above me sending shrapnel everywhere. I felt the sharp pain in my neck; I looked down to see a piece of shrapnel the size of my fist lodged in my throat. I lay there for a while with every second that passed it became harder and harder to breath. I saw a bright light then it faded into perpetual darkness.

     I woke up inside a cell I saw a few of my brethren with me. I had been bandaged on my leg and in my neck. It was still difficult to breath, but I knew I would make it. I would get out of here and take my brethren with me. I would be the choosen one, I will help my brethren.