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poem for the fall of reach
Posted By: ryan<ryan.enage@yahoo.com>
Date: 30 August 2008, 3:25 am

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Tales of a war not too far away
gargantuan monsters surrounding the oblivious
putting forth inevitable destruction
with death disguised in false light.

In disbelief the tales were rejected
left to rot in the caverns of fiction
where many ideas have been downed and burned
and yet where many more have been inspired and acted upon.

Unbeknownst to the unbelieving
the battle was fact and details exact
one by one, hook and line
I sunk with the rest of them.

I tried to fight the good fight
and I failed miserably
lost not only my sanity in doubting I ever had one
but worst, lost someone with whom I placed what emotions I ever had.

In utter defeat I clung to the wreckage
what few memories I was able to keep I cherish deeply
but the person was gone and only the fight for survival left
I did what I do best; fight on.

The counterattack raged on
the all-out brawl to save what was left
but the goal of victory was still inconceivable to myself
having lost significant portions of my heart I fought on with all my soul.

In time what little of the battle plan we could understand was laid out
for the master plan could never be fully known; only the one who made it knows all
the reason why I fought on for my soul, so that the hope would be passed on
but without the love I gave to one, the victories were hollow to myself.

The total realization came
that the war was never truly over
until violence ceased; and such actions fed off lies
with lying being a common sin, I resigned to the knowledge all was lost.

When it seemed like the real end
a light appeared showing what the future could hold
I tried to ignore thinking it was false hope giving one last cruel glare
until I saw the possibility of the one I lost safe and sound, truly beloved.

In defense of the love given through selfless sacrifice
I went before the monstrance to ask forgiveness, providence
knowing that the journey to the promised land would take my all
despite the fall of reach, the rise of truth conquers all.

And so at the end of the beginning and the beginning of the middle ground
I said one last prayer for the sake of the one I still held care for
to promise to fight on for the ones that I stand for
and with all else within myself, I set out, born into a battle.